Amtrak Silver Service Route Map.

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Distance - Station
0 - New York City
10 mi - Newark
58 mi - Trenton
91 mi - Philadelphia
116 mi - Wilmington
185 mi - Baltimore
225 mi - Washington, DC
234 mi - Alexandria
334 mi - Richmond
362 mi - Petersburg
460 mi - Rocky Mount
530 mi - Raleigh
538 mi - Cary
598 mi - Southern Pines
626 mi - Hamlet
700 mi - Camden
733 mi - Columbia
782 mi - Denmark
870 mi - Savannah
1018 mi - Jacksonville
1076 mi - Palatka
1128 mi - DeLand
1160 mi - Winter Park
1165 mi - Orlando
1183 mi - Kissimmee
1233 mi - Lakeland
1264 mi - Tampa
1312 mi - Winter Haven
1353 mi - Sebring
1395 mi - Okeechobee
1456 mi - West Palm Beach
1474 mi - Delray Beach
1484 mi - Deerfield Beach
1498 mi - Fort Lauderdale
1506 mi - Hollywood
1522 mi - Miami

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Named Passenger Trains

Silver Star
The Silver Star is a 1,522-mile passenger train route in the Silver Service brand operated by Amtrak, running from New York City south to Miami, Florida via the Northeast Corridor to Washington, D.C., then via Richmond, Virginia; Raleigh, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; Orlando, Florida; and Tampa, Florida. The Silver Star shares much of its track with the Silver Meteor, which runs further east through North Carolina and South Carolina.

During fiscal year 2011, the Silver Star carried nearly 425,000 passengers, an increase of 7.8 percent over FY2010. During FY2011, the train had a total revenue of $32,963,894, a 10.6% increase from FY2010.

The Star was originally a service of the Seaboard Air Line Railroad, running from New York to Miami and later also St. Petersburg (beyond Tampa). It was inaugurated December 12, 1947, to replace the Advance Silver Meteor.

With the exception of a brief period of time in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when service to Tampa was provided by the Palmetto, the Silver Star has served both Tampa and Miami during the Amtrak era. Originally, Amtrak would split the Silver Star in Jacksonville, with the Tampa-bound portion continuing on the old Atlantic Coast Line Railroad route through Orlando, and the Miami-bound portion traveling through Ocala and Wildwood over most of what was the original Seaboard route to Miami. After November 1, 2004, the Silver Star resumed service to Tampa, and now travels intact all of the way, backing out of Tampa and retracing its route 40 miles east to Auburndale, where it heads south to Miami.

In the January 2011 issue of Trains magazine, this route was listed as one of five routes to be looked at by Amtrak in FY 2011 as the previous five routes (Sunset, Eagle, Zephyr, Capitol, and Cardinal) were examined in FY 2010.

Consist details
Like Amtrak's other long-distance routes that operate to and from New York, Amtrak is restricted to its single-level Amfleet and Viewliner cars. In addition, while electric locomotives are used between Washington and New York, trains switch to diesel locomotives traveling south of Washington.

The Silver Star consist includes:
1 ACS-64 engine (New York-Washington)
1 P42s (Washington-Miami)
4 or 5 Amfleet II coaches
Amfleet II lounge
2 Viewliner sleepers
Viewliner Baggage car

Route details
The Silver Star operates over Amtrak, CSX Transportation, and Norfolk Southern Railway trackage:
  Amtrak Northeast Corridor, New York to Washington
  CSX RF&P Subdivision, Richmond Terminal Subdivision, North End Subdivision, and South End Subdivision, Washington to Selma
  NS Piedmont Division, East Carolina Business Unit, Goldsboro to Greensboro district, Selma to Raleigh
  CSX Aberdeen Subdivision, Hamlet Terminal Subdivision, Hamlet Subdivision, Columbia Subdivision, Savannah Subdivision, Nahunta Subdivision, Jacksonville Terminal Subdivision, Sanford Subdivision, Lakeland Subdivision, and Tampa Terminal Subdivision, Raleigh to Tampa
  Central Florida Rail Corridor, DeLand to Poinciana.
  CSX Auburndale Subdivision, Auburndale to West Palm Beach
  South Florida Rail Corridor, West Palm Beach to Miami

Prior to October 1986, the train ran between Petersburg, Virginia, and Raleigh via the CSX (Seaboard Air Line) Norlina Subdivision, stopping only in Henderson. CSX abandoned the Norlina Sub between Norlina and Collier Yard in Petersburg in 1986, and the Silver Star was shifted to the "A Line" between Petersburg and Selma, then to NS's "H Line" between Selma and Raleigh.

In popular culture
In the movie Carlito's Way (1993), Al Pacino's character is killed just before boarding the Silver Star.

PC 4936 (GG-1) Train 128 The Silver Star at Seabrook, MD on March 23, 1969. A Roger Puta photograph.
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AEM-7 No. 905 leads the Silver Star to Miami, stopping here at Trenton Transit Center.

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Silver Service service mark
AEM-7 905 leads the Silver Star to Miami, stopping here at Trenton Transit Center.
Amtrak Silver Service Route Map.

Silver Star Overview
Service type: Inter-city rail
First service: 1947
Current operator: Amtrak

1,163 Daily
424,394 Total (FY2011)
Start: New York City
End: Miami, Florida
Distance traveled: 1,522 miles (2,449 km)
Service frequency: Daily
Train numbers: 91-92
On-board services
First class sleeper
Reserved coach
Rolling stock
Amfleet coaches
Viewliner sleepers
Track gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in
Track owners: Amtrak, CSX, NS, CFRC

PC 4936 (GG-1) Train 128 The Silver Star at Seabrook, MD on March 23, 1969.   Photo by Roger Puta.

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