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Toledo and Ohio Central USRA 0-8-0 No. 9543.

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USRA 0-8-0  Heavy Switcher Steam Locomotive
The USRA 0-8-0 was a USRA standard class of steam locomotive designed under the control of the United States Railroad Administration, the nationalized railroad system in the United States during World War I. This was the standard heavy switcher of the USRA types, and was of 0-8-0 wheel arrangement in the Whyte notation, or "D" in UIC classification.

A total of 175 locomotives were built under USRA control; these were sent to the following railroads:

Original USRA Allocation List

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad
Quantity: 10
Class: F-1
Road numbers: 540–549

Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway
Quantity: 8
Erie Railroad
Quantity: 16
Class: C-1
Road numbers: 120–135

Kansas City Terminal Railway
Quantity: 5

Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Quantity: 6
Class: C-2
Road numbers: 2118–2123

Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad
Quantity: 10
Notes: Refused, to New York Central System.

Northern Pacific Railway
Quantity: 4
Class: G-1
Road numbers: 1170–1173

New York Central Railroad
Quantity: 25 (+9 from MKT)
Class: U-3a
Road numbers: 415–439
Notes: Renumbered 7815–7839.

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway (NYC subsidiary)
Quantity: 9 (+1 from MKT)
Class: U-3a
Road numbers: 7440–7449
Notes: Renumbered 7740–7749.

Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad (NYC subsidiary)
Quantity: 20
Class: U-3a
Road numbers: 300–319

Kanawha and Michigan Railroad (NYC subsidiary)
Quantity: 3
Class: U-3a
Road numbers: 9548–9550
Notes: Renumbered 7758–7760.

Lake Erie and Western Railroad (NYC subsidiary)
Quantity: 3
Class: U-3a
Road numbers: 4250–4252
Notes: to New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad 205–207 in 1923.

Michigan Central Railroad (NYC subsidiary)
Quantity: 10
Class: U-3a
Road numbers: 8940–8949
Notes: Renumbered 7840–7849.

Toledo and Ohio Central Railroad (NYC subsidiary)
Quantity: 5
Class: U-3a
Road numbers: 9543–9547
Notes: Renumbered 7753–7757.

Pere Marquette Railway
Quantity: 10
Road numbers: 1300–1309
Notes: to Chesapeake and Ohio Railway 40–49.

Rutland Railway
Quantity: 2
Class: U-3
Road numbers: 109–110

Southern Railway
Quantity: 14
Class: As-11
19th century

Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway (Southern subsidiary)
Quantity: 5
Class: As-11
Road numbers: 6029–6033

New Orleans and North Eastern Railway (Southern subsidiary)
Quantity: 1
Class: As-11
Road numbers: 6849

Atlanta and West Point Rail Road (West Point Route)
Quantity: 1
Class: G
Road numbers: 215

Georgia Railroad (West Point Route)
Quantity: 2
Class: G
Road numbers: 801–802

Western Railway of Alabama (West Point Route)
Quantity: 1
Class: G
Road numbers: 115

Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad
Quantity: 5
Class: C-1
Road numbers: 5101–5105
Notes: to New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad (“Nickel Plate Road”) 271–275 in 1949.

Total Quantity: 175

After the dissolution of the USRA, an additional 1,200 copies of the USRA 0-8-0 were built for many railroads.

USRA 0-8-0 Overview
Type and origin
Power type: Steam
Builders: ALCO, Baldwin, Lima
Total produced: 175 (plus 1,200 copies)
Configuration: 0-8-0
UIC class: D h2
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Driver diameter: 51 in (1,295 mm)
Wheelbase Locomotive: 15 ft 0 in (4.57 m)
Wheelbase Locomotive and tender: 52 ft 10 1⁄2 in (16.12 m)
Length: 66 ft 1 1⁄2 in (20.15 m)
Width: 10 ft 0 in (3.05 m)
Height: 15 ft 0 in (4.57 m)
Axle load: 55,000 lb (25,000 kg)
Loco weight: 220,000 lb (100,000 kg)
Tender weight: 144,000 lb (65,000 kg)
Total weight: 364,000 lb (165,000 kg)
Fuel type: Coal
Fuel capacity: 32,000 lb (15,000 kg)
Water capacity: 8,000 US gal (30,000 l; 6,700 imp gal)
 • Firegrate area: 46.6 sq ft (4.33 m2)
Boiler pressure: 175 lbf/in2 (1.21 MPa)
Heating surface 2,781 sq ft (258.4 m2)
 • Tubes: 1,796 sq ft (166.9 m2)
 • Flues: 773 sq ft (71.8 m2)
 • Firebox: 190 sq ft (18 m2)
​ • Heating area: 637 sq ft (59.2 m2)
Cylinders: Two, outside
Cylinder: size 25 in × 28 in (635 mm × 711 mm)
Valve type: 14-inch (360 mm) piston valves
Performance figures
Tractive effort: 51,042 lbf (227.05 kN)

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Toledo and Ohio Central USRA 0-8-0 No. 9543.

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