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A postcard photo of Southern Pacific MC-6 Class Cab Forward Locomotive No. 4030.

A postcard photo of Southern Pacific MC-6 Class Cab Forward Locomotive No. 4030.

Defunct California Railroads


Alameda Belt Line
Alameda and San Joaquin Railroad
Almanor Railroad
Amador Central Railroad
Amador Foothills Railroad
Andersonia, California
Arcata and Mad River Railroad
Arizona and California Railway
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
Atlantic and Pacific Railroad


Bakersfield and Kern Electric Railway‎
Barnwell and Searchlight Railway
Berkeley Branch Railroad
Black Diamond Coal Mining Railroad
Boca and Loyalton Railroad
Bodie Railway and Lumber Company
Bodie and Benton Railway and Commercial Company
Borate and Daggett Railroad
Burlington Northern Railroad
Butte County Railroad


California, Arizona and Santa Fe Railway
California Central Railroad
California Eastern Railway
California and Nevada Railroad
California Northeastern Railway
California and Oregon Railroad
California Pacific Railroad
California Pacific Railroad Extension Company
California, Shasta and Eastern Railway
California Central Railway
California Southern Railroad
California Street Cable Railroad
California Western Railroad
Camino, Placerville and Lake Tahoe Railroad
Carson and Colorado Railroad
Carson and Colorado Railway
Caspar, South Fork and Eastern Railroad
Central Pacific Railway
Central Pacific Railroad

City Railway Company of Pasadena
Clay Street Hill Railroad
Crane Creek Lumber Company


Death Valley Railroad
Diamond and Caldor Railway


Eagle Mountain Railroad
East Shore and Suburban Railway
Elk, Mendocino County, California
Elsinore, Pomona and Los Angeles Railway
Eureka Southern Railroad


Feather River Railway
Fernley and Lassen Railway
Fort Bragg and Southeastern Railroad


Geary Street, Park and Ocean Railway
Get Out and Push Railroad
Glendale and Montrose Railway
Great Northern Railway
Great Western Railway of Colorado


Hanford and Summit Lake Railway
Hetch Hetchy Railroad
Highland Railroad


Indian Valley Railroad
East Bay Electric Lines
Interurban Electric Railway
Ione and Eastern Railroad
Island Mountain Railway


Key System
Kings Lake Shore Railroad


Lake Tahoe Railway and Transportation Company
Los Angeles & Pasadena Electric Railway

Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley Railroad
Los Angeles & San Pedro Railroad
Los Angeles and Santa Monica Railroad
Los Angeles and Independence Railroad
Los Angeles Pacific Railroad
Los Angeles Railway
Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad
Los Angeles Terminal Railway


Market Street Railway (transit operator)
Market Street Railway Company
McCloud River Railroad
Mendocino Lumber Company
Metropolitan, California
Minarets and Western Railway
Modesto Interurban Railway
Modoc Northern Railroad
Mount Lowe Railway
Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railway


Napa Valley Railroad (1864–69)
Nevada–California–Oregon Railway
Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad
Nevada County Traction Company
Nevada and Oregon Railroad
North Coast Railroad (1992–1996)
North Pacific Coast Railroad
Northern Railway

Northwestern Pacific Railroad‎ Interurban Lines


Oakland and East Side Railroad
Oakland Railroad Company
Oakland Terminal Railroad
Ocean Shore Railroad
Ocean Shore Railway
Oregon Eastern Railway
Oregon and Eureka Railroad


Pacific Coast Railway
Pacific Electric
Pacific Lumber Company
Palmdale Railroad
Parr Terminal Railroad
Pasadena Railway
Pasadena and Los Angeles Electric Railway
Pasadena Street Railroad
Peninsular Railway (California)
Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad
Port Railroads, Inc.


Randsburg Railway
Redondo and Hermosa Beach Railroad
Redondo Beach Railway
Richmond Pacific Railroad
Riverside, Santa Ana and Los Angeles Railway
Rockport Redwood Company


Sacramento Northern Railroad
Sacramento Southern Railroad
Sacramento Valley and Eastern Railway
Sacramento Valley Electric Railroad
Sacramento Valley Railroad (1852–1877)
San Bernardino and Eastern Railway
San Bernardino and Los Angeles Railway
San Bernardino and San Diego Railway
San Bernardino Valley Railway
San Diego and Arizona Railway
San Diego Central Railroad
San Diego Electric Railway
San Francisco and Alameda Railroad
San Francisco Belt Railroad
San Francisco, Napa and Calistoga Railway
San Francisco and Napa Valley Railroad
San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad
San Francisco and Northwestern Railway
San Francisco and Oakland Railroad
San Francisco and San Jose Railroad
San Francisco and San Mateo Electric Railway
San Jacinto Valley Railway
San Joaquin and Eastern Railroad
San Joaquin and Sierra Nevada Railroad
San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad
Santa Ana and Newport Railway
Santa Fe and Santa Monica Railway
Santa Fe Pacific Railroad
Santa Rosa and Carquinez Railroad
Saratoga and Almaden Railroad
Second Street Cable Railway
Shaver Lake Railroad
Shipyard Railway
Sierra Railway of California
Sierra Railroad
South Pacific Coast Railroad
Southern California Railway
Southern Pacific Company
Southern Pacific Railroad
Southern Pacific Transportation Company

State Belt Railroad
Sutter Street Railway


Tidewater and Southern Railroad
Tidewater Southern Railway
Tidewater and Southern Transit Company
Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad
Transcisco Tours
Tulare Valley Railroad


United Railroads of San Francisco
Usal Creek


Vaca Valley and Clear Lake Railroad
Vallejo and Northern Railroad
Ventura and Ojai Valley Railroad
Ventura County Railway
Visalia Electric Railroad


Waterloo Mining Railroad
Watsonville Railway and Navigation Company
Watsonville Traction Company
West Side Lumber Company railway
West Side and Mendocino Railroad
Western Nevada Railroad
Western Pacific Railway
Western Pacific Railroad

Western Pacific Railroad (1862–1870)


Yolo Shortline Railroad
Yosemite Short Line Railway
Yosemite Valley Railroad
Yreka Railroad

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