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Classic Streamliners - TRAIN​CYCLOPEDIA

An EMD advertisement, ca. 1940.
General Motors Locomotives logo.
EMD ad 1957.

Diesel-Electric Locomotives built by EMC, GM-EMD
Streamlined power cars and early experimental locomotives
EMC participated in the construction of a number of motorized railcars, integrated streamliner trainsets, and experimental locomotives in the 1930s. Most of these were short production runs (one, two, or four units) that were used by a single railroad. The vast majority consisted of Winton prime movers and General Electric generating, control and transmission components inside a carbody whose assembly was subcontracted to another manufacturer, since EMC did not have the ability to build its own bodies until 1936.

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An EMD advertisement, ca. 1957.

Electro-Motive Company logo.
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An EMD advertisement, ca. 1940.