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Common Carrier Freight Railroads in the United States
About 700 railroads operate common carrier freight service in the United States. There are about 150,000 miles (240,000 km) of railroad track in the United States, nearly all standard gauge.

Reporting marks are listed in parentheses.

A&R Terminal Railroad (ART)
Aberdeen and Rockfish Railroad (AR)
Aberdeen, Carolina and Western Railway (ACWR)
Acadiana Railway (AKDN)
Adrian and Blissfield Rail Road (ADBF)
Ag Valley Railroad (AVRR)
Aiken Railway (AIKN) (WCRSC)
Airlake Terminal Railway (ALT) (PGR)
Akron Barberton Cluster Railway (AB) (WLE)
Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway (AGR) (GWRR)
Alabama and Tennessee River Railway (ATN) (OMLX)
Alabama Railroad (ALAB) (PREX)
Alabama Southern Railroad (ABS) (WATX)
Alabama Warrior Railway (ABWR) (WATX)
Alamo Gulf Coast Railroad (AGCR)
Alamo North Texas Railroad (ANTX)
Alaska Railroad (ARR)
Albany and Eastern Railroad (AERC)
Albany Port Railroad (APD)
Alexander Railroad (ARC)
Aliquippa and Ohio River Railroad (AOR) (GWRR)
Allegheny Valley Railroad (AVR) (CLEX)
Alliance Terminal Railroad (ATR) (QTS) (OMLX)
Alton and Southern Railway (ALS) (UP)
AN Railway (AN) (GWRR)
Angelina and Neches River Railroad (ANR)
Ann Arbor Railroad (AA) (WATX)
Apache Railway (APA)
Appalachian and Ohio Railroad (AO) (PLTX)
APS Cholla Power Plant Railroad (APSX)
Arcade and Attica Railroad (ARA)
Arizona and California Railroad (ARZC) (GWRR)
Clarkdale Arizona Central Railroad (AZCR) (WRRG)
Arizona Eastern Railway (AZER) (GWRR)
Arkansas–Oklahoma Railroad (AOK)
Arkansas and Missouri Railroad (AM)
Arkansas Midland Railroad (AKMD) (GWRR)
Arkansas Southern Railroad (ARS) (WATX)
Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad (ALM) (GWRR)
Ashland Railway (ASRY)
Ashtabula, Carson and Jefferson Railroad (ACJR)
Athens Line, LLC (ABR) (GRWR)
AT&L Railroad (ATLT)
Atlantic and Western Railway (ATW) (GWRR)
Austin Western Railroad (AWRR) (WATX)
Autauga Northern Railroad (AUT) (WATX)
B&H Rail Corporation (BH) (LAL)
Baja California Railroad (BJRR)
Ballard Terminal Railroad (BDTL)
Baltimore Industrial Railroad (BDR) (SPT)
Baton Rouge Southern Railroad (BRS) (WATX)
Batten Kill Railroad (BKRR)
Bauxite and Northern Railway (BXN) (GWRR)
Bay Coast Railroad (BCR)
Bay Colony Railroad (BCLR)
Bay Line Railroad (BAYL) (GWRR)
Bayshore Terminal Company (BST) (ME)
BD Highspire Holdings (BDHH)
Beech Mountain Railroad (BEEM)
Bee Line Railroad (BLEX) (KBSR)
Bellingham International Railroad (BIRR) (BNSF)
Belt Railway of Chicago (BRC)
Belvidere and Delaware River Railway (BDRV) (BRW)
BG&CM Railroad (BGCM) (MPRL)
Big 4 Terminal Railroad (BFRR) (CNUR)
Big Eagle Rail (BER)
Bighorn Divide and Wyoming Railroad (BDW)
Birmingham Terminal Railway (BHRR) (WATX)
Black River and Western Corporation (BRW)
Blacklands Railroad (BLR)
Blackwell Northern Gateway Railroad (BNG)
Bloomer Line (BLOL)
Blue Rapids Railway (Operated by Union Pacific) (BRY) (UP)
Blue Ridge Southern Railroad (BLU) (WATX)
BNSF Railway (BNSF)
Bogalusa Bayou Railroad (BBAY) (WATX)
Boise Valley Railroad (BVRR) (WATX)
Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad (BSVY)
Border Pacific Railroad (BOP)
Bound Brook & Raritan River Railroad (BBRR) (BRW)
Brandon Railroad (BRAN)
Brandywine Valley Railroad (BVRY) (ARCL)
Branford Steam Railway (BFSR)
Brookhaven Rail Terminal (BHRT)
Brownsville and Rio Grande International Railroad (BRG) (OMLX)
Buckingham Branch Railroad (BB)
Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad (BPRR) (GWRR)
Buffalo Southern Railroad (BSOR)
Burlington Junction Railway (BJRY)
Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway (BAP) (PATR)
