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Illinois Central Gulf (ICG) EMD SW14 No. 1436 at Jackson, Mississippi on August 14, 1980.

Illinois Central SW14 No. 1496 was once built as an SW9 9469, then, it was later renumbered 469. It was later rebuilt as an SW14.

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EMD SW-14 Diesel-Electric Locomotive

The EMD SW-14 was a 1,300 horsepower switching locomotive rebuilt from pre-existing locomotives.

The SW14 was the result of a rebuild program at the Illinois Central Gulf (ICG) Paducah Shops that begin in 1977. Most units were rebuilt from existing EMD SW7's and EMD SW9's, some were rebuilt from EMD NW2's and two units were rebuilt from an EMD TR2 set. Two others were rebuilt from an EMD SW9M and an EMD NW2M that were built as a TR set. 

The first three units built retained their round cab roofs, however, all subsequent units received angled roofs. As the program progressed, front cab windows were banked out and the original roof grills were replaced with an SW-1500 style grill. All units were rated at 1,300 hp and had 12-567BC engines. Most (if not all) units received new AAR control stands similar to those used in late EMD switchers.

The ICG rebuild program ended in 1982.

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ICG SW-14 No. 1436.
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