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Danger Lights
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Danger Lights (1930)

A railroad thriller including historic footage of steam railroading on the Milwaukee Road, with lovely Jean Arthur as the center of attraction between two tough railroad men... and the movie was largely filmed along that railroad's lines in Montana. The railway yard in Miles City, Montana was a primary setting, while rural scenes were shot along the railway line through Sixteen Mile Canyon, Montana. Additional footage was shot in Chicago, Illinois.

Principal Cast:
Louis Wolheim as Dan Thorn
Robert Armstrong as Larry Doyle
Jean Arthur as Mary Ryan
Hugh Herbert as Professor
Frank Sheridan as Ed Ryan
Robert Edeson as Engineer Tom Johnson
Alan Roscoe as Jim, General Manager
William P. Burt as Chief Dispatcher
James Jim Farley as Joe Geraghty
James Donlan as Picnic Barker
Frank Mills as Hobo
Lee Phelps as Railroad Worker...

Directed by George B. Seitz
Produced by William LeBaron
Written by James Ashmore Creelman

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