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New York, New Haven and Hartford herald

No. 1400 was the first I-5 class delivered to the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.

A New Haven I-5 Class Slideshow.

Baldwin herald

New Haven I-5 Class 4-6-4 Streamlined "Shore Line" Locomotive

The New Haven I-5 class were 4-6-4 streamlined Hudson steam locomotives built for high-speed passenger service. Ten of these locomotives were built by Baldwin in 1937 for the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, which referred to the locomotives as the Shore Line type. The I-5s pulled the railroad's premier trains "The Yankee Clipper" and the "Merchants Limited" beginning in 1938 and continued to do so until 1950, well into the diesel age. These were the last steam locomotives to be purchased by the railroad.

​The I-5 class was designed to take the place of the New Haven's aging fleet of I-4 class Pacifics which had seen heavy use pulling passenger trains for twenty years over the Shore Line route between New York and Boston. A substantial increase in traffic created a need for a locomotive capable of pulling 15 cars on a fast schedule. The new locomotives were semi-streamlined and had a clean cut appearance, but with maintenance accessibility in mind.

Outwardly, the ten New Haven I-5 Hudsons looked alike when delivered.  All were black with silver trim, and all had Boxpok driving wheels. However, each locomotive did not use the same equipment and materials.  According to the March 27, 1937 issue of Railway Age Magazine there were eight distinctive differences:

Mechanical Lubricators: five were made by Nathan Mfg. Co. and five by Detroit Lubricator Co.
Driving Box Bearings: five had Timken roller bearings and five S K F roller bearings.
Train-control equipment: five used Union Switch & Signal  Co. and five General Railway Signal Co.
Flexible metallic conduit for steam heat: five used Barco Mfg Co. and five Vapor Car Heating Co.
Piston-rod and Valve-stem packing: five used United States Metallic Packing and five used Paxton-Mitchell Co.
Piston bull rings and packing rings: five used Locomotive Finished Material Co. and five Hunt-Spiller Mfg.
Staybolts (rigid type): five used Ulster Iron Works and five Pennsylvania Iron & Steel Co.
Tender Wheels: eight used Standard Steel Works and two American Steel Foundries​

​NH I-5 Class Overview

Type and Origin
​Railroad: New York, New Haven and Hartford
Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Type: 4-6-4
​Class: I-5
Road numbers: 1400-1409
Date built: 1937
Service: Passenger
Maximum Tractive Effort: 44,000 lbs.
Weights in working order
  On Drivers: 193,000 lbs
  On Front truck: 71,500 lbs
  On Trailing Truck: 100,800 lbs
  Total Engine: 365,300 lbs
  Tender: 332,000 lbs
Wheel Bases
  Driving: 14'
  Engine Total: 40'-01"
  Engine & Tender Total: 84'-10"
Driving Wheels, diameter outside tires: 80"
Cylinders diameter and stroke: 22" x 30" ( x 2)
Valve gear type: Walschaerts
Valves, piston type, size: 11"
Maximum Travel: 7-1/2"
  Steam Pressure: 285 lbs
  Diameter First Ring inside: 82-1/16"
  Firebox Length: 132"
  Firebox Width: 84-1/8"
  Combustion Chamber Length: 42"
  Thermic Syphons number: 3
Tubes, number and diameter: 199, 2-1/4"
Flues, number and diameter: 48, 5-1/2"
Length over tube sheets: 18' 
Fuel: Soft Coal
Stoker: Standard Type HT
Grate area: 77.1 sq. ft.
Heating Surfaces
  Firebox and Comb. Chamber: 341 sq. ft.
  Syphons: 149 sq. ft.
  Firebox Total: 480 sq. ft.
  Tubes and Flues: 3,335 sq. ft.
  Evaporative Total: 3,815 sq. ft.
  Superheating: 1,042 sq. ft.
  Combined Evaporative and Superheating: 4,857 sq. ft.
  Feedwater Heater: Hancock Turbo Injector
  Style: Water bottom
  Water Capacity: 18,000 U.S. Gallons
  Fuel Capacity:  16 Tons
  Trucks: 6-Wheel
Local: North America
Disposition: Retired 1951

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BLW Builders photo NH I-5 class No. 1400.
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