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SP 3006 with the Sacramento Daylight at Lodi on the way to Tracy, March 1971.  Photo by Drew Jacksich.

By Drew Jacksich from San Jose, CA, The Republic of California - SP 3006 at Lodi with Sac Daylight 3 71RP, CC BY 2.0,

Southern Pacific Sacramento Daylight Route
Distance - Station
0 mi (0 km) Sacramento
36 mi - Lodi
48 mi - Stockton
Owl, San Joaquin Daylight
58/93 mi - Mile Marker Change (Lathrop)
113 mi - Modesto
126 mi - Turlock
151 mi - Merced
184 mi - Madera
San Joaquin River
206 mi - Fresno
250 mi - Tulare
313 mi - Bakersfield
361 mi - Tehachapi
Tehachapi Loop
381 mi - Mojave
406 mi - Lancaster
Newhall Pass
477 mi - Glendale
483 mi - Los Angeles

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Sacramento Daylight
The Sacramento Daylight was a named passenger train operated by the Southern Pacific Railroad, part of the family of "Daylights" which included the San Joaquin Daylight, Shasta Daylight, Coast Daylight, and Sunbeam. It carried train numbers 53 and 54.The Southern Pacific introduced the Sacramento Daylight in 1946 as a Sacramento section of the Los Angeles—Oakland San Joaquin Daylight; the Sacramento cars were cut out at Lathrop. In 1970 the through cars ended; the train from Sacramento ran past Lathrop to Tracy and connected to the Los Angeles train there. The San Joaquin/Sacramento Daylight survived until the formation of Amtrak on May 1, 1971, when they were both discontinued.

Southern Pacific herald.
SP 3006 with the Sacramento Daylight at Lodi on the way to Tracy, March 1971.

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