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HCLX No. 1525, and EMD SW1504.

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EMD SW1504 Diesel-Electric Locomotive
The EMD SW1504 is a 1,500 hp (1,119 kW) diesel locomotive built by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division. The type was sold only to Mexico's national railroad, Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México; 60 examples were built between May and August 1973. With the breakup of NdeM, the locomotives have passed to the variety of successor railroad operators in Mexico, some have been sold to leasing companies in the USA.

The SW1504 was fundamentally a SW1500 mounted on EMD's Blomberg trucks, instead of the Flexicoil trucks or switcher trucks available on the SW1500. The Blomberg truck, universally used on EMD's larger four-axle units, was larger than the Flexicoil truck and required a 2 ft (610 mm) increase in overall length. These locomotives were in many respects a transitory design between the SW1500 and EMD's later MP15DC.

The spotting clues are the Blomberg trucks and the ventilation slots in the large box on the long hood between the rear stack and the front of the cab.

EMD SW1504 Overview
Type and origin
Power type: Diesel-Electric
Builder: General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD)
Model: SW1504
Build date: May -August 1973
Total produced: 60
​ • AAR B-B
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm)
Length: 46 ft 8 in (14.22 m)
Locomotive weight: 248,000 lb (112,000 kg)
Fuel capacity: 600–1,000 US gal (2,300–3,800 l; 500–830 imp gal)
Prime mover: EMD 645
Engine type: 2-stroke diesel
Aspiration: Roots blower
Cylinders: V12
Cylinder size: 9.5 in × 10 in (240 mm × 250 mm)
Transmission Main generator: D32, Traction motors: D77/78DC
Locomotive brake: Straight air
Train brakes: Air
Performance figures
Power output: 1,500 hp (1,119 kW)
Locale when new: Mexico

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A pair of EMD SW1504 locomotives at DGNO Mockingbird Yard in Dallas, Texas, January 2008.

A pair of EMD SW1504 locomotives at DGNO Mockingbird Yard in Dallas, Texas, January 2008.

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