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The Winton 8-cylinder, 600-horsepower, 8-201-A diesel engine.

The Winton 8-cylinder, 600-horsepower, 8-201-A diesel engine.

Winton Engine Company
Scottish immigrant Alexander Winton, owner of the Winton Bicycle Company, turned from bicycle production to automobile manufacturing and the Winton Motor Carriage Company was incorporated on March 15, 1897. Their first automobiles were built by hand. Winton continued to successfully market automobiles to upscale consumers through the 1910's, but sales began to fall in the early 1920's. The Winton Motor Carriage Company ceased automobile production on February 11, 1924. However, Winton continued in the marine and stationary gasoline and diesel engine business, an industry begun in 1912 with the Winton Engine Company.

Sale to General Motors
Winton Engine Company became the Winton Engine Corporation, a subsidiary of General Motors, on June 20, 1930. It produced the first practical two-stroke diesel engines in the 400 to 1,200 hp range, which powered early Electro-Motive Corporation (another GM subsidiary) diesel locomotives and U.S. Navy submarines. A Winton 8-cylinder, 600-horsepower, 8-201-A diesel engine was the motive power of the revolutionary Burlington Zephyr streamliner passenger train, in 1934 the first American diesel-powered train. That part of Winton devoted to the manufacturing of diesel locomotives in 1935 became part of the Electro-Motive Corporation (later the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors), and provided 201 series engines for rail use until late 1938, when the EMC designed
567 series engines were introduced. Successor EMD is still in business today.

1936 and beyond
By 1936 Winton was producing engines only for marine, U.S. Navy, and stationary applications. GM reorganized the company in 1937 as the Cleveland Diesel Engine Division of General Motors. Cleveland engines were used widely by the U.S. Navy in the Second World War, powering submarines, destroyer escorts, and numerous auxiliaries. After the war the Winton designed engines were gradually replaced with similar sized EMD's. The Cleveland Diesel Engine Division closed in 1962.

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