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Common Carrier Freight Railroads in the United States- C
About 700 railroads operate common carrier freight service in the United States. There are about 150,000 miles (240,000 km) of railroad track in the United States, nearly all standard gauge.

Reporting marks are listed in parentheses.

C&NC Railroad (CNUR)
Camden & Southern Railroad (CSR) (ARSL)
Caldwell County Railroad (CWCY)
California Northern Railroad (CFNR) (GWRR)
Camp Chase Railroad (CAMY) (IBCX)
Camp Navajo Railroad (CNVJ) (USAX)
Canadian National Railway (CN)
Canadian Pacific Railway (CP)
Caney Fork and Western Railroad (CFWR) (IHRX)
Cannon Valley Railroad (CVRC) (PGR)
Canton Railroad (CTN)
Cape Fear Railways (CF) (USAX)
Carolina Coastal Railway (CLNA)
Carolina Piedmont Railroad (CPDR) (GWRR)
Cascade and Columbia River Railroad (CSCD) (GWRR)
CaterParrott Railnet (CPR)
CBEC Railroad (CBEC)
Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway (CIC)
Central California Traction Company (CCT)
Central Indiana and Western Railroad (CEIW)
Central Maine and Quebec Railway (CMQ) (RAH)
Central Midland Railway (CMR) (PGR)
Central Montana Rail, Inc. (CM)
Central New England Railroad (CNZR)
Central New York Railroad (CNYK) (NYSW)
Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad (CORP) (GWRR)
Central Railroad of Indiana (CIND) (GWRR)
Central Railroad of Indianapolis (CERA) (GWRR)
Central Washington Railroad (CWA) (CBRW)
CG Railway (CGR)
Chattahoochee Bay Railroad (CHAT) (Operated by the Bay Line Railroad) (BAYL) (GWRR)
Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad (CIRR) (GWRR)
Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway (CCKY) (GWRR)
Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad (CA) (GWRR)
Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad (CKIN) (IBCX)
Chestnut Ridge Railroad (CHR)
Chicago–Chemung Railroad (CCUO)
Chicago Heights Switching Company (CHSC)
Chicago Port Railroad (CPC)
Chicago Rail Link (CRL) (OMLX)
Chicago SouthShore and South Bend Railroad (CSS) (ARH)
Chicago Terminal Railroad (CTM) (IPH)
Chicago, Fort Wayne and Eastern Railroad (CFE) (GWRR)
Cicero Central Railroad (CECR) (WATX)
Cimarron Valley Railroad (CVR) (WRRG)
Cincinnati East Terminal Railway (CET) (FTRX)
City of Prineville Railway (COP)
Claremont Concord Railroad (CCRR)
Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad (CLP) (VTR)
Cleveland Commercial Railroad (CCRL)
Cleveland Harbor Belt Railroad (CHBR) (CCRL)
Cleveland Works Railway (CWRO)
Clinton Terminal Railroad (CTR)
Cloquet Terminal Railroad (CTRR)
CMC Railroad (CMC)
Coffeen and Western Railroad (CAEG)
Colorado and Wyoming Railway (CW)
Colorado Pacific Railroad (CPRR) (VSR)
Columbia and Cowlitz Railway (CLC) (PATR)
Columbia Basin Railroad (CBRW)
Columbia Terminal Railroad (CT)
Columbia Walla Walla Railroad (CWW) (FTRX) (PCC)
Columbus and Chattahoochee Railroad (CCH) (GWRR)
Columbus and Greenville Railway (CAGY) (GWRR)
Columbus and Ohio River Rail Road (CUOH) (GWRR)
Commonwealth Railway (CWRY) (GWRR)
Conecuh Valley Railroad (COEH) (GWRR)
Connecticut Southern Railroad (CSOR) (GWRR)
Coopersville and Marne Railway (CPMY)
Coos Bay Rail Link (CBRL)
Copper Basin Railway (CBRY)
Corpus Christi Terminal Railroad (CCPN) (GWRR)
Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad (COER) (PGR)
CSX Transportation (CSXT)