The Firefly
The Firefly was a streamlined passenger train operated by the St. Louis – San Francisco Railway (the "Frisco"). At various times, it served St Louis, Missouri, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Kansas City, Missouri, and Fort Scott, Kansas. It operated from 1939 to 1960 and was the Frisco's first streamliner.

The Frisco introduced the Firefly on December 10, 1939, over the Kansas City—Tulsa—Oklahoma City route. The Firefly was the Frisco's first streamliner, intended to compete with the Santa Fe. The train's last run between Fort Scott and Tulsa took on place on May 22, 1960; between Fort Scott and Kansas City it ran combined with the Sunnyland. The Firefly was the last Frisco train serving the Tulsa-Fort Scott route.

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A Firefly slideshow.

Postcard depiction of the Firefly.

Postcard photo of the Frisco Railway's streamliner, The Firefly, circa 1939.

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Firefly drum head.
Two consists were necessary to protect the Firefly's schedule; each was composed of refurbished heavyweight cars. A standard consist included a baggage-mail coach (16 seats), coach (60 seats), and cafe-parlor car.

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