The Johnstown Inclined Plane in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

The Johnstown Inclined Plane in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

By Greg Hume - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

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Funicular Railroads in the United States


  • Ketchikan, Creek Street Funicular Tram


  • Marble Falls, Dogpatch USA, Dogpatch Funicular Tram (1971–1993)


  • Dana Point, Strand Beach Funicular (2009–)
  • Fairfax (1913–1929)
  • Feather River Canyon, Bucks Creek Powerhouse, single car incline used for inspection of water system, now abandoned. Rails still visible on canyon walls.
  • Industry, Pacific Palms Resort, Industry Hills Golf Club funicular (opened 1979; currently closed for maintenance)
  • Los Angeles, Angels Flight (opened 1901, closed 1969, moved and re-opened 1996, closed 2001, re-opened 2010, closed 2013, re-opened in 2017)
  • Los Angeles, Court Flight (closed),(operated from 1904–1943 damaged by fire; razed 1944), now site of Court of Flags.
  • Los Angeles, Mt. Washington Railway (1909–1919), Operated in the Highland Park/Mt. Washington neighborhood of L.A., ticket office and powerhouse still exist.
  • Los Angeles, Playa del Rey (1901–1909) Two cars ran in a counterbalance configuration from a Los Angeles Pacific Railway stop at the base of the Westchester cliffs to a hotel at the top of the bluff. Legend has it that the two cars were named 'Alphonse' and 'Gaston'.
  • San Francisco, The "Las Casitas Tram", a private funicular used to serve an apartment complex on Bay Street.
  • Santa Catalina Island, Island Mountain Railway (1904–1918; 1921–1923)
  • Valencia, Six Flags Magic Mountain Orient Express, (original name: Funicular)


  • Cañon City, Royal Gorge, Royal Gorge Incline (1931–2013)
  • Golden, Lookout Mountain (1912–1920)
  • Golden, South Table Mountain (1912–1920)
  • Manitou Springs, Manitou Incline (1907–1990)
  • Morrison, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Mount Morrison Cable Incline (1909–1914)


  • Orlando, Universal Orlando Resort, Hogwarts Express


  • Dubuque, Fourth Street Elevator (opened 1882; still operational)
  • Dubuque, Eleventh Street Elevator (closed)


  • Grand Rapids, John Ball Zoological Garden (2012–)
  • Kalamazoo, Western State Normal Railroad (1908–1949)


  • Duluth, 7th Avenue West Incline Railway (1891–1939)
  • Duluth, Duluth Belt Line Railway (in West Duluth) (1889–1916)


  • Branson, Marvel Cave, Silver Dollar City, 218 feet (66 m) long, 500 feet (152.4 m) rise, Curved. (opened 1957, still currently in use)

New Jersey

  • Hoboken, Hoboken Elevated Wagon Lift (1873–1949)
  • Orange Orange Mountain Cable Railway (1893–1902)
  • Weehawken, Eldorado Elevator
  • Weehawken, Weehawken Elevated Wagon Lift (opened 1873–closed)

New York

  • Beacon, Mount Beacon Incline Railway (1902–1972; 1975–1978)
  • Niagara Falls, Prospect Park Incline Railway (1847–1907)
  • Palenville, Otis Elevating Railway (1892–1918)
  • Sea Cliff, Sea Cliff Incline (1886–after 1907)
  • Yonkers, Park Hill Incline (1894–1937)
  • Yonkers, Ridge Hill Incline, Yonkers other funicular to the Sprain Ridge Hospital Campus.

North Carolina

  • Fontana Dam turbine hall access on the east side of the Little Tennessee River (a single car with a balance sled which rolls on tracks underneath the cab). No longer operational.
  • Maggie Valley, Ghost Town in the Sky (opened 1961, closed 2002, park reopened May 25, 2007, incline still not operational)


  • Cincinnati, Bellevue Incline (1876–1926)
  • Cincinnati, Fairview Incline (1892–1923)
  • Cincinnati, Mount Adams Incline (1874–1948)
  • Cincinnati, Mount Auburn Incline (1872–1898)
  • Cincinnati, Price Hill Incline (1874–1943)


  • Altoona, Horseshoe Curve funicular
  • Ashley, Ashley Planes (1837–1948)
  • Beaver Falls, Patterson Heights Incline (1895–1927)
  • Johnstown, Johnstown Inclined Plane (opened 1891; still operational)
  • Mauch Chunk Switchback Railway (1847–1938), Mount Jefferson Plane, Summit Hill
  • Mauch Chunk Switchback Railway (1847–1938), Mount Pisgah Plane, Jim Thorpe
  • Pittsburgh, Bellevue Incline (1887–1892)
  • Pittsburgh, Castle Shannon Incline (1890–1964)
  • Pittsburgh, Castle Shannon South Incline (1892–c. 1914)
  • Pittsburgh, Clifton Incline (1889–1905)
  • Pittsburgh, Duquesne Incline (opened 1877; still operational)
  • Pittsburgh, Fort Pitt Incline (1882–1900)
  • Pittsburgh, H.B. Hays and Brothers Coal Railroad, inclines on Becks Run and Streets Run, operational in 1877
  • Pittsburgh, Knoxville Incline (1890–1960)
  • Pittsburgh, Monongahela Incline (opened 1870; still operational)
  • Pittsburgh, Monongahela Freight Incline (1884–1935)
  • Pittsburgh, Mount Oliver Incline (1872–1951)
  • Pittsburgh, Norwood Incline (1901–1923)
  • Pittsburgh, Nunnery Hill Incline (1888–1895)
  • Pittsburgh, Penn Incline (1884–1953)
  • Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Plane (bef. 1871–c. 1912)
  • Pittsburgh, Ridgewood Incline (1886–1887)
  • Pittsburgh, St. Clair Incline (1888–c. 1932)
  • Pittsburgh, Troy Hill Incline (1888–1898)
  • West Elizabeth, Walton's coal incline
  • West Elizabeth, O'Neil and Company Incline


  • Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain Incline Railway (opened 1895; still operational)


  • Park City, St. Regis Deer Crest Resort (opened 2008; still operational)


  • Roanoke, Mill Mountain Incline (1910–1929)
  • Huntington. Huntington station (Washington Metro) Incline (still operational)


  • Milwaukee, Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum

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