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GE Dash 8-32BWH
The GE Dash 8-32BWH, also known as the P32-8WH, B32-8WH, or P32 DASH-8, is a passenger train locomotive used by Amtrak. It is based on GE's Dash 8 series of freight train locomotives.

The Dash 8-32BWH operates in a diesel-electric configuration that uses DC to power the traction motors, producing 3,200 hp at 1047 rpm. When providing head end power to the train, the engine is speed locked to 900 rpm. Power output to the traction motors is 2,700 hp when running in HEP mode with a 0 kW HEP load. Traction horsepower decreases to a bare minimum of 1,685 hp when providing the maximum 800 kW (1,100 hp) HEP load to the train.

The Dash 8-32BWH has a 74:29 gear ratio, resulting in a maximum operating speed of 100 mph in passenger operation.

Twenty of these locomotives were delivered to Amtrak in 1991, numbered 500 through 519. They were nicknamed "Pepsi Cans" by many railfans, due to being delivered in a wide-striped red, white, and blue livery. They have all since been repainted in Phase V livery.

The Dash 8-32BWH has since been relegated to yard switching (mainly in Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, Miami, and the Auto Train terminals) and transfer service, displaced by the newer and more powerful GE Genesis, but the Dash 8s occasionally substitute for the Genesis units if necessary and the Los Angeles-based units see frequent use on the Coast Starlight and Pacific Surfliner. Some may appear on the Pennsylvanian between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Two of the locomotives, 501 and 502, were sold to the California Department of Transportation. The locomotives were renumbered 2051 and 2052, and received the Amtrak California paint scheme. They are used on the San Joaquin and Capital Corridor trains.

GE Dash 8-32BWH Overview
Type and origin
Power type: Diesel
Builder: GE Transportation Systems
Model: Dash 8-32BWH
Total produced: 20
AAR wheel arrangement: B-B
UIC class: Bo'Bo'
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in standard gauge
Trucks: General Electric Floating Bolster (FB2)
Wheel diameter: 40 in
Minimum curve: 150 ft / 39° (single unit), 175 ft / 33° (coupled)
Wheelbase: 39 ft 8 in (between truck centers)
Length: 66 ft 4 in
Width: 9 ft 11 1⁄4 in
Height: 15 ft 4 in
Axle load: 68,722.5 lb
Adhesive weight: 100%
Loco weight: 264,110 lbs  - 274,890 lbs
Fuel type: Diesel
Fuel capacity: 1,800 gal
Lubricant capacity: 365 US gal (1,380 l; 304 imp gal)
Coolant capacity 350 gal
Sandbox capacity: 26 cubic feet
Prime mover: GE 7FDL-12
RPM range: 400-1050 (720 or 900 when supplying HEP)
Engine type: 45° V12, four stroke cycle
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Displacement: 8,020 cu in
Alternator: GMG 195A1
Traction motors: 4x GE 752AH DC traction motors
Head end power: Alternator-driven head-end power (GTA 33A1)
Cylinders: 12
Cylinder size: 668 cu in
Transmission: AC-DC
MU working: Yes
Train heating: Locomotive-supplied head-end power - 1,100 hp
Locomotive brake: Dynamic / Electropneumatic
Train brakes: Electropneumatic
Safety systems: FRA standards, ACSES II
Performance figures
Maximum speed: 103 mph
Power output: 3,200 hp
Tractive effort: 38,500 lbf  Continuous @26 mph
Factor of adhesion: 4.472
Operators: Amtrak, Caltrans
Numbers: 500–519 (Amtrak), 2051–2052 (Caltrans)
Nickname: Pepsi Cans
Locale: United States
Delivered: 1991

Disposition: Still in use

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Amtrak California locomotive No. 2051, a GE Dash 8-32BWH pulling the San Joaquin through Merced, California.

By RickyCourtney - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

GE logo.
Amtrak GE Dash 8-32BWH No. 505 leading the Sunset Limited through Cade, Louisiana.
Amtrak California locomotive No. 2051, a GE Dash 8-32BWH pulling the San Joaquin through Merced, California.

Amtrak GE Dash 8-32BWH No. 505 leading the Sunset Limited through Cade, Louisiana.

By Leo W. Persick Jr. - Contact us/Photo submission, CC BY-SA 3.0, - NFL Jerseys and Gear
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