C&NC Railroad (CNUR)
Camden & Southern Railroad (CSR) (ARSL)
Caldwell County Railroad (CWCY)
California Northern Railroad (CFNR) (GWRR)
Camp Chase Railroad (CAMY) (IBCX)
Camp Navajo Railroad (CNVJ) (USAX)
Canadian National Railway (CN)
Canadian Pacific Railway (CP)
Caney Fork and Western Railroad (CFWR) (IHRX)
Cannon Valley Railroad (CVRC) (PGR)
Canton Railroad (CTN)
Cape Fear Railways (CF) (USAX)
Carolina Coastal Railway (CLNA)
Carolina Piedmont Railroad (CPDR) (GWRR)
Cascade and Columbia River Railroad (CSCD) (GWRR)
CaterParrott Railnet (CPR)
CBEC Railroad (CBEC)
Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway (CIC)
Central California Traction Company (CCT)
Central Indiana and Western Railroad (CEIW)
Central Maine and Quebec Railway (CMQ) (RAH)
Central Midland Railway (CMR) (PGR)
Central Montana Rail, Inc. (CM)
Central New England Railroad (CNZR)
Central New York Railroad (CNYK) (NYSW)
Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad (CORP) (GWRR)
Central Railroad of Indiana (CIND) (GWRR)
Central Railroad of Indianapolis (CERA) (GWRR)
Central Washington Railroad (CWA) (CBRW)
CG Railway (CGR)
Chattahoochee Bay Railroad (CHAT) (Operated by the Bay Line Railroad) (BAYL) (GWRR)
Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad (CIRR) (GWRR)
Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway (CCKY) (GWRR)
Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad (CA) (GWRR)
Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad (CKIN) (IBCX)
Chestnut Ridge Railroad (CHR)
Chicago–Chemung Railroad (CCUO)
Chicago Heights Switching Company (CHSC)
Chicago Port Railroad (CPC)
Chicago Rail Link (CRL) (OMLX)
Chicago SouthShore and South Bend Railroad (CSS) (ARH)
Chicago Terminal Railroad (CTM) (IPH)
Chicago, Fort Wayne and Eastern Railroad (CFE) (GWRR)
Cicero Central Railroad (CECR) (WATX)
Cimarron Valley Railroad (CVR) (WRRG)
Cincinnati East Terminal Railway (CET) (FTRX)
City of Prineville Railway (COP)
Claremont Concord Railroad (CCRR)
Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad (CLP) (VTR)
Cleveland Commercial Railroad (CCRL)
Cleveland Harbor Belt Railroad (CHBR) (CCRL)
Cleveland Works Railway (CWRO)
Clinton Terminal Railroad (CTR)
Cloquet Terminal Railroad (CTRR)
CMC Railroad (CMC)
Coffeen and Western Railroad (CAEG)
Colorado and Wyoming Railway (CW)
Colorado Pacific Railroad (CPRR) (VSR)
Columbia and Cowlitz Railway (CLC) (PATR)
Columbia Basin Railroad (CBRW)
Columbia Terminal Railroad (CT)
Columbia Walla Walla Railroad (CWW) (FTRX) (PCC)
Columbus and Chattahoochee Railroad (CCH) (GWRR)
Columbus and Greenville Railway (CAGY) (GWRR)
Columbus and Ohio River Rail Road (CUOH) (GWRR)
Commonwealth Railway (CWRY) (GWRR)
Conecuh Valley Railroad (COEH) (GWRR)
Connecticut Southern Railroad (CSOR) (GWRR)
Coopersville and Marne Railway (CPMY)
Coos Bay Rail Link (CBRL)
Copper Basin Railway (CBRY)
Corpus Christi Terminal Railroad (CCPN) (GWRR)
Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad (COER) (PGR)
CSX Transportation (CSXT)
D&I Railroad (DAIR)
D&W Railroad (DWRR) (IANR)
Dakota Northern Railroad (DN)
Dakota Southern Railway (DSRC) (MPRL)
Dakota, Missouri Valley and Western Railroad (DMVW)
Dallas, Garland and Northeastern Railroad (DGNO) (GWRR)
Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad (DR) (ARSR)
De Queen and Eastern Railroad (DQE) (PATR)
Decatur Central Railroad (DCC) (OMLX)
Decatur Junction Railway (DT) (PREX)
Delaware Coast Line Railroad (DCLR)
Delaware–Lackawanna Railroad (DL) (GVTX)
Delray Connecting Railroad (DC) (TSTR)
Delmarva Central Railroad (DCR) (CLEX)
Delta Southern Railroad (DSRR)
Delta Valley and Southern Railway (DVS)
