GN Y-1 Electric Locomotive
The Great Northern Railway's class Y-1 comprised eight electric locomotives with AAR 1-C+C-1 wheel arrangements. The locomotives were used on the 73-mile electrified portion of the railroad, from Wenatchee, Washington to Skykomish, Washington, including the Cascade Tunnel.

The 3,000 horsepower (2.2 MW) locomotives were built at Schenectady, New York, with car bodies manufactured by American Locomotive Company and electrical components supplied by General Electric. They used motor-generator sets to rectify the alternating current line voltage into direct current for their traction motors.

The GN numbered the units 5010–5017 and classified them Y-1. After being involved in a wreck at Tonga, Washington in July 1945, the 5011 was rebuilt with a streamlined appearance and EMD F-unit cabs; the GN reclassified it as Y-1a.

In 1956, the GN dieselized operations through the Cascade Tunnel. The electrical system was decommissioned, and the Y-1 locomotives were sold to the Pennsylvania Railroad, who classified them as FF2. GN 5011 was broken up for spares, and the remaining seven locomotives were overhauled and converted to PRR standards and then placed into service, being assigned numbers 1–7 on the PRR. They lasted a few more years on the PRR, and were all scrapped between 1957 and 1966.

Fleet roster

ALCO serial number: 67022
GE serial number: 10160
Build date: August 1927
GN Number: 5010
PRR Number: 1
Scrap date: 1966

ALCO serial number: 67023
GE serial number: 10161
Build date: September 1927
GN Number: 5011
Scrap date: 1957

ALCO serial number: 67542
GE serial number: 10537
Build date: September 1928
GN Number: 5012
PRR Number: 2
Scrap date: 1962

ALCO serial number: 67543
GE serial number: 10538
Build date: July 1928
GN Number: 5013
PRR Number: 3
Scrap date: 1966

ALCO serial number: 68272
GE serial number: 11149
Build date: August 1930
GN Number: 5014
PRR Number: 4
Scrap date: 1960

ALCO serial number: 68273
GE serial number: 11150
Build date: August 1930
GN Number: 5015
PRR Number: 5
Scrap date: 1966

ALCO serial number: 68274
GE serial number: 11151
Build date: August 1930
GN Number: 5016
PRR Number: 6
Scrap date: 1966

ALCO serial number: 68275
GE serial number: 11152
Build date: August 1930
GN Number: 5017
PRR Number: 7
Scrap date: 1966

A Great Northern Y-1 locomotive in 1927.
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Great Northern Railway Y-1 / Pennsylvania Railroad FF2 Overview
Type and origin
Power type: Electric
Builder: Alco–General Electric
Model: GE: 1-C+C-1-410/518-E6GE290A-11000V
Build date: 1927 (2), 1928 (2), 1930 (4)
Total produced: 8

AAR wheel arrangement: 1-C+C-1
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Adhesive weight: c. 410,000 lb (186,000 kg; 186.0 t)
Loco weight: 5010–5011: 518,250 lb (235,100 kg; 235.1 t), 5012–5017: 527,200 lb (239,100 kg; 239.1 t)
Electric system(s): 11 kV AC, 25 Hz overhead
Current collection: Pantograph
Transmission: Motor–generator supplied direct current fed to 6 traction motors.

Performance figures
Power output: 3,000 hp (2.24 MW) (continuous)
3,300 hp (2.46 MW) (one hour)

Operators: Great Northern Railway, Pennsylvania Railroad
Class: GN: Y-1, PRR FF2
Numbers: GN: 5010–5017, PRR: 1–7
Last run: GN: 1956, PRR: 1966
Disposition: All scrapped 1957 (1), 1960 (1), 1962 (1), 1966 (5)

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