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Long Island Rail Road In Color, Volume 4 The Photography of William J. Brennan
The Motorman...and His Duties
Firing the Steam Locomotive
California Trolleys in Color Volume 1 San Diego & Los Angeles
MUNI: San Francisco's Municipal Railway
The American Railway Its Construction, Development, Management, and Trains
Industrial Railroading In Color, Volume 2
Jeffrey Coal and Ashes Handling Machinery
Share California Trolleys in Color Volume 2 San Francisco

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Refrigerator Car Color Guide
The Model Railroader's Guide to Logging Railroads
Locomotive Building The Construction of a Steam Engine for Railway Use
Logging Railroads of the Pacific Northwest In Color Volume 1 Washington State
Fairmont M19 Motor Car Series C Instructions and Spare Parts List
In Search of Steam Photographing the World's Steam Railways
The Long Island Rail Road in Color, Vol 3 Facilities and Equipment Color Guide
New York Subways and Stations 1970-1990
The Chicago L
Shay Geared Locomotives & Parts Catalog - Lima 1921
Steel Mill Railroads in Color Volume 2
Davenport Locomotive Works
Pacific Electric Railway Then & Now
Monon In Color
An Illustrated Guide to American Freight Train Equipment
Hot Spots Guidebook Great Places to Watch Trains
Steel Mill Railroads in Color Volume 3

Classic Streamliners - TRAIN​CYCLOPEDIA

Fast Trains Worldwide
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Steam Power Photo Book CD-ROM
Amtrak by the Numbers A Comprehensive Passenger Car & Motive Power Roster 1971-2011
1907 Buda Track Supplies and Railway Material Catalog
Conrail Atlantic Region in Color Volume 1: 1976-1978
Boston Below
Tourist Trains Guidebook - Fourth Edition
Railroads for Michigan
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Enter the Classic Streamliners Bookstore.
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Railroads of Pennsylvania
Conrail Quality in the Lebanon Valley
The Locomotive Dictionary
The Long Island Rail Road in Color, Vol 1 1949-1966
All Aboard The Complete North American Train Travel Guide
Amtrak An American Story
Mount Lowe Railway Then & Now

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