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Lehigh Valley Class K5/K5-1/2 4-6-2 "Pacific" Steam Locomotive

The Lehigh Valley K5/K5-1/2 Class consisted of 50 4-6-2 "Pacific"-type steam locomotives. All of the locomotives were built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1916. Several K-series engines (including No. 2102) were later streamlined with a design by Otto Kuhler for service on the  John Wilkes express passenger train. Although similar in appearance to the K6b locomotives streamlined for use on the Black Diamond passenger train, the John Wilkes design was unique.

Lehigh Valley Class K5/K5-1/2 Overview
Type and Origin
Power type: Steam
Original Builders: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Original build date: 1916
Road Numbers: 2100-2149
Number in Class: 50
​ • Whyte 4-6-2 "Pacific"
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Driver diameter: 73"  (1,854 mm)
Wheelbase: 36.08' (11 m)
Weight on drivers: 204,560 lbs  (92,787 kg)
Locomotive Weight: 311,900 lbs  (141,476 kg)
Tender Loaded Weight: 222,200 lbs  (100,078 kg)
Total Locomotive with Tender Weight: 534,100 lbs  (242,264 kg)
Fuel type: Coal
Fuel capacity: 17.50 tons (15.90 mt)
Water capacity: 12,000 gals  (45.45 ml)
Firebox area: 369 sq ft  (34.29 sq m)
 • Fire grate area: 75 sq ft  (6.97 sq m)
 • Evaporative Heating Surface: 4,105 sq ft (381.51 sq m)
 • Superheating Surface: 980 sq ft  (91.08 sq m)
 • Combined Heating Surface: 5,085 sq ft  (472.5 sq m)
Boiler pressure: 205 psi  (14.10 kPa)
Cylinders: 2
Cylinder size: 27" x 28"  (686 x 711 mm)
Valve gear: Baker or Walschaert 
Performance figures
Tractive effort: 48,723 lbs  (22,100.41 kg)
Factor of Adhesion: 4.20
Operator: Lehigh Valley Railroad
Class: K5/5-1/2
Preserved: None.
Disposition: All scrapped.

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Lehigh Valley Class K5-1/2 No. 2102 was used to pull the John Wilkes express passenger train.

Lehigh Valley Class K5-1/2 No. 2102 was used to pull the John Wilkes express passenger train.

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