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EMD GP22ECO Diesel-Electric Locomotive
The EMD GP22ECO is a 2,150 hp (1,600 kW) B-B diesel-electric locomotive rebuilt by Electro-Motive Diesel and Norfolk Southern's Juniata Shops. Initially EMD built two GP22ECO demonstrators, one based on a GP9 and one based on a GP40, but thus far all orders have been for conversions based on EMD GP40 and EMD GP40-2 series locomotives. The rebuild involves replacing the existing prime mover with an EPA Tier-II-compliant turbocharged V8710G3A, with Electronic fuel injection. The prime mover is mated to an AR10 alternator for traction power, a CA6 alternator for control power, and a computerized control system. Applying this to a 6-axle locomotive, results in a SD22ECO. Some 6-axle locomotives could alternately be converted into a SD32ECO, using a 3,150 hp (2,350 kW) V12 instead.

When applied to GP40 or GP40-2 series locomotives this conversion does not alter the external appearance of the locomotive, although the conversion of the GP9-based demonstrator required extensive changes to the long hood. The GP22ECO offers customers a 'factory' upgrade of existing locomotives.

Norfolk Southern's units were rebuilt from GP38AC units. They also feature electrical, mechanical, and emissions improvements.

Advertised benefits include:

EPA Tier-II compliance.
Fuel savings up to 25%.
Lube oil savings up to 50%.
Upgradeable software can be tuned for reduced emissions or improved fuel efficiency.
Microprocessor control offers diagnostics, wheel slip control, and optimal wheel/rail adhesion.
184-day maintenance cycle instead of 92-day.
15,000 MWh overhaul cycle.
Reduced maintenance expense due to use of standard 710 prime mover.
Automatic Engine Start Stop system keeps locomotive ready without wasting fuel.

EMD GP22ECO Overview
Type and origin
Power type: Diesel-electric
Builder: Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD)
​ • AAR B-B (UIC: Bo'Bo' )
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm)
Prime mover: EMD 8–710G3A–T2
Cylinders: V8
Transmission: Diesel-electric
Performance figures
Power: output 2,150 hp (1,600 kW)

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KCS 2820 was treated to a fresh "Retro Belle" paint job after its GP22ECO rebuild. KCS 2824, still sporting battleship grey paint and some mismatched doors, was not so lucky.  By Justin Smith - Flickr: KCS 2820 Retro Belle, CC BY 2.0,

KCS 2820 was treated to a fresh "Retro Belle" paint job after its GP22ECO rebuild.
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