Zephyr Rocket
The Zephyr Rocket was an overnight passenger train operated jointly by the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad and Rock Island Railroad between Saint Louis, Missouri and the Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The trains, with coaches and sleeping cars, started operating on January 7, 1941.

In 1964 the train was still earning money above its direct costs, at least for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy. In 1967 the train, by then coaches-only, was discontinued, with the last trains departing on April 8 and arriving at their respective end points the following morning.

Zephyr Rocket Consists

Inaugural run 1941
Baggage-mail 800
Baggage-mail CB&Q 1601 Silver Mail
Baggage 861
Baggage CB&Q 902 Silver Express
52 chair car 312 Waterloo
52 chair car CB&Q 4709 Silver Castle
10-3 Cedar Rapids
10-3 Minneapolis
8-1-3 Rocket Tower
8-1-3 Zephyr Tower
Dining-parlor-observation 432 St Louis
Dining-parlor-observation 433 St Paul

1946 Consist

E5A CB&Q 9913A Silver Wings
Baggage-RPO CB&Q 1916
Baggage CB&Q 1508
Coach 200 Muscatine
Coach CB&Q 4700 Silver Chariot
Coach CB&Q 4702 Silver Spring
8-1-3 Rocket Tower
10-3 Cedar Rapids
Dining-parlor-observation 432 St. Louis

1960 sleepers replaced w/GS 6-6-4's

4-8-67 discontinued.

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Zephyr Rocket Timetable
1941 Zephyr - Rocket timetable.
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1941 schedule for the jointly operated Zephyr Rockets. The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy and Rock Island Railroads operated this route between St. Louis and Minneapolis/St. Paul from January 7, 1941 until 1967.

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Zephyr Rocket drum head
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1941 Zephyr Rocket timetable.