Denver Rock Island Railroad (DRIR)
Depew, Lancaster and Western Railroad (DLWR) (GVTX)
Deseret Power Railroad
Detroit Connecting Railroad (DCON) (ADBF)
Dubois County Railroad (DCRR) (ITM)
East Brookfield and Spencer Railroad (EBSR)
East Camden and Highland Railroad (EACH)
East Chattanooga Belt Railway (ECTB) (TVRM)
East Cooper and Berkeley Railroad (ECBR) (PMTX)
East Erie Commercial Railroad (EEC) (GE)
East Jersey Railroad (EJR)
East Penn Railroad (ESPN) (RRL)
Eastside Freight Railroad (EFRX)
East Tennessee Railway (ETRY) (GWRR)
East Troy Electric Railroad (ETER) (METW)
Eastern Alabama Railway (EARY) (GWRR)
Eastern Idaho Railroad (EIRR) (WATX)
Eastern Illinois Railroad (EIRC)
Eastern Maine Railway (EMRY) (NBSR)
Eastern Washington Gateway Railroad (EWG)
Effingham Railroad (EFRR)
El Dorado and Wesson Railway (EDW)
Elizabethtown Industrial Railroad (EZR)
Elk River Railroad (ELKR)
Elkhart and Western Railroad (EWR) (PREX)
Elkhart and Western Railway (EWRY) (PREX)
Ellis and Eastern Company (EE)
Escalante & Western Railroad (EW)
Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad (ELS)
Evansville Western Railway (EVWR) (PLTX)
Everett Railroad (EV)
Fairfield Southern Company (FS) (BHRR)
Falls Road Railroad (FRR) (GVTX)
Farmrail Corporation (FMRC)
FFG&C Railroad (FFGC)
Finger Lakes Railway (FGLK)
First Coast Railroad (FCRD) (GWRR)
Flats Industrial Railroad (FIR)
Florida Central Railroad (FCEN) (PNSY)
Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) (RAH)
Florida Midland Railroad (FMID) (PNSY)
Florida Northern Railroad (FNOR) (PNSY)
Fordyce and Princeton Railroad (FP) (GWRR)
Fore River Transportation Corporation (FRVT)
Fort Eustis Military Railroad (FUSM) (USAX)
Fort Smith Railroad (FSR) (PREX)
Fort Worth and Western Railroad (FWWR) (TARX)
Fredonia Valley Railroad (FVRR)
FreightCar Short Line (FCSL)
Frontier Rail (FTRX)
FTRL Railway (FTRL)
Fulton County Railroad (FC) (EWRY) (PREX)
Fulton County Railway (FCR) (PATR)
Galveston Railroad (GVSR) (GWRR)
Garden City Western Railway (GCW) (PREX)
Gardendale Railroad (GRD) (IHRX)
Gary Railway (GRW) (TSTR)
Gateway Eastern Railway (GWWE) (KCS)
Geaux Geaux Railroad (GOGR)
Georges Creek Railway (GCK)
Georgetown Railroad (GRR)
Georgia and Florida Railway (GFRR) (OMLX)
Georgia Central Railway (GC) (GWRR)
Georgia Northeastern Railroad (GNRR) (PATR)
Georgia Southwestern Railroad (GSWR) (GWRR)
Georgia Woodlands Railroad (GWRC) (OMLX)
Gettysburg and Northern Railroad (GET) (PREX)
Golden Isles Terminal Railroad (GITM) (GWRR)
Golden Isles Terminal Wharf (GITW) (GWRR)
Golden Triangle Railroad (GTRA) (PATR)
Grafton and Upton Railroad (GU)
Grainbelt Corporation (GNBC) (FMRC)
Grand Elk Railroad (GDLK) (WATX)
Grand Rapids Eastern Railroad (GRE) (GWRR)
Grand River Railway (GRRY)
Great Lakes Central Railroad (GLC)
Great Northwest Railroad (GRNW) (WATX)
Great Smokey Mountains Railroad (GSMR)
Great Walton Railroad (GRWR)
Great Western Railway of Colorado (GWR) (OMLX)
Green Mountain Railroad (GMRC) (VTR)
Greenville and Western Railway (GRLW) (WCRSC)
Grenada Railway (GRYR) (IPH)
Gulf Coast Switching (GCSX) (ARH)
Hainesport Industrial Railroad (HIRR)
Hampton and Branchville Railroad (HB) (PMTX)
Hartwell Railroad (HRT) (GRWR)
Heart of Georgia Railroad (HOG) (AWTX)
Heritage Railroad (HR) (SFL)
High Point, Thomasville & Denton Railroad (HPTD) (CSXT) (NS)
Hilton & Albany Railroad (HA) (GWRR)
Hondo Railway (HRR)
Hoffman Transportation (HTCX)
Honey Creek Railroad (HCRR)
Hoosier Southern Railroad (HOS)
Housatonic Railroad (HRRC)
Huntsville and Madison County Airport Authority (HMQR) (NS)
Huntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority (HMCR)
Huron and Eastern Railway (HESR) (GWRR)
Hussey Terminal Railroad (HTRC)
