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"Shining Rails"
(1950) General Electric
This fabulous film from General Electric tells the story of the backbone of America's transportation system in the 20th Century — the railroad. Made in 1950, the movie traces the evolution of locomotive power from steam through electric and diesel-electric to the latest super-powered gas-turbine electric. Emphasis is given to the ways in which these developments have kept pace with the ever-growing demands of a nation that today virtually "lives out of box cars." The picture also offers a glimpse of the operational mechanics of the country's complex railway networks—accenting the many applications of electricity. The striking color and the non-technical, human-interest approach combine to give this picture high general-audience appeal.

Topics include: Dynamic braking. Electrical signaling. Electricity for cargo handling. Centralized traffic control. Electric snow melters for switches. Passenger train lighting and galley electrical equipment.