Common Carrier Freight Railroads in the United States - T
About 700 railroads operate common carrier freight service in the United States. There are about 150,000 miles (240,000 km) of railroad track in the United States, nearly all standard gauge.

Reporting marks are listed in parentheses.

Tacoma Rail (TMBL)
Tacoma Rail Mountain Division (TRMW)
Tazewell and Peoria Railroad (TZPR) (GWRR)
Temple and Central Texas Railway (TC) (PATR)
Tennessee Southern Railroad (TSRR) (PATR)
Tennken Railroad (TKEN)
Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA)
Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks (TASD)
Texas – New Mexico Railroad (TNMR) (IPH)
Texas and Northern Railway (TN) (TSTR)
Texas and Oklahoma Railroad (TXOR)
Texas Central Business Lines Corporation (TCB)
Texas City Terminal Railway (TCT)
Texas North Western Railway (TXNW)
Texas Northeastern Railroad (TNER) (GWRR)
Texas Pacifico Transportation (TXPF)
Texas Rock Crusher Railway (TXR)
Texas South-Eastern Railroad (TSE)
Texas, Gonzales and Northern Railway (TXGN)
Texas, Oklahoma and Eastern Railroad (TOE) (PATR)
Thermal Belt Railway (TBRY) (SSL)
Three Notch Railroad (TNHR) (GWRR)
Timber Rock Railroad (TIBR) (WATX)
Tishomingo Railroad (TISH)
Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway (TPW) (GWRR)
Tomahawk Railway (TR) (GWRR)
Transkentucky Transportation Railroad (TTIS)
Tri-City Railroad (TCRY)
Trona Railway (TRC)
Tulsa–Sapulpa Union Railway (TSU)
Turners Island, LLC (TI)
Twin Cities and Western Railroad (TCWR)
Tyburn Railroad (TYBR) (RRL)
Tyner Terminal Railway (TYNT) (ECBT) (TVRM)

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