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Pullman Gallery Car
The Pullman Gallery Car was a double-decker passenger car built by Pullman-Standard during the 1950s to 1970s for various passenger rail operators in the United States.

The car's upper level was accessed by four sets of stairs in the middle vestibule. A narrow walkway with handrail and middle sections open looking below. Passengers disemarked from stairs from the vestibule on both sides. The original bench seating on the lower level was often upgraded to individual seats during rebuilds by operators. The 8700 series cars feature a control cab; this is not found in the 7600 series cars.

7006A series - built in the 1950s
7600 series - built in mid 1950s
8700 series - built in late 1950s and early 1960s

Canadian Vickers also manufactured gallery cars used by Canadian Pacific Railway Montreal passenger service and sold to Agence métropolitaine de transport.

AMT - Canadian Vickers-built gallery cars (all retired)
Amtrak: Acquired twelve cars from the Chicago and North Western Railway in the 1970s; ten coaches and food-service cars. Amtrak converted four of coaches into control cars in 1981–1982. All twelve were off the roster by 1994.
Burlington Northern and Santa Fe - acquired the six Transcisco Tours gallery cars and converted them to be used as business cars (BNSF Nos. 40–45); two were later converted to track geometry cars.
Canadian Pacific Railway - Montreal passenger routes and cars sold to STCUM and now with AMT
Chicago and North Western - sold cars to Metra and Amtrak
Metra - sold to UTA FrontRunner for use as parts for Comet I cars
Southern Pacific - Peninsula Commute, then Caltrain. Operated 46 gallery cars (SP 3700–3745) until 1985. Sold to Tour Alaska in 1986. Colorado Railcar converted four (SP 3734, 3740, 3744, 3745) into "Ultra Dome" cars at Tillamook, Oregon. Six sold to Transcisco Tours (SP 3700–3703; 3707, 3708), subsequently acquired by BNSF.
Transcisco Tours - acquired six from SP and converted them for tour use (Nos. 800532–800537).
Utah Transit Authority FrontRunner - for parts

Preserved Cars
Illinois Railway Museum

Gallery Car Overview

Series: 7006A, 7600 and 8700
Manufacturer: Pullman Company
Constructed: 1950s-1970s
Entered service: 1950-present
Capacity: 153-161
Car body construction: Steel
Car length: 85 feet (26 m)
Entry: Step
Doors: 1 per side
Track gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge

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Pullman logo

CalTrain's experimental paint scheme was only on GP9E 3187, shown here In San Jose hauling Pullman Gallery Cars in June of 1985. No. 3187 was eventually repainted in SP livery and returned to SP service.  Photo by Roger Puta.

Virginia Railway Express No. V425. Originally in service with the C&NW.

By davidwilson1949, CC BY 2.0, [Cropped]

CalTrain's experimental paint scheme was only on GP9E 3187, shown here In San Jose hauling Pullman Gallery Cars in June of 1985.