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Common Carrier Freight Railroads in the United States - M
About 700 railroads operate common carrier freight service in the United States. There are about 150,000 miles (240,000 km) of railroad track in the United States, nearly all standard gauge.

Reporting marks are listed in parentheses.

M&B Railroad (MNBR) (GWRR)
Madison Railroad (MRR) (CMPA)
Mahoning Valley Railway (MVRY) (GWRR)
Maine Northern Railway (MNRY) (NBSR)
Manning Rail (MANN)
Manufacturers' Junction Railway (MJ)
Mare Island Rail Service (MIRS) (CFNR)
Marquette Rail, LLC (MQT) (GWRR)
Maryland and Delaware Railroad (MDDE)
Maryland Midland Railway (MMID) (GWRR)
Massachusetts Central Railroad (MCER)
Massachusetts Coastal Railroad (MC) (IPH)
Massena Terminal Railroad (MSTR) (GWRR)
McElhaney Cattle Company Railroad (MECX)
Meeker Southern Railroad (MSN) (BLDT)
Meridian Southern Railway (MDS) (TCIDA)
MG Rail, Inc. (MGRI) (CTLC) (CGBE)
Michigan Shore Railroad (MS) (GWRR)
Michigan Southern Railroad (MSO) (PREX)
Mid-Michigan Railroad (MMRR) (GWRR)
Middletown and Hummelstown Railroad (MIDH)
Middletown and New Jersey Railroad (MNJ) (RRL)
Milford Bennington Railroad (MBRX)
Mineral Range Railroad (MR)
Minnesota Commercial Railway (MNNR)
Minnesota Northern Railroad (MNN) (ILSX) (KBNI)
Minnesota Prairie Line, Inc. (MPLI) (TCWR)
Minnesota Southern Railway (MSWY) (BRRRA)
Minnesota, Dakota and Western Railway (MDW) (BZ)
Mission Mountain Railroad (MMT) (WATX)
Mississippi Central Railroad (MSCI) (PREX)
Mississippi Delta Railroad (MD)
Mississippi Export Railroad (MSE)
Mississippi Southern Railroad (MSR) (WATX)
Mississippi Tennessee Railroad (MTNR) (IHRX)
Mississippian Railway Cooperative (MSRW) (HMI)
Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad (MNA) (GWRR)
Missouri North Central Railroad (MNC) (MRIX)
Modesto and Empire Traction Company (MET)
Mohall Central Railroad (MHC) (NPR)
Mohall Railroad (MRI) (NPR)
Mohawk, Adirondack and Northern Railroad (MHWA) (GVTX)
Montana Rail Link (MRL)
Montgomery Short Line, LLC (MSL) (UP)
Morristown and Erie Railway (ME)
Moscow, Camden and San Augustine Railroad (MCSA)
Mount Hood Railroad (MH)
Mount Vernon Terminal Railway (MVT)

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