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A Lima advertisement from 1949.
Cincinnati Union Terminal railroad number 25, a Lima LS-750.

A Lima advertisement from 1949.

Cincinnati Union Terminal railroad number 25, a Lima LS-750 (A-3149).

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Lima LS-750 and LS-800 Diesel-Electric Switcher Locomotives
The Lima 750 and 800 hp switchers were diesel-electric switching locomotives built between November 1949 and June 1951, by Lima Locomotive Works of Lima, Ohio, U.S.A.. The LS-750 is a 750 horsepower (560 kW) switcher. It was later upgraded to 800 hp (600 kW) by changing fuel rack settings. Both models used the same turbocharged Hamilton T-69-SA four-stroke, six cylinder inline diesel engine, a Westinghouse generator and 4 Westinghouse traction motors.

All six LS750s were sold to a single railroad, with two being sold after the LS-800 had been introduced. The 23 LS-800s were sold to just two railroads.

Lima-Hamilton did not assign model numbers to their models but referred to them by specification numbers. Model designations such as LS-750 or LS-800 were a railfan invention. Lima-Hamilton assigned A-3149 as the specification number for the 750 hp model, and A-3171 as the specification number for the 800 hp model.

Original owners


Cincinnati Union Terminal (Whitewater Valley Railroad)
Quantity: 6
Road Numbers: 20–25


Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad
Quantity: 2
Road Numbers: 800–801

Chicago River and Indiana Railroad (subsidiary of New York Central Railroad)
Quantity: 21
Road Numbers: 9800–9820

The last extant LS750, former Cincinnati Union Terminal 25, is operated by the Whitewater Valley Railroad.

Lima LS-750 and LS-800 Overview
Type and origin
Power type: Diesel-electric
Builder: Lima Locomotive Works
Model: A-3149 (LS-750)
Model: A-3171 (LS-800)
Build date: November 1949 – June 1951
Total produced LS-750: 6
Total produced LS-800: 23
AAR wheel arrangement: B-B
UIC class: Bo′Bo′
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm)
Prime mover: Hamilton T69SA
Engine type: 4-stroke diesel
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Displacement: 4,580 cu in (75.1 l)
Cylinders: Inline 6
Cylinder size: 9 in × 12 in (229 mm × 305 mm)
Transmission: DC generator, DC traction motors
Locomotive brake: Straight air
Train brakes: Air
Performance figures
Power output: 750 hp (559 kW)
Power output: 800 hp (597 kW)
Locale: United States

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