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Texas and New Orleans P-14 Class No. 651.

Texas and New Orleans Class P-14 4-6-2 "Pacific" Steam Locomotive

The Texas and New Orleans P-14 Class was comprised of three streamlined 4-6-2 "Pacific"-type steam locomotives. These three locomotives actually began their service life as Southern Pacific Class P-6 "Pacifics". Six Class P-6 "Pacifics" were built in 1913 for the Southern Pacific Railroad by Alco Brooks and after 24 years of regular service, three of these locomotives were sold to SP affiliate Texas and New Orleans.

In 1937, these three units, numbers 2455, 2456, and 2457 were rebuilt by the Southern Pacific's Houston shops with streamlined skyline casings to Class P-14 and renumbered 650, 651, and 652.

The Class P-14s pulled the TNO's "Sunbeam" and "Hustler" passenger trains between Houston and Dallas, Texas.​ The P-14s were all retired and scrapped by the mid 1950s.

T&NO Class P-14 Overview

Road Numbers: 650, 651, 652
Whyte Wheel Arrangement: 4-6-2
Builder: Alco Brooks
Year Built: 1913
Rebuilt by: SP Houston Shops
Year Rebuilt: 1937
Builder Serial Numbers: 53335, 53336, 53337
Locomotive Length: 116' (35.3568 m)
Driver Diameter: 77" (1,955.8 mm)
Cylinders (Diameter x Stroke) : 25" x 28" (635 mm x 711.2 mm)
Boiler Pressure: 210 psi (1447.8990316 kpa)
Adhesive Weight: 84 tons (76.2035 metric tons)
Engine Weight without Tender: 139 tons (126.099 metric tons)
Grate Area: 70 sq. ft. (6.50321 sq. meters)
Evaporative Surface: 3,953 sq. ft. (367.2457 sq. meters)
Superheater Surface: 770 sq. ft. (71.5353 sq. meters)

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Texas and New Orleans P-14 Class No. 651.