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Hiawatha Super Domes (ca. 1952-53)
Presented by The Milwaukee Road
The new Super Dome passenger cars on the Milwaukee Road were developed by Pullman and delivered in 1952. 
13:01:26 Presidents John Kiley of Milwaukee Road & Charles Bryant of Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Co. inspect first completed double-decker dome carriage - painted red & orange - mechanics open up equipment locker to show diesel generators.
13:02:12 Christening ceremony for first car - full-length glass dome visible on top deck - press & VIPs watch as Jane Kiley in fur coat smashes bottled of water from Lake Michigan & Pugit Sound - train pulls out of station, several dome carriages in train. INT passengers travelling in dome car - some wearing Native American / Indian headbands w/ feathers "to indicate that these people have been initiated into the Hiawatha tribe". Passengers look out windows as Twin Cities Hiawatha passes thru Chicago & Olympian Hiawatha thru countryside. Various runbys - people wave. VO says 10 trains equipped w/ Super Domes. 
13:03:53 Couple enter dome car & find seat & look out at passing resort lake near Milwaukee. Train passes thru Wisconsin Dells area - sandstone formations & lakes. Great Valley & La Crosse area scenic views of Twin Bluffs south of Winona, Minnesota.
13:06:00 INT cafe lounge on lower deck of carriage - small club room w/ murals. Black waiter serves drinks & snacks. 
13:06:42 High angle shot Olympian Hiawatha train thru Rocky Mountains near Mile City, Montana, bound for Pacific Northwest. Views of Montana Canyon rock formations - young boys look out windows. Cattle ranches & valleys. Peaks & crags. Missouri River at Lombard.
13:09:27 Railroad station at Three Forks, Montana. Sign 'Gallatin Gateway to Yellowstone National Park'. Train passengers transfer to yellow buses. Mountain resort w/ fly fishing, women wearing bathing suits in boat, another waterskiing on clearwater lake. VO "...and other attractions, such as pretty girls". Waterskier helped aboard. High shot train following Jefferson River. Uplands near Piedmont w/ Rockies behind. Snow-capped peaks in Cascade Mountain Range, Washington - train past lake.
13:12:11 High shot train pulling into railroad station at Seattle - city skyline in BG w/ Smith Tower.

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The Milwaukee Road's Super Domes on their Hiawatha passenger trains.

The Milwaukee Road's Super Domes on their Hiawatha passenger trains.
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