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General Motors Electro-Motive Diesel Locomotive Plant, La Grange, Illinois, circa 1935.

General Motors Electro Motive Diesel Locomotive Plant, La Grange, Illinois, ca. 1935.
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Shop for Trains and Railroad Collectibles on eBay
Shop for Railroad and Train Collectibles on eBay
Enter the Classic Streamliners Bookstore. - NFL Jerseys and Gear

United States
Active companies
Brookville Equipment Corporation
Electro-Motive Diesel
GE Transportation
Harsco Corporation
Katiland Trains
Kloke Locomotive Works
Knoxville Locomotive Works
Motive Power & Equipment Solutions, Inc.
National Railway Equipment Company (N-ViroMotive)
NS Juniata Locomotive Shop (Thorobred Mechanical Services)
Progress Rail Services Corporation
RELCO Locomotives
Republic Transportation Systems (Republic Locomotive)
Sygnet Rail Technologies
Train Rides Unlimited
Tweetsie Railroad -official source for Crown Metal Products parts
Wasatch Railroad Contractors - builder of brand-new 15 inch gauge Cagney replica steam locomotives
Wabtec (MotivePower)

Defunct companies
In addition to these, many railroads operating steam locomotives built locomotives in their shops. Notable examples include the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad's Mount Clare Shops, Norfolk and Western's Roanoke Shops, Pennsylvania Railroad's Altoona Works and the Southern Pacific's Sacramento Shops. An estimate of total steam locomotive production in the United States is approximately 175,000 engines, with Baldwin having built nearly 70,000 of these alone.

Altoona Machine Shops (PRR)
American Locomotive Company (ALCO)
Amoskeag Locomotive Works
Appomattox Locomotive Works - operated by Uriah Wells
Atlas Car and Manufacturing Company
Baldwin Locomotive Works - later known as Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton
Bell Locomotive Works - New York City and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Brooks Locomotive Works
Burr and Ettinger
Cagney's Locomotive Works
Cincinnati Locomotive Works - also known as Harkness and as Moore & Richardson
Climax Manufacturing Company
Cooke Locomotive and Machine Works
Covington Locomotive Works
Crown Metal Products
Custom Fabricators
Davenport Locomotive Works
Dickson Manufacturing Company
Dunkirk Engineering Company
Eastwick and Harrison
Euclid Road Machinery Company
Globe Locomotive Works
Glover Locomotive Works
Grant Locomotive Works
H. K. Porter, Inc - Smith & Porter, later Porter, Bell & Co.

Harkness and Son
Heisler Locomotive Works
Hicks Locomotive and Car Works
Hinkley Locomotive Works
Hurlbut Amusement Co.
Ingalls Shipbuilding
Kentucky Locomotive Works
Lancaster Locomotive Works
Lawrence Machine Shop
Lima Locomotive Works - later Lima-Hamilton, then Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton
Locks and Canals Machine Shop
Lowell Machine Shop
Manchester Locomotive Works
Mason Machine Works
McQueen Locomotive Works
Mount Savage Locomotive Works
Nashville Manufacturing Company
Newcastle Manufacturing Company
New Jersey Locomotive and Machine Company - began as Swinburne, Smith and Company
New York Locomotive Works - also known as Breese, Kneeland & Company
Niles and Company
Norris Locomotive Works
Ottaway Amusement Company
Pittsburgh Locomotive and Car Works
Plymouth Locomotive Works
Portland Company
Rhode Island Locomotive Works
Richmond Locomotive Works
Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works - also known as Rogers, Ketchum & Grosvenor
Rome Locomotive Works - New York
Ross Winans Locomotive Works
Schenectady Locomotive Works
St. Louis Car Company
Swinburne, Smith and Company
T. H. Paul & Sons
Talbott and Brother Iron Works
Taunton Locomotive Manufacturing Company
Tredegar Iron Works
United Aircraft
Virginia Locomotive and Car Works - also known as Smith & Perkins
Vulcan Iron Works
West Point Foundry
Westinghouse Electric Corporation (WEMCO)
Whitcomb Locomotive Works
Ernst Wiener Co., New York

Active companies
Bombardier Transportation - Montreal QC
Railpower Technologies - Vancouver, BC

Defunct companies
Canadian Locomotive Company - Kingston ON
General Motors Diesel Division - London ON - now Electro-Motive Diesel Canadian operations
Montreal Locomotive Works - Montreal QC