Idaho and Sedalia Transportation Company (ISR)
Idaho Northern and Pacific Railroad (INPR) (RGPC)
Illini Terminal Railroad System (ITRS) (RRC)
Illinois and Midland Railroad (IMRR) (GWRR)
Illinois Railway (IR) (OMLX)
Illinois Western Railroad (ILW) (EFRR)
Indian Creek Railroad (ICRK) (RAFX)
Indiana and Ohio Railway (IORY) (GWRR)
Indiana Eastern Railroad (IERR) (RRC)
Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad (IHB)
Indiana Northeastern Railroad (IN)
Indiana Rail Road (INRD)
Indiana Southern Railroad (ISRR) (GWRR)
Indiana Southwestern Railway (ISW) (PREX)
Iowa Interstate Railroad (IAIS) (RDC)
Iowa Northern Railway (IANR)
Iowa Northwestern Railroad (IANW)
Iowa River Railroad (IARR)
Iowa Southern Railway (ISRY) (PGR)
Iowa Traction Railroad (IATR) (PGR)
Jacinto City Transportation (JCT)
Jackson & Lansing Railroad (JAIL) (ADBF)
Jacksonville Port Terminal Railroad (JXPT) (WATX)
Joppa & Eastern Railroad (JE)
Juniata Terminal Company (JTFS)
Juniata Valley Railroad (JVRR) (NSHR)
Kanawha River Railroad (KNWA) (WATX)
Kanawha River Terminal (KRT)
Kankakee, Beaverville and Southern Railroad (KBSR)
Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (KO) (WATX)
Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS)
Kansas City Transportation Lines (KCTL) (KAW) (WATX)
Kaw River Railroad (KAW) (WATX)
Keenesburg Direct Railroad (KDR)
Kendallville Terminal Railway (KTR) (PREX)
Kennewick Terminal Railroad (KEWT) (FTRX)
Kentucky and Tennessee Railway (KT)
Keokuk Junction Railway (KJRY) (PREX)
Kettle Falls International Railway (KFR) (OMLX)
Kiamichi Railroad (KRR) (GWRR)
Kingman Terminal Railroad (KGTR) (PATR)
Kinston and Snow Hill Railroad (KSH) (G&O)
Kiski Junction Railroad (KJR)
Klamath Northern Railway (KNOR)
KM Railways (KMR)
Knoxville and Holston River Railroad (KXHR) (G&O)
Kodak Park Railroad (KPK) (KODK) (RSS)
KWT Railway (KWT) (GWRR)
Kyle Railroad (KYLE) (GWRR)
Lake County Railroad (LCR) (UP) (FTRX)
Lake Michigan and Indiana Railroad (LMIC) (ARCL)
Lake State Railway (LSRC)
Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad (LSI)
Lake Terminal Railroad (LT) (TSTR)
Lancaster and Chester Railway (LC) (G&O)
Landisville Terminal and Transfer Company (LNVT)
Lapeer Industrial Railroad (LIRR) (ADBF)
Laurinburg and Southern Railroad (LRS) (G&O)
Lehigh Railway (LRWY) (TCIDA)
Lehigh Valley Rail Management – Bethlehem Division (LVRB)
Lehigh Valley Rail Management – Johnstown Division (LVRJ)
Lewisburg and Buffalo Creek Railroad (LBCX) (UCIR) (NSHR)
Little Kanawha River Railroad (LKRR)
Little Rock and Western Railway (LRWN) (GWRR)
Little Rock Port Authority Railroad (LRPA)
Live Oak Railroad (LOR)
Livonia, Avon and Lakeville Railroad (LAL)
Longview Switching Company (LVSC)
Lorain Northern Railroad (LNOR) (TSTR)
Los Angeles Junction Railway (LAJ) (BNSF)
Louisiana and Delta Railroad (LDRR) (GWRR)
Louisiana and North West Railroad (LNW) (PATR)
Louisiana Southern Railroad (LAS) (WATX)
Louisville and Indiana Railroad (LIRC) (ARH)
Lubbock and Western Railway (LBWR)
Lucas Oil Rail Lines (LORL)
Luxapalila Valley Railroad (LXVR) (GWRR)
Luzerne and Susquehanna Railway (LS)
Lycoming Valley Railroad (LVRR) (NSHR)
M&B Railroad (MNBR) (GWRR)
Madison Railroad (MRR) (CMPA)
Mahoning Valley Railway (MVRY) (GWRR)
Maine Northern Railway (MNRY) (NBSR)
Manning Rail (MANN)
Manufacturers' Junction Railway (MJ)
Mare Island Rail Service (MIRS) (CFNR)
Marquette Rail, LLC (MQT) (GWRR)
Maryland and Delaware Railroad (MDDE)
Maryland Midland Railway (MMID) (GWRR)
Massachusetts Central Railroad (MCER)
Massachusetts Coastal Railroad (MC) (IPH)
Massena Terminal Railroad (MSTR) (GWRR)
McElhaney Cattle Company Railroad (MECX)
Meeker Southern Railroad (MSN) (BLDT)
