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Streamlined Aeolus at the CB&Q's Iowa shop in 1937.
A CB&Q brochure touting the new Aeolus.

A CB&Q brochure touting the new Aeolus.

CB&Q Class S-4A Æolus Streamlined Steam Locomotive

In 1937 the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad (Burlington Route) needed backup locomotives for their streamlined diesel-hauled "Zephyr" passenger trains. Their solution was to streamline a 1930 Baldwin-built Hudson No. 3002 in their main Iowa shops. The locomotive was renumbered as no. 4000 and given the name "Æolus", after the mythical keeper of the winds. In 1938, a second streamlined 4-6-4 was built at the CB&Q Burlington shops for this purpose and numbered 4001. It was also named Æolus. One of the locomotives survives today and is on display in Copeland Park, LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

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The Streamlined "Aeolus" at the CB&Q's Iowa shop in 1937, from Railway Age. - NFL Jerseys and Gear
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