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Common Carrier Freight Railroads in the United States - H
About 700 railroads operate common carrier freight service in the United States. There are about 150,000 miles (240,000 km) of railroad track in the United States, nearly all standard gauge.

Reporting marks are listed in parentheses.

Hainesport Industrial Railroad (HIRR)
Hampton and Branchville Railroad (HB) (PMTX)
Hartwell Railroad (HRT) (GRWR)
Heart of Georgia Railroad (HOG) (AWTX)
Heritage Railroad (HR) (SFL)
High Point, Thomasville & Denton Railroad (HPTD) (CSXT) (NS)
Hilton & Albany Railroad (HA) (GWRR)
Hondo Railway (HRR)
Hoffman Transportation (HTCX)
Honey Creek Railroad (HCRR)
Hoosier Southern Railroad (HOS)
Housatonic Railroad (HRRC)
Huntsville and Madison County Airport Authority (HMQR) (NS)
Huntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority (HMCR)
Huron and Eastern Railway (HESR) (GWRR)
Hussey Terminal Railroad (HTRC) - NFL Jerseys and Gear
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