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A GE C30-Ais locomotive heads freight train at Tapa station, Estonia.
UP 2482 at Granger, Wyoming in 1984. Photo by Roger Puta.
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A GE C30-Ais locomotive heads freight train at Tapa station, Estonia.

By LHOON from Mechelen, Belgium - Tapa station, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0,

GE C30-7 Diesel-Electric Locomotive
The C30-7 is a 6-axle road switcher diesel-electric locomotive built by GE Transportation Systems between 1976 and 1986 as an updated U30C with a 16-cylinder 3,000 horsepower (2,200 kW) FDL-series diesel engine. 1,137 were built for North American railroads.

GE C30-7A
A variant of the C30-7, 50 GE C30-7As were purchased by Conrail in mid-1984. Externally similar to the GE C30-7 model, six tall hood doors per side (in place of eight) showed it had a 12-cylinder (rather than 16-cylinder) prime mover. Both engines produced 3,000 horsepower (2,200 kW) but the C30-7A's smaller engine used less fuel. The C30-7A units were built between May and June 1984.

Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia purchased twelve former Conrail C30-7A locomotives in 2001 and used their traction components in the rebuilding of 442 class locomotives as the GL class. These entered service in Australia from 2003.

In December 2018, Brazil’s only surviving C30-7A was restored in time for use on a holiday train.

Original owners

Railroad: Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway

Quantity: 157
Road numbers: 8010-8166
Notes: Units went to BNSF after BN-ATSF merger in 1996. Some were returned to GE and placed in their lease pool in the early 1990s, sold some to Conrail. All remaining were sold in the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Many have found their way to the ALL (America Latina Logistica) Railroad in Brazil.

Railroad: Burlington Northern Railroad

Quantity: 242
Road numbers: 5000-5141, 5500-5599
Notes: Units went to BNSF after BN-ATSF merger in 1996. Remaining units sold in the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Many have found their way to the ALL (America Latina Logistica) Railroad in Brazil.

Railroad: Conrail

Quantity: 60
Road numbers: 6550-6609
Notes: 6550-6599 were model C30-7A. 12 exported to Australia and later rebuilt into NSW 442 Class locomotives.

Railroad: Ferrocarril del Pacífico (Mexico)

Quantity: 26
Road numbers: 434-459

Railroad: Louisville and Nashville Railroad

Quantity: 44
Road numbers: 7000-7015, 7032-7051, 7062-7069
Notes: Delivered in Family Lines paint.

Railroad: Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México (NdeM)

Quantity: 305
Road numbers: 6700-6799, 9600-9656, 11001-11148
Notes: 11040-11090, 11129-11148 built from kits in Mexico.

Railroad: Norfolk and Western Railway

Quantity: 80
Road numbers: 8003-8082

Railroad: Seaboard Coast Line Railroad

Quantity: 51
Road numbers: 7016-7031, 7052-7061, 7070-7094
Notes: Delivered in Family Lines paint.

Railroad: Union Pacific Railroad

Quantity: 140
Road numbers: 2415–2539, 2960–2974

Use in Estonia

In 2003 19 C30-7As were rebuilt and exported to Estonia as C30-7Ais to be used by EVR (Eesti Raudtee) which at that time was privately owned. The locos were numbered as part of Class 1500 (1558–1576) and were second-hand from Conrail/CSX/NS (USA).

In 2018, Operail (formerly EVR Cargo) announced it had completed its first conversion of the series with No. 1564. International Railway Journal reported, "Only the frames and trucks of the original locomotive were retained and the C30-M features a new centrally-positioned driver’s cab and a 1.55MW Caterpillar 3512C HD diesel engine." The converted unit has a 1520mm track gauge and weighs 138 tonnes. Operail's redesign makes the units suitable for shunting and line haul. The redesigned units are planned for internal use and export sales.

EVR: 1558

Conrail: 6552
NS: 8084

EVR: 1559

Conrail: 6580
NS: 8098

EVR: 1560

Conrail: 6582
NS: 8099

EVR: 1561

Conrail: 6597
NS: 8109

EVR: 1562

Conrail: 6598
NS: 8110

EVR: 1563

Conrail: 6553
CSX: 7096
NS: 8113

EVR: 1564

Conrail: 6565
CSX: 7100
NS: 8117

EVR: 1565

Conrail: 6561
NS: 8090

EVR: 1566

Conrail: 6577
CSX: 7107
NS: 8124

EVR: 1567

Conrail: 6596
NS: 8108

EVR: 1568

Conrail: 6586
CSX: 7112
NS: 8129

EVR: 1569

Conrail: 6591
NS: 8104

EVR: 1570

Conrail: 6581
CSX: 7110
NS: 8127

EVR: 1571

Conrail: 6592
NS: 8105

EVR: 1572

Conrail: 6572
CSX: 7103
NS: 8120

EVR: 1573

Conrail: 6571
CSX: 7102
NS: 8119

EVR: 1574

Conrail: 6579
CSX: 7109
NS: 8126

EVR: 1575

Conrail: 6584
NS: 8100

EVR: 1576

Conrail: 6599
NS: 8111

GE C30-7 Overview
Type and origin
Power type: Diesel-electric
Builder: GE Transportation Systems
Model: C30-7
Build date: 1976 – 1986
Total produced: 1,137 (50 were C30-7A variants)
​ • AAR: C-C
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge, 1,520 mm (4 ft 11 27⁄32 in) Estonia
Engine type: V16 (V12 on C30-7A variants)
Cylinders: 16 (12 on C30-7A variants)
Performance figures
Power output: 3,000 hp (2,200 kW)
Locale: North America, Estonia, Brazil

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UP 2482 at Granger, Wyoming in 1984.  Photo by Roger Puta. - NFL Jerseys and Gear
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