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Southern Pacific Class GS-1Steam Locomotive
The GS-1 was a 4-8-4 Northern type steam locomotive that served the Southern Pacific Railroad and its Texas subsidiary the Texas and New Orleans Railroad from 1930 to 1956. They were built by Baldwin Locomotive Works and were numbered 4400 through 4409. GS stands for "Golden State" or "General Service."

The GS-1 had all of the basic steam locomotive features; a silver smokebox with a mounted single headlight with a bell mounted just above it, teardrop classification lights, and were equipped with 3-chime Hancock steam whistles.

They were assigned to various passenger trains throughout the SP system, and ended their careers on the San Jose-San Francisco commutes.

No GS-1 locomotives survive.

Type and origin
Power: type Steam
Baldwin Locomotive Works
Serial number: T&NO: 61390–61391, 61408–61409, SP: 61410–61415, 61430–41433
Build date: May–July 1930
Total produced: 14

Configuration: 4-8-4
UIC class: 2′D2′ h2
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 inch standard gauge
Driver diameter: 73 1⁄2 in
Wheelbase 88.23 ft
Axle load: 67,000 lb
Adhesive weight: 262,000 lb
Loco weight: 442,300 lb
Total weight: 733,300 lb
Fuel type Fuel: oil
Fuel capacity: 4,690 US gal
Water capacity: 16,150 US gal
 • Firegrate area: 90.2 sq ft
Boiler pressure: 250 psi
Feedwater heater: Worthington Type S, No. 5
Heating surface: 4,858 sq ft
 • Firebox: 356 sq ft , Superheater:
​ • Heating area 2,565 sq ft
Cylinders: Two, outside
Cylinder size: 27 in × 30 in
Valve gear: Walschaerts
Valve type: Piston

Performance figures
Tractive effort: 62,200 lbf
Factor of adhesion: 4.14

Operators: Southern Pacific Company,
Texas and New Orleans Railroad
Class: GS-1
Number in class: 13
Numbers: SP: 4400–4409, T&NO: 700–703 (later SP second 4400, 4403, 4404, 4407)
Retired: 1956
Disposition: All scrapped

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Southern Pacific GS-1 No. 4402. The GS-1 Class had no Skyline casing.

Southern Pacific GS-1 No. 4402. The GS-1 Class had no Skyline casing.