Meridian Southern Railway (MDS) (TCIDA)
MG Rail, Inc. (MGRI) (CTLC) (CGBE)
Michigan Shore Railroad (MS) (GWRR)
Michigan Southern Railroad (MSO) (PREX)
Mid-Michigan Railroad (MMRR) (GWRR)
Middletown and Hummelstown Railroad (MIDH)
Middletown and New Jersey Railroad (MNJ) (RRL)
Milford Bennington Railroad (MBRX)
Mineral Range Railroad (MR)
Minnesota Commercial Railway (MNNR)
Minnesota Northern Railroad (MNN) (ILSX) (KBNI)
Minnesota Prairie Line, Inc. (MPLI) (TCWR)
Minnesota Southern Railway (MSWY) (BRRRA)
Minnesota, Dakota and Western Railway (MDW) (BZ)
Mission Mountain Railroad (MMT) (WATX)
Mississippi Central Railroad (MSCI) (PREX)
Mississippi Delta Railroad (MD)
Mississippi Export Railroad (MSE)
Mississippi Southern Railroad (MSR) (WATX)
Mississippi Tennessee Railroad (MTNR) (IHRX)
Mississippian Railway Cooperative (MSRW) (HMI)
Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad (MNA) (GWRR)
Missouri North Central Railroad (MNC) (MRIX)
Modesto and Empire Traction Company (MET)
Mohall Central Railroad (MHC) (NPR)
Mohall Railroad (MRI) (NPR)
Mohawk, Adirondack and Northern Railroad (MHWA) (GVTX)
Montana Rail Link (MRL)
Montgomery Short Line, LLC (MSL) (UP)
Morristown and Erie Railway (ME)
Moscow, Camden and San Augustine Railroad (MCSA)
Mount Hood Railroad (MH)
Mount Vernon Terminal Railway (MVT)
Napa Valley Railroad (NVRR)
Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railroad (NDW) (PREX)
Nash County Railroad (NCYR) (CALA)
Nashville and Eastern Railroad (NERR)
Nashville and Western Railroad (NWR) (NERR)
Natchez Railway (NTZR)
NDC Railroad (NDCR)
Nebraska Central Railroad (NCRC) (RGPC)
Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railway (NKCR) (OMLX)
Nebraska Northwestern Railroad (NNW)
Nevada Industrial Switch (NISX)
New Castle Industrial Railroad (NCIR)
New Century AirCenter Railroad (JCAX)
New England Central Railroad (NECR) (GWRR)
New England Southern Railroad (NEGS)
New Hampshire Central Railroad (NHCR)
New Hampshire Northcoast Corporation (NHN)
New Hope and Ivyland Railroad (NHRR)
New Jersey & Northern (NJNR) (RCRY)
New Jersey Rail Carriers, LLC (NJRC)
New Jersey Seashore Lines (NJSL)
New Orleans and Gulf Coast Railway (NOGC) (RGPC)
New Orleans Public Belt Railroad (NOPB)
New York and Atlantic Railway (NYA) (ARH)
New York Container Terminal (NYCT)
New York and Lake Erie Railroad (NYLE) (NYSW)
New York and Ogdensburg Railway (NYOG) (VTR)
New York New Jersey Rail, LLC (NYNJ)
New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway (NYSW)
Newburgh and South Shore Railroad (NSR) (OMLX)
Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad (NBER) (NSHR)
Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad (NPB)
Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) and subsidiaries: Alabama Great Southern Railroad (AGS), Camp Lejeune Railroad, Central of Georgia Railroad (CG), Chesapeake Western Railway (CHW), Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway (CNTP), Georgia Southern and Florida Railway (GSF), Interstate Railroad (INT), State University Railroad, Tennessee Railway (TENN), Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Railway (TAG)
North Carolina and Virginia Railroad (NCVA) (GWRR)
North Louisiana & Arkansas Railroad (NLAR) (ARSL)
North Shore Railroad (NSHR)
Northern Lines Railway (NLR) (ARH)
Northern Ohio and Western Railway (NOW) (OMLX)
Northern Plains Railroad (NPR)
Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad (NOKL)
Northwestern Pacific Railroad (NWP)
Oakland Global Rail Enterprises (OGRE)
Ogeechee Railway (OGEE)
Ohi-Rail Corporation (OHIC)
Ohio Central Railroad (OHCR) (GWRR)
Ohio South Central Railroad (OSCR) (RRC)
Ohio Southern Railroad (OSRR) (GWRR)
Ohio Terminal Railway (OHIO) (CLEX)
Oil Creek and Titusville Lines, Inc. (OCTL)
Old Augusta Railroad (OAR)
Olympia and Belmore Railroad (OLYO) (GWRR)
Omaha, Lincoln and Beatrice Railway (OLB)
Ontario Central Railroad (ONCT) (FGLK)
Ontario Midland Railroad (OMID)
Orange Port Terminal Railway (OPT)
Oregon Eastern Railroad (OERR)
Oregon Pacific Railroad (OPR)
Oregon Rail Connect (ORC) (FTRX)
Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC)
Otter Tail Valley Railroad (OTVR) (GWRR)
Ouachita Railroad (OUCH)
Owego and Harford Railway (OHRY) (TCIDA)
Ozark Valley Railroad (OVRR) (MPRL)
Pacific Harbor Line, Inc. (PHL) (ARH)
Pacific Imperial Railroad (PIR)
Pacific Sun Railroad (PSRR) (WATX)
Paducah and Illinois Railroad (PI) (IC) (CN)
Paducah and Louisville Railway (PAL) (PLTX)
Palouse River and Coulee City Railroad (PCC) (WATX)
Pan Am Railways (PAR) (ST)
Pan Am Southern (PAS) (PAR) (ST)
Panhandle Northern Railroad (PNR) (OMLX)
Patriot Woods Railroad (PAWS) (CLC) (PATR)
Pecos Valley Southern Railway (PVS) (WATX)
Pee Dee River Railway (PDRR) (AR)
Pend Oreille Valley Railroad (POVA)
Peninsula Terminal Company (PT)
Pennsylvania and Southern Railway (PSCC) (RCRY)
Pennsylvania Southwestern Railroad (PSWR) (WATX)
Peru Industrial Railroad (PIRR) (IR) (OMLX)
Pickens Railway, Honea Path Division (PKHP)
Pioneer Industrial Railroad (PRY) (PREX)
Pioneer Valley Railroad (PVRR) (PNSY)
Pittsburgh and Ohio Central Railroad (POHC) (OCRS) (GWRR)
Pittsburgh, Allegheny and McKees Rocks Railroad (PAM)
Plainsman Switching Company (PSC)
Plainview Terminal Company (PTM)
Point Comfort and Northern Railway (PCN) (GWRR)
Port Bienville Railroad (PBVR) (HCPHC)
Port Harbor Railroad (PHRR) (RRC)
Port Jersey Railroad (PJR)
Port Manatee Railroad (MAUP)
Port of Beaumont Railroad (PBR)
Port of Catoosa Railroad (PC)
Port of Muskogee Railroad (PMR)
Port of Tucson Railroad (POT)
Port Rail Saint Charles (PRSC)
Port Terminal Railroad Association (PTRA)
Port Terminal Railroad of South Carolina (PTR)
Portland and Western Railroad (PNWR) (GWRR)
Portland Terminal Railroad (PTRC) (BNSF) (UP)
Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad (PVJR) (CBRW)
Prescott and Northwestern Railroad (PNW) (AKMD) (GWRR)
Progressive Rail, Inc. (PGR)
Providence and Worcester Railroad (PW) (GWRR)
Puget Sound and Pacific Railroad (PSAP) (GWRR)
Quincy Railroad (QRR)
Rawhide Short Line (RSL)
R.J. Corman Railroad/Allentown Lines (RJCN)
R.J. Corman Railroad/Bardstown Line (RJCR)
R.J. Corman Railroad/Carolina Line (RJCA)
R.J. Corman Railroad/Central Kentucky Lines (RJCC)
R.J. Corman Railroad/Cleveland Line (RJCL)
R.J. Corman Railroad/Memphis Line (RJCM)
R.J. Corman Railroad/Pennsylvania Lines (RJCP)
R.J. Corman Railroad/Tennessee Terminal (RJCK)
R.J. Corman Railroad/Texas Lines (RJCD)
R.J. Corman Railroad/West Virginia Line (RJCV)
R.J. Corman Railroad/Western Ohio Lines (RJCW)
Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern Railroad (RCPE) (GWRR)
Raritan Central Railway (RCRY)
Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad (RBMN)
Red River Valley and Western Railroad (RRVW)
Republic N&T Railroad (NTRY)
Riceboro Southern Railway (RSOR) (GWRR)
Richmond Pacific Railroad (RPRC)
Rio Valley Switching Company (RVSC) (IHR)
Ripley & New Albany Railroad (RNAB) (PREX)
Riverport Railroad (RVPR)
Rochester and Southern Railroad (RSR) (GWRR)
Rock and Rail LLC (RRRR)
Rockdale, Sandow and Southern Railroad (RSS) (GWRR)
Rogue Valley Terminal Railroad (RVT) (CCTX)
RSL Railroad (RSL)
Rusk, Palestine and Pacific Railway (RPP) (IPH)
S&L Railroad (SLGG)
Sabine River and Northern Railroad (SRN)
Sacramento Southern Railroad (SSRR)
Sacramento Valley Railroad (SAV) (PATR)
Salt Lake, Garfield and Western Railway (SLGW) (SVGX)
San Antonio Central Railroad (SAC) (WATX)
San Diego and Imperial Valley Railroad (SDIY) (GWRR)
San Francisco Bay Railroad (SFBR)
San Joaquin Valley Railroad (SJVR) (GWRR)
San Manuel Arizona Railroad (SMA)
San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad (SLRG) (IPH)
San Luis Central Railroad (SLC) (PVCX)
San Pedro and Southwestern Railroad (SPSR)
Santa Teresa Southern Railroad (STSR) (IHR)
Sandusky River Railroad (SYRR) (NS)
Sand Springs Railway (SS) (OMLX)
Sandersville Railroad (SAN)
Santa Cruz, Big Trees and Pacific Railway (SCBG)
Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway (SCMB) (IPH)
Santa Maria Valley Railroad (SMV)
Saratoga and North Creek Railroad (SNC)
Savage Bingham and Garfield Railroad (SBG) (SVGX)
Savannah Port Terminal Railroad (SAPT) (GWRR)
Seaview Railroad (SVTX)
Seminole Gulf Railway (SGLR)
SEMO Port Railroad (SEMO) (MRIX)
Sequatchie Valley Railroad (SQVR)
Shamokin Valley Railroad (SVRR) (NSHR)
Shawnee Terminal Railway (STR) (PREX)
Shenandoah Valley Railroad (SDVR) (DGVR)
Sierra Northern Railway (SERA)
Sisseton Milbank Railroad (SMRR) (TCWR)
SMS Rail Lines of New York, LLC (SNY) (SMS)
SMS Rail Service, Inc. (SLRS) (SMS)
South Branch Valley Railroad (SBVR)
South Buffalo Railway (SB)
South Carolina Central Railroad (SCRF) (GWRR)
South Central Florida Express, Inc. (SCXF) (USSG)
South Central Tennessee Railroad (SCTR)
South Chicago and Indiana Harbor Railway (SCIH) (ARCL)
South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (SKOL) (WATX)
South Plains Lamesa Railroad (SLAL)
Southern California Railroad (SCRR)
Southern Electric (SERX)
Southern Indiana Railway (SIND)
Southern Railroad of New Jersey (SRNJ)
Southern Switching Company (SSC) (IHR)
Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad (SWP) (CLEX)
Southwestern Railroad (SW) (WRRG)
Squaw Creek Southern Railroad (SCS) (RRC)
St. Croix Valley Railroad (SCXY)
St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad (SLR) (GWRR)
St. Maries River Railroad (STMA) (MPRL)
St. Mary's Railroad (SM)
St. Marys Railway West (SMW)
Stillwater Central Railroad (SLWC) (WATX)
Stockton Public Belt Railway (SPBT) (CCT)
Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad (STE) (OMLX)
Stourbridge Railroad (SBR)
Strasburg Rail Road (SRC)
Swan Ranch Railroad (SRRR) (WATX)
Tacoma Rail (TMBL)
Tacoma Rail Mountain Division (TRMW)
Tazewell and Peoria Railroad (TZPR) (GWRR)
Temple and Central Texas Railway (TC) (PATR)
Tennessee Southern Railroad (TSRR) (PATR)
Tennken Railroad (TKEN)
Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA)
Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks (TASD)
Texas – New Mexico Railroad (TNMR) (IPH)
Texas and Northern Railway (TN) (TSTR)
Texas and Oklahoma Railroad (TXOR)
Texas Central Business Lines Corporation (TCB)
Texas City Terminal Railway (TCT)
Texas North Western Railway (TXNW)
Texas Northeastern Railroad (TNER) (GWRR)
Texas Pacifico Transportation (TXPF)
Texas Rock Crusher Railway (TXR)
Texas South-Eastern Railroad (TSE)
Texas, Gonzales and Northern Railway (TXGN)
Texas, Oklahoma and Eastern Railroad (TOE) (PATR)
Thermal Belt Railway (TBRY) (SSL)
Three Notch Railroad (TNHR) (GWRR)
Timber Rock Railroad (TIBR) (WATX)
Tishomingo Railroad (TISH)
Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway (TPW) (GWRR)
Tomahawk Railway (TR) (GWRR)
Transkentucky Transportation Railroad (TTIS)
Tri-City Railroad (TCRY)
Trona Railway (TRC)
Tulsa–Sapulpa Union Railway (TSU)
Turners Island, LLC (TI)
Twin Cities and Western Railroad (TCWR)
Tyburn Railroad (TYBR) (RRL)
Tyner Terminal Railway (TYNT) (ECBT) (TVRM)
Union County Industrial Railroad (UCIR) (NSHR)
Union Pacific Railroad (UP)
Union Railroad (URR) (TSTR)
Upper Merion and Plymouth Railroad (UMP) (ARCL)
Utah Railway (UTAH) (GWRR)
Utah Central Railway (UCRY) (PATR)
V&S Railway (VSR)
Valdosta Railway (VR) (GWRR)
Vandalia Railroad (VRRC) (PREX)
Ventura County Railroad (VCRR) (GWRR)
Vermilion Valley Railroad (VVRR) (IBCX)
Vermont Railway (VTR)
Vicksburg Southern Railroad (VSOR) (WATX)
Virginia Southern Railroad (VSRR) (BB)
Wabash Central Railroad (WBCR)
Walking Horse and Eastern Railroad (WHOE)
Wallowa Union Railroad Authority (WURR)
Warren and Saline River Railroad (WSR) (AKMD) (GWRR)
Warren and Trumbull Railroad (WTRM) (YB) (GWRR)
Washington and Idaho Railway (WIR) (MPRL)
Washington County Railroad (WACR) (VTR)
Washington Royal Line (WRL)
Wellsboro and Corning Railroad (WCOR) (GWRR)
West Belt Railway (WBRW) (PATR)
West Isle Line (WFS)
West Michigan Railroad (WMI)
West Oakland Pacific Railroad (WOPR)
West Tennessee Railroad (WTNN)
Western Kentucky Railway (WKRL)
Western Maryland Scenic Railroad (WMSR)
Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad (WNYP) (LAL)
Western Rail Road (WRRC)
Western Washington Railroad (WWR) (FTRX)
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway (WE)
Wichita Terminal Association (WTA) (UP)
Wichita, Tillman and Jackson Railway (WTJR) (RGPC)
Wichita Union Terminal Railway (WUT) (WTA) (UP)
Willamette Valley Railway (WVR)
Wilmington Terminal Railroad (WTRY) (GWRR)
Wilmington and Western Railroad (WWRC)
Winchester and Western Railroad (WW)
Winston-Salem Southbound Railway (WSS) (CSXT) (NS)
Wiregrass Central Railroad (WGCR) (GWRR)
Wisconsin and Southern Railroad (WSOR) (WATX)
Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad (WGNR)
Wisconsin Northern Railroad (WN) (PGR)
Yakima Central Railroad (YCR) (FTRX)
Yadkin Valley Railroad (YVRR) (G&O)
Yellow Creek Railroad (YCKR) (KCS)
Yellowstone Valley Railroad (YSVR) (WATX)
York Railway (YRC) (GWRR)
Youngstown and Austintown Railroad (YARR) (GWRR)
Youngstown and Southeastern Railroad (YSRR) (IBCX)
Youngstown Belt Railroad (YB) (GWRR)
Yreka Western Railroad (YW)
Zee Railroad (ZEE) (GOGR)

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Postcard photo of Great Western locomotive No. 52 at an unnamed location. The Great Western Railway of Colorado (reporting mark GWR) operates about 80 miles (129 km) of track in Colorado and interchanges with the Union Pacific Railroad as well as the BNSF Railway. It is a currently a subsidiary of OmniTRAX but was founded in 1901 to serve the Great Western Sugar Company and other sugar, beet, and molasses companies in Colorado. It also operated passenger services from 1917 to 1926. Their route consists of a line from Loveland to Johnstown, Colorado, where it splits to Miliken and Longmont. Going north out of Kelim is Windsor where once again the line splits to go to their industrial park and Greeley, or Fort Collins. It has since expanded service to include customers such as Anheuser-Busch, Eastman Kodak and Simplot. The photo was taken by noted railroad photographer Otto Perry. Perry earned his living as a mailman in Denver; photographing trains was a hobby he pursued for many years. Perry was also known to travel outside of the Denver area to photograph trains. Like many other railfans who take photos, Perry had prints made up as postcards and used a ink stamp to identify their work as these photos were shared with others who also had a hobby of photographing trains. Perry died in 1970, leaving his collection of train photos and negatives to the Denver Public Library.

Postcard photo of Great Western locomotive No. 52 at an unnamed location.
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