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EMD's FG9 prototype in 1958.

EMD's FG9 prototype in 1958.

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EMD FG9 Experimental Locomotive

The EMD FG9 was an experimental gasifier-turbine powered prototype locomotive built by the General Motors Electro Motive Division of La Grange, Illinois in 1958-1959.

The prime mover utilized in the locomotive was the GM-214, and was of the free piston gasifier and turbine design. GM had previously used this design to repower a Liberty Ship known as the "William Patterson", and now sought to apply the same power to a locomotive.

​The FG9 used an electric transmission and much of the same equipment found in an FL9. This included a D12-D14 main generator and alternator assembly, a DC auxiliary generator, D37 traction motors, and three-phase traction motor blowers and radiator fans. These were assembled in an FL9 carbody with B0'A1A' trucks. The gasifier was placed above the rear truck and was a GM-214, a dual version of the GM-14, the type used on the "William Patterson".

​The estimated weight of the FG9 was 281,365 lbs. The width of the locomotive was 10 feet, 8-3/4 inches. Fuel capacity was 314 gallons of diesel fuel, 1,100 gallons of heavy fuel, 292 gallons of piston-cooling oil and 50 gallons of oil for the gasifier drip oil system.

The FG9 would have operated much the same way as the later GTEL locomotives.

​Although the Union Pacific Railroad was interested in the FG9, the project was terminated in late 1959.

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