The Tennessee Central Railway Museum
The Tennessee Central Railway Museum (TCRM, reporting mark TCRX) is a railroad museum located in Nashville, Tennessee.

It is a small non-profit facility which is preserving the heritage of rail transport in Tennessee and the central South. The museum's name honors the former Tennessee Central Railway.

The museum maintains a collection of historic rolling stock which it restores and uses for rail excursions in the area, both for fundraising and educational purposes.

The Tennessee Central Railroad Museum runs an all-volunteer heritage railroad dedicated to preserving, restoring, interpreting, and operating historic railroad equipment. TCRM currently has nine diesel-electric locomotives and thirty other cars/engines.

Inside the freight depot where the museum is located, there are railroad artifacts and memorabilia, a gift shop, and a large room where model train layouts in HO and N scale are displayed.

Museum Roster


Type: EMD F7A
Year built: 1952
Road Number: 719
Heritage: B&LE

Type: EMD F7A

Year built: 1952
Road Number: 715
Heritage: B&LE

Type: EMD GP7

Year built: 1951
Road number: 405
Heritage: L&N

Type: EMD SW1

Year built: 1939
Road number: Westvaco 4800
Heritage: IC 9014,600/RI 4800

Type: EMD SW8

Year built: 
Road number: TC 52
Heritage: USA 2038

Type: EMD GP10

Year built: 
Road Number: 8349 
Heritage: IC/P&L

Passenger Cars

Type: 10/6 Sleeper

Year built: 
Road number: 2467

Type: Budd 48-seat Coach

Year built: 1953
Road number: TC 4711
Heritage: AT&SF/Amtrak

Type: Budd 48-seat Coach

Year built: 1953
Road number: TC 4717
Heritage: AT&SF/Amtrak

Type: Budd 48-seat Coach

Year built: 1953
Road number: TC 4719
Heritage: AT&SF/Amtrak

Type: Budd 48-seat Coach

Year built: 1953
Road number: TC 4733
Heritage: AT&SF/Amtrak

Type: Budd 54-seat Coach

Road number: TC 7628
Heritage: AT&SF/Amtrak

Type: ACF Coach 

Year built: 1954
Road number: RPCX 4802
Heritage: UP 5455/ GTW 4802/ SEMTA

Type: ACF Coach

Year built: 1954
Road number: RPCX 4806
Heritage: UP 5467/ GTW 4806/ SEMTA

Type: Budd 24 Single/8 Double Slumbercoach 

Year built: 1956
Road number: TC 2095
Heritage: CB&Q 4903/ Amtrak 2095

Type: Budd 48-seat Buffet-Diner-Lounge 

Year built:
Road number: TC 3119
Heritage: PRR/Amtrak

Type: Budd 48-seat Dining Car 

Year built: 1948
Road number: TC 8519
Heritage: NYC 450/ PC 4550/ Amtrak 8330/8519

Type: ACF 72' Baggage Car 

Year built: 1955

Type: Commissary Car

Road number: TC 1266
Heritage: AT&SF 3766/ Amtrak 1266

Type: Baggage Car - 480 V Power Car

Road number: TC 1354
Heritage: Amtrak

Type: 85' Baggage Car 

Road number: 10090 "Silver Chest"
Heritage: Amtrak

Type: Railway Post Office - 480 V/ 450 KW Power Car

Road number: TC 514
Heritage: RI/BWDX

Type: Railway Post Office - Air Brake Inst. Car

Year built: 1934
Road number: N&E 409
Heritage: N&W 160/ Wabash 454

Type: Pullman Business Car

Year built: 1916
Road number: TC 102 "Palm Beach"

Freight Cars

Type: 50' Flatcar 

Year built: June 1959
Road number: TC 2795
Heritage: WM 7030

Type: 60' Sliding Door Box Car

Road number: SOU 43962

Type: 50' Plug Door Box Car

Road number: TCRX 170

Type: 50' Sliding Door Box Car

Road number: SCL 60776

Type: Bay Window Caboose 

Road number: SOU X358

Type: Extended Vision Cupola Caboose 

Road number: TCRX 1155
Heritage: SCL

Type: Bay Window Caboose 

Road number: L&N 6113

Type: Bay Window Caboose 

Road number: B&O 903981

Type: Bay Window Caboose  

Road number: L&N 6447

Type: Cupola Caboose 

Road number: L&N 159

Type: Wooden Cupola Caboose

Road number: TC 9857

Maintenance of Way (MOW) Cars

Type: M of W Tool Car

Road number: SBD 973437
Heritage: Camp Car

Type: M of W Bunk Car

Road number: SBD 762575

Type: Scale Test Car

Year Built: 1917
Road number: LN 41499
Heritage: NC&StL

Tennessee Central Railway Museum Overview

Established: 1989
Publications: The Order Board
Address: 220 Willow Street, Nashville, TN 37210-2159
Phone: (615) 244-9001
FAX: (615) 244-2120
Official Website: 

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An EMD F7A locomotive with a Mars Light oscillating beacon in the upper lamp housing. Photographed at the Tennessee Central Railway Museum, Nashville, Tennessee, in December of 2012.

An EMD F7A locomotive with a Mars Light oscillating beacon in the upper lamp housing. Photographed at the Tennessee Central Railway Museum, Nashville, Tennessee, in December of 2012.  By Henry Forson - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, - NFL Jerseys and Gear
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Shop for Railroad and Train Collectibles on eBay
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