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Defunct Railroads of Michigan


Allegan and Holland Railroad
Allegan and Lake Shore Railroad
Alpena and Northern Railroad
Amboy, Lansing and Traverse Bay Railroad
Ann Arbor Railroad (1895–1976)
Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Electric Railway
Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Street Railway


Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Bay City and Alpena Railroad
Bay City and East Saginaw Railroad
Boyne City, Gaylord and Alpena Railroad
Boyne City Railroad
Boyne City and South Eastern Railroad
Boyne Valley Railroad


Cadillac and Lake City Railway
Canada Southern Railway
Cass River Railroad
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Chicago and Canada Southern Railway
Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway
Chicago, Kalamazoo and Saginaw Railway
Chicago and Michigan Lake Shore Railroad
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad
Chicago and North Michigan Railroad
Chicago and North Western Railway
Chicago and North Western Transportation Company
Chicago and West Michigan Railroad
Chicago and West Michigan Railway
Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinaw Railroad
Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinaw Railway
Cincinnati and Michigan Railroad
Cincinnati Northern Railroad (1894–1938)
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway
Coe Rail, Inc.
Copper Range Railroad


Detroit and Charlevoix Railroad
Detroit, Bay City and Alpena Railroad
Detroit and Chicago Railroad
Detroit, Grand Haven and Milwaukee Railway
Detroit, Grand Rapids and Western Railroad
Detroit and Howell Railroad
Detroit, Howell and Lansing Railroad
Detroit, Lake Shore and Mt. Clemens Railway
Detroit, Lansing and Lake Michigan Railroad
Detroit, Lansing and Northern Railroad
Detroit and Mackinac Railway
Detroit, Mackinac and Marquette Railroad
Detroit and Pontiac Railroad
Detroit Terminal Railroad
Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railway
Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad
Ohio Southern Railroad (1881–1898)
Detroit and Toledo Shore Line Railroad
Detroit United Railway
Detroit, Lansing and Lake Michigan Rail Road
Detroit, Monroe and Toledo Railroad
Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railroad
Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway


East Jordan and Southern Railroad
East Saginaw and St. Clair Railroad
Epworth League Railway
Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad
Escanaba and Lake Superior Railway (1898–1901)


Flint and Fentonville Railroad
Flint and Holly Railroad
Flint and Pere Marquette Railway
Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad
Flint River Railroad


Grand Haven Railroad
Grand Rapids, Belding and Saginaw Railroad
Grand Rapids, Grand Haven and Muskegon Railway
Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad
Grand Rapids and Indiana Railway
Grand Rapids, Kalkaska and Southeastern Railroad
Grand Rapids and Lake Shore Railroad
Grand Rapids, Lansing and Detroit Railroad
Grand Rapids, Newaygo and Lake Shore Railroad
Grand Rapids Terminal Railroad
Grand Trunk Railway of Michigan
Grand Trunk Railway
Grand Trunk Western Railway


Harbor Springs Railway
Hillsdale County Railway
Holly, Wayne and Monroe Railway
Howell and Lansing Railroad


Indiana and Michigan Railroad
Ionia and Lansing Railroad
Iron Range and Huron Bay Railroad


Jackson and Cincinnati Railway
Jackson and Ohio Railroad


Kalamazoo and White Pigeon Railroad
Kalamazoo, Lake Shore and Chicago Railroad
Kalamazoo, Lake Shore and Chicago Railway
Kalamazoo and South Haven Railroad


Lac La Belle and Calumet Railroad
Lake Shore Electric Railway
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway
Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railway
Lansing, St. Johns and St. Louis Railway
Leelanau Transit Company
Lenawee County Railroad
Ludington and Northern Railway


Mackinac Transportation Company
Mackinaw and Marquette Railroad
Manistee Railroad
Manistee and North-Eastern Railroad
Manistique and Lake Superior Railroad
Mansfield, Coldwater and Lake Michigan Railroad
Mason and Oceana Railroad
Michigan Railway (1880)
Michigan Air Line Railroad
Michigan Air Line Railway
Michigan Air-Line Railway
Michigan and Canada Bridge and Tunnel Company
Michigan Central Bridge Company
Michigan Central Railroad
Michigan Interstate Railway
Michigan Lake Shore Railroad
Michigan Northern Railway
Michigan and Ohio Railroad
Michigan Southern Railroad (1846–55)
Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad
Michigan United Railways
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad
Minneapolis, Sault Ste. Marie and Atlantic Railway
Monroe and Toledo Railway
Munising, Marquette and Southeastern Railway
Muskegon and Ferrysburg Railroad
Muskegon, Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad


New York Central Railroad
Norfolk and Western Railway
Northern Central Michigan Railroad
North Western Grand Trunk Railway


Palmyra and Jacksonburgh Railroad
Patterson Railroad
Paw Paw Railroad
Penn Central Transportation Company
Pennsylvania–Detroit Railroad
Pennsylvania, Ohio and Detroit Railroad
Pennsylvania Railroad
Pere Marquette Railroad
Pere Marquette Railway
Pleasant Bay Railway
Port Huron and Detroit Railroad
Port Huron and Indiana Railway
Port Huron and Northwestern Railway


Ramona Branch


Saginaw Bay Southern Railway
Saginaw and Clare County Railroad
Saginaw and Mount Pleasant Railroad
St. Clair and Chicago Air Line Railroad
St. Clair River, Pontiac and Jackson Railroad
St. Joseph Valley Railroad (1880–89)
St. Joseph Valley Railroad (1848–1869)
St. Joseph Valley Railway (1889–1897)
St. Lawrence and Hudson Railway
SEMTA Commuter Rail
Southern Railroad (Michigan)


Tecumseh Branch Connecting Railroad
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North Michigan Railway
Toledo, Saginaw and Muskegon Railway
Toledo and South Haven Railroad
Traverse City Railroad
Tuscola and Saginaw Bay Railway


Union Pacific Railroad


Wabash Railway
Wabash Railroad
Wabash, St. Louis and Pacific Railway
Western State Normal Railroad
White River Railroad (Michigan)
Wisconsin Central Company
Wisconsin Central Railway (1897–1954)
Wyandotte Terminal Railroad

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