On its maiden run for the Central Illinois Railroad, EMD SW9 No. 1206 rests atop the hill to Western avenue yard, on October 31, 2008. CIRY 1206, was built in 1951. 

By FranklinC55 - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6709200

EMD SW9 Diesel-Electric Locomotive

An EMD SW9 is a diesel switcher locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between November 1950 and December 1953. Additional SW9s were built by General Motors Diesel in Ontario Canada from December 1950 to March 1953. Power was provided by an EMD 567B 12-cylinder engine, producing 1,200 horsepower (895 kW). Starting in October 1953 a number of SW9s were built with the 567BC engine and in December 1953 Weyerhaeuser 305 was built with a 567C engine.

In addition, ten TR5 cow-calf paired sets were produced (eight for the Union Pacific Railroad, and two for the Union Railroad of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Union Railroad also bought an additional two TR5B "calves".

786 examples of this model were built for American railroads and 29 were built for Canadian railroads.

Original Buyers
SW9 locomotives built by Electro-Motive Division, USA
Owner: Aliquippa and Southern Railroad
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 1200
Notes: Built with a 567BC engine.

Owner: Appalachicola Northern Railroad
Quantity: 7
Road numbers: 705–711
Notes: 710-711 built with 567BC engines.

Owner: Arkansas and Louisiana Missouri Railway
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 12

Owner: Ashley, Drew and Northern Railway
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 174

Owner: Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
Quantity: 19
Road numbers: 2420–2438
Notes: 2434-2438 built with 567BC engines.

Owner: Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
​Quantity: 65
Road numbers: 652–716

Owner: Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad
​Quantity: 8
Road numbers: 590–597

Owner: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Quantity: 6
Road numbers: 598–603

Owner: Bauxite and Northern Railway
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 10

Owner: Bellefonte Central Railroad
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 5323

Owner: Belt Railway of Chicago
Quantity: 4
Road numbers: 520–523

Owner: Boston and Maine Railroad
Quantity: 12
Road numbers: 1220–1231

Owner: Cambria and Indiana Railroad
Quantity: 8
Road numbers: 30–37

Owner: Campbell's Creek Railroad
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 13

Owner: Central of Georgia Railway
Quantity: 10
Road numbers: 301–310

Owner: Central Railroad of New Jersey
Quantity: 11
Road numbers: 1084–1094

Owner: Charleston and Western Carolina Railway
​Quantity: 2
Road numbers: 802–803

Owner: Chattanooga Traction Company
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 5
Notes: First SW9 built.

Owner: Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Quantity: 35
Road numbers: 5080–5093, 5245–5265
Notes: 5092-5093 built with 567BC engines.

Owner: Chicago and Illinois Western Railroad
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 104

Owner: Chicago and North Western Railway
Quantity: 9
Road numbers: 1101–1105, 1122–1125

Owner: Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad
Quantity: 2
Road numbers: 9269–9270
Notes: to Burlington Northern 160-161.

Owner: Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad
Quantity: 5
Road numbers: 775–779
Notes: Built with 567BC engines.

Owner: Chicago, West Pullman and Southern Railroad
Quantity: 2
Road numbers: 47–48

Owner: Conemaugh and Black Lick Railroad
Quantity: 2
Road numbers: 118–119

Owner: Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Quantity: 10
Road numbers: 551–560

Owner: Detroit and Toledo Shore Line Railroad
Quantity: 3
Road numbers: 119–121

Owner: Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway
Quantity: 15
Road numbers: 11–25

Owner: Erie Railroad
Quantity: 7
Road numbers: 434–440

Owner: Florida East Coast Railway
Quantity: 8
Road numbers: 221–228

Owner: Georgia Railroad
Quantity: 2
Road numbers: 906–907

Owner: Grand Trunk Western Railroad
Quantity: 7
Road numbers: 7010–7016

Owner: Great Lakes Steel
Quantity: 3
Road numbers: 27–29

Owner: Great Northern Railway
Quantity: 7
Road numbers: 17–23
Notes: to Burlington Northern 149-155.

Owner: Great Western Railway of Colorado
Quantity: 2
Road numbers: 121–122

Owner: Houston Belt and Terminal Railway
Quantity: 10
Road numbers: 22–31

Owner: Illinois Central Railroad
Quantity: 70
Road numbers: 9320–9334, 9430–9484

Owner: Indiana Harbor Belt
Quantity: 7
Road numbers: 9002-9008
Notes: 9004-9008 built with 567BC engines.

Owner: Anaconda Copper (Inspiration Consolidated Copper Company)
Quantity: 2
Road numbers: 22–23

Owner: Kansas City Southern Railway
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 1304
Notes: SW7 1304 traded in.

Owner: Kirby Lumber Company
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 1000

Owner: Kosmos Timber Company (US Plywood Corp - Champion Intl )
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 100
Notes: Built with 567BC engine.

Owner: Lehigh Valley Railroad
Quantity: 13
Road numbers: 280–292

Owner: Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Quantity: 30
Road numbers: 2267–2296

Owner: Maine Central Railroad
Quantity: 2
Road numbers: 334–335
Notes: 335 built with 567BC engine.

Owner: Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 82

Owner: Milwaukee Road
Quantity: 3
Road numbers: 1643–1645
Notes: Renumbered.

Owner: Mississippi Central Railroad
Quantity: 10
Road numbers: 201–210
Notes: to Illinois Central.

Owner: Missouri Pacific Railroad
Quantity: 22
Road numbers: 9170–9191

Owner: Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad
Quantity: 10
Road numbers: 1226–1235
Notes: Renumbered.

Owner: Monessen Southwestern
Quantity: 4
Road numbers: 23–25, 27

Owner: Montour Railroad
Quantity: 12
Road numbers: 73–84

Owner: Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway
Quantity: 5
Road numbers: 34–38

Owner: New York Central Railroad
Quantity: 60
Road numbers: 8922-8930, 8941–8951, 8962–9001

Owner: New York Central (Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad)
Quantity: 7
Road numbers: 9002–9008

Owner: New York Central (Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad)
Quantity: 20
Road numbers: 8931–8940, 8952–8961

Owner: New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad ("Nickel Plate Road")
Quantity: 12
Road numbers: 233–244

Owner: Northern Pacific Railway
Quantity: 4
Road numbers: 115–118
Notes: to Burlington Northern 156-159.

Owner: Oliver Iron Mining Company
Quantity: 6
Road numbers: 934–939

Owner: Pennsylvania Railroad
Quantity: 36
Road numbers: 8513–8544, 8859–8860, 8869–8870

Owner: Peoria and Pekin Union Railway
Quantity: 2
Road numbers: 411–412

Owner: Philadelphia, Bethlehem and New England Railroad
Quantity: 4
Road numbers: 35–38

Owner: Pittsburgh and Shawmut Railroad
Quantity: 9
Road numbers: 231–239
Notes: Built with 567BC engines.

Owner: Pittsburgh, Chartiers and Youghiogheny Railway
Quantity: 4
Road numbers: 2–5

Owner: Republic Steel Corporation
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 344

Owner: Reserve Mining Company
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 1211

Owner: Soo Line (Wisconsin Central Railway)
Quantity: 8
Road numbers: 2111–2115, 2117–2119

Owner: Southern Pacific (Texas and New Orleans Railroad)
Quantity: 5
Road numbers: 108–112

Owner: Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway
Quantity: 3
Road numbers: 43–45
Notes: to Burlington Northern 167-169.

Owner: St. Louis Southwestern Railway ("Cotton Belt")
Quantity: 4
Road numbers: 1058–1061

Owner: St. Louis-San Francisco Railway ("Frisco")
Quantity: 10
Road numbers: 305–314

Owner: Steelton and Highspire Railroad
Quantity: 4
Road numbers: 40–43

Owner: Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis
Quantity: 13
Road numbers: 1206–1218

Owner: Texas and Pacific Railway
Quantity: 13
Road numbers: 1024–1036

Owner: Union Pacific Railroad
Quantity: 42
Road numbers: 1825–1866
Notes: 1847-1866 built with 567BC engines.

Owner: Union Railroad
Quantity: 14
Road numbers: 575–588

Owner: Wabash Railroad
Quantity: 12
Road numbers: 363–374

Owner: Western Pacific Railroad
Quantity: 6
Road numbers: 601–606

Owner: Weyerhaeuser Timber Company
Quantity: 3
Road numbers: 302–303, 305
Notes: 305 built with 567C engine.

Owner: Wheeling Steel
Quantity: 2
Road numbers: 1252–1253
Notes: 1253 built with 567BC engine.

Total Units: 786

SW9 locomotives built by General Motors Diesel, Canada
Owner: Canadian National Railways
Quantity: 10
Road numbers: 7000–7009

Owner: Canadian Pacific Railway
Quantity: 6
Road numbers: 7400–7405

Owner: Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Quantity: 5
Road numbers: 5240–5244

Owner: Great Northern Railway
Quantity: 3
Road numbers: 14–16
Notes: to Burlington Northern 146-148.

Owner: Steel Company of Canada
Quantity: 1
Road numbers: 70

Owner: Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway
Quantity: 4
Road numbers: 55–58

Total Units: 29

TR5 locomotives built by Electro-Motive Division, USA (Cow-Calf Units)
Owner: Union Pacific Railroad
Quantity A units: 8
Quantity B units: 8
Road numbers A units: 1870A–1877A
Road numbers B units: 1870B–1877B
Notes: Dynamic brakes were added to TR5As by UP shortly after delivery.

Owner: Union Railroad
Quantity A units: 2
Quantity B units: 4
Road numbers A units: 701–702
Road numbers B units: 701C–704C

Total A Units: 10

Total B Units: 12

In 1994 Amtrak acquired nine SW9s from various railroads and had them rebuilt by the National Railway Equipment Company. These switchers were reclassified as EMD SW1000R.

EMD SW9 Overview
Type and origin
Power type: Diesel-electric
Builders: General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD), General Motors Diesel (GMD, Canada)
Models: SW9, TR5
Build date: November 1950 – December 1953
Total produced: SW9: 786 (EMD) plus 29 (GMD)
TR5A: 10
TR5B: 12
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Prime mover: EMD 567B
Engine type: V12 Two-stroke diesel
Aspiration: Roots-type supercharger
Cylinders: 12
Performance figures
Power output: 1,200 hp (890 kW)
Locale: North America

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Illinois Central SW14 No. 1496 is at the fueling racks in Memphis, Tennessee. 1496 was built by EMD in May 1952 as IC SW9 No. 9469 then renumbered 469. Then it was later converted into a SW14.  By Clinchfield654 at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10795796

IC 1496 was built by EMD in May 1952 as IC SW9 No. 9469

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On its maiden run for the Central Illinois Railroad, EMD SW9 No. 1206 rests atop the hill to Western avenue yard, October 31, 2008
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Amtrak SW1000 No. 796, which started life in 1952 as P&LE No. 8959, idles in Washington, D.C. in 2008.

By Cliff from Arlington, Virginia, USA - Amtrak EMD SW1000R #797, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=22731896

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