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"All the Way"
(1950's) AT&SF
Santa Fe presents ALL THE WAY , an overview of Santa Fe’s Freight service. (00:00:50:00) The film begins with a movie executive having a meeting concerning an overall film focused on their freight service. (00:01:15:00) An animated map of Santa Fe’s system can be seen at (00:02:00:00) and (00:03:55:00). Vintage footage of San Francisco bay cargo platforms / the “Santa Fe Navy” can be seen at (00:02:30:00). Footage of a canned food manufacturing line can be seen at (00:04:55:00) followed by Santa Fe insulated cars (00:05:10:00) made for carrying product at a certain temperature. Rare footage of chemicals being made for shipment can be seen at (00:05:23:00). Animation of the inner workings of the freight train can be seen at (00:07:00:00). The process of icing cargo can be seen at (00:09:10:00). Mechanical temperature control for perishable commodities is covered at (00:11:15:00). Footage of a specialty crane constructing welded rail can be seen at (00:14:40:00). Welded track being put down can be seen at (00:15:10:00). Modern car inspection and repair can be seen at (00:15:55:00). Footage of steam cleaning can be witnessed at (00:16:37:00). The new 2400 horsepower turbocharged diesel engine is profiled at (00:17:40:00). An overview of the Industrial Development Department is shown at (00:19:53:00). Footage of Santa Fe’s communication system can be seen at (00:21:13:00). A rundown on the Santa Fe car location service is detailed at (00:23:30:00). Footage of the modern electronic train yard is shown at (00:26:00:00). Santa Fe’s traffic control system is shown at (00:27:48:00). Footage of trailer piggybacking is shown at (00:28:50:00). A freight house and dock house in Dallas is shown at (00:30:05:00). Finally, the film concludes showcasing the spirit of Santa Fe’s workers. (00:30:55:00)

Beautiful freight train and car footage can be seen specifically at (00:02:05:00), (00:06:25:00), (00:07:40:00), (00:10:20:00), (00:14:05:00), (00:15:27:00), (00:17:25:00) and (00:28:30:00).

All the Way screenshot.
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