Ann Arbor No. 385 at Owasso, Michigan.

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Ann Arbor No. 385 at Owasso, Michigan.

Ann Arbor Railroad (1988)
The Ann Arbor Railroad (reporