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A Great Railroad at Work screen shot.
"A Great Railroad at Work"
(1942) New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad.
This promotional film depicts the complete range of motive power in use on the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad in the early 1940's including electric and steam locomotives and first generation diesels. A wide range of buses, trolleys, ferries and other modes of transport owned by the railroad to help perform its core business of freight and passenger train transportation are also shown. Excellent footage from inside workshops and freight yards, views of the "Yankee Clipper" and also inside luxury passenger railcars. The railroad infrastructure is seen, including the large stations, as well as trains being transferred via river barges. - NFL Jerseys and Gear
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Shop for Trains and Railroad Collectibles on eBay
Shop for Railroad and Train Collectibles on eBay
Enter the Classic Streamliners Bookstore. - NFL Jerseys and Gear