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Common Carrier Freight Railroads in the United States - S
About 700 railroads operate common carrier freight service in the United States. There are about 150,000 miles (240,000 km) of railroad track in the United States, nearly all standard gauge.

Reporting marks are listed in parentheses.

S&L Railroad (SLGG)
Sabine River and Northern Railroad (SRN)
Sacramento Southern Railroad (SSRR)
Sacramento Valley Railroad (SAV) (PATR)
Salt Lake, Garfield and Western Railway (SLGW) (SVGX)
San Antonio Central Railroad (SAC) (WATX)
San Diego and Imperial Valley Railroad (SDIY) (GWRR)
San Francisco Bay Railroad (SFBR)
San Joaquin Valley Railroad (SJVR) (GWRR)
San Manuel Arizona Railroad (SMA)
San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad (SLRG) (IPH)
San Luis Central Railroad (SLC) (PVCX)
San Pedro and Southwestern Railroad (SPSR)
Santa Teresa Southern Railroad (STSR) (IHR)
Sandusky River Railroad (SYRR) (NS)
Sand Springs Railway (SS) (OMLX)
Sandersville Railroad (SAN)
Santa Cruz, Big Trees and Pacific Railway (SCBG)
Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway (SCMB) (IPH)
Santa Maria Valley Railroad (SMV)
Saratoga and North Creek Railroad (SNC)
Savage Bingham and Garfield Railroad (SBG) (SVGX)
Savannah Port Terminal Railroad (SAPT) (GWRR)
Seaview Railroad (SVTX)
Seminole Gulf Railway (SGLR)
SEMO Port Railroad (SEMO) (MRIX)
Sequatchie Valley Railroad (SQVR)
Shamokin Valley Railroad (SVRR) (NSHR)
Shawnee Terminal Railway (STR) (PREX)
Shenandoah Valley Railroad (SDVR) (DGVR)
Sierra Northern Railway (SERA)
Sisseton Milbank Railroad (SMRR) (TCWR)
SMS Rail Lines of New York, LLC (SNY) (SMS)
SMS Rail Service, Inc. (SLRS) (SMS)
South Branch Valley Railroad (SBVR)
South Buffalo Railway (SB)
South Carolina Central Railroad (SCRF) (GWRR)
South Central Florida Express, Inc. (SCXF) (USSG)
South Central Tennessee Railroad (SCTR)
South Chicago and Indiana Harbor Railway (SCIH) (ARCL)
South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (SKOL) (WATX)
South Plains Lamesa Railroad (SLAL)
Southern California Railroad (SCRR)
Southern Electric (SERX)
Southern Indiana Railway (SIND)
Southern Railroad of New Jersey (SRNJ)
Southern Switching Company (SSC) (IHR)
Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad (SWP) (CLEX)
Southwestern Railroad (SW) (WRRG)
Squaw Creek Southern Railroad (SCS) (RRC)
St. Croix Valley Railroad (SCXY)
St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad (SLR) (GWRR)
St. Maries River Railroad (STMA) (MPRL)
St. Mary's Railroad (SM)
St. Marys Railway West (SMW)
Stillwater Central Railroad (SLWC) (WATX)
Stockton Public Belt Railway (SPBT) (CCT)
Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad (STE) (OMLX)
Stourbridge Railroad (SBR)
Strasburg Rail Road (SRC)
Swan Ranch Railroad (SRRR) (WATX)

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