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A postcard depiction of a Streamlined Class 1018 pulling the Frisco "Firefly" passenger train.

A postcard depiction of Streamlined Class 1018 No. 1031 pulling the "Black Gold".

A postcard depiction of Streamlined Class 1018 No. 1031 pulling the "Black Gold".

SL-SF Class 1018 4-6-2 Streamlined Steam Locomotive
Originally delivered as Class 1015 from Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1910, these were some of the first locomotives with superheaters in North America. The class was rebuilt in the late 1920s and early 1930s. In 1939,  three of these rebuilt  locomotives were re-designed to enhance the Frisco's "Firefly", a new streamlined train between Kansas City, Missouri, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, via Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to Frisco publicity, the locomotives were also used on the "Black Gold" passenger train. A number of changes were made to the previous design that had featured smaller cylinders and higher boiler pressure, larger drivers, a larger tender, more weight on the drivers, and conversion to burning oil. Numbers 1018 and 1031 were fitted with Walschaert valve gear,  while No. 1026 had Baker valve gear.

The streamline shrouding featured a bullet nose, a flared stack, and a thick valance over the open running gear. A broad stripe of color along the valance and the tender was lettered "Frisco Lines." The new look gave the locomotives somewhat of a resemblance to a shark.

All three locomotives kept their streamlined casings the remainder of their careers with the Frisco. Number 1026 was the first of the three to be retired from service on May 31, 1949, with Number 1031 following on October 4, 1949. Number 1018 continued in use until May 22, 1950.

A postcard depiction of a Streamlined Class 1018 pulling the Frisco "Firefly" passenger train.
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SLSF Class 1018 Overview

Type and Origin
Power type: Steam
Builder: Baldwin
Original build date: 1910
Rebuild Date: 1939
Total Units Streamlined: 3
Road Numbers Streamlined Units: 1018, 1026, 1031
​ • Whyte 4-6-2 "Pacific"
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Driver diameter: 73" (1,854 mm)
Wheelbase: 32.75' (9.98 m)
Weight on drivers: 139,400 lbs  (63,231 kg)
Locomotive Weight: 204,900 lbs  (92,941 kg)
Tender Loaded Weight: 134,200 lbs  (60,872 kg)
Total Locomotive with Tender Weight: 339,100 lbs  (153,813 kg)
Fuel type: Oil
Fuel capacity: 3,800 gals (14.40 ml)
Water capacity: 10,000 gals  (37.88 ml)
Firebox: 215.70 sq ft  (20.05 sq m)
 • Firegrate area: 50.90 sq ft  (4.73 sq m)
Boiler pressure: 200 psi  (13.80 kPa)
Cylinders: 2
Cylinder size: 24" x 28"  (610 x 711 mm)
Valve gear: 1026 - Baker. 1018 & 1031 Walschaert.
Performance figures
Tractive effort: 39,736 lbs  (18023.97 kg)
Factor of Adhesion: 4.09​
Operator: St. Louis - San Francisco ("Frisco")
Class: 1018
Number in class: 3
Delivered: 1939
Withdrawn: No. 1026 - May 31, 1949. No. 1031- October 4, 1949. No. 1018 - May 22, 1950.
Preserved: None
Disposition: All scrapped.

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