Classic Streamliners - TRAIN​CYCLOPEDIA

The Hiawathas' are Rolling (ca. 1940's)
The Milwaukee Road presents a promo film featuring their new streamlined Hiawatha passenger trains.

01:29:19 LS Streamliner train along lake or river, runbys; to stop by camera. 
01:29:48 LS Pan railway yard, roundhouse & shops. MCU storage & factory, int. welding, lathes, heavy machinery manufacturing railroad cars. Finished passenger car out of workshop & moved on transfer machine on rails. 
01:31:06 Twin City Hiawatha leaving Chicago. Animated map: Chicago to Minneapolis. Wisconsin river crossed by bridge w/ paddle steamer, recreation boats past trees. 
01:31:55 American Indians in head dress on rocks. Motor boat & POV along river. 
01:32:55 Dairy cattle. Mississippi river w/ railway tracks & runbys. 
01:34:00 Train into St Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota. Animated map showing northern route. Train over bridge. Tourists w/ fish on lake, boating & swimming on lake. High diving from platform; sailing, fish netted. Animated map of Mid West route to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Runbys, harvesting corn; cattle. Freight train runby near grain elevator & corn field w/ shocks. 
01.38.22 Animated map of Chicago to Seattle. Olympian Hiawatha thru Montana canyons. Yellowstone National Park tourists picked up from station in yellow buses to Old Faithful geyser erupting. 
01:39:59 Yellowstone Canyon; dude ranch & pack train of horses. Cowboys herd cattle. POV from train thru Rockies; mountain lake & vacationers swimming in Hayden Lake. Train thru Cascade mountains in snow.
01:42:26 Seattle & Tacoma buildings w/ Seattle from water. Tourists on excursion boat "Sightseer" thru on Elliot Bay & thru canal to Lake Union & Lake Washington. Tug pulling log-raft. Mount Rainier, horse riders. 01:43:56 Map showing route from Chicago to Michigan Upper Peninsula. Train runby. Green Bay docks, ore carriers. Park at Red Banks, mother & child look at stone of landing of Nicolet. Scenics over Green Bay. Agriculture, lakes, recreation canoes. Ontonagoon on Lake Superior, large lake trout. Tourists hike to Lake of the Clouds overlook.
01:46:42 Map of entire system. Hiawatha locomotive passenger train runby. Int. passengers, lounges, sleeping berth w/ family. Dining cars with waiters serving food. 
01:49:09 Double bedroom compartment, woman playing solitaire. Single sleeping accommodation. Lounge car w/ folding seats. Domed Hiawatha lounge car, smoking cigarettes.
01:51:16 Train out of station, waved off by woman & little girl. Various shots of different trains & runbys. The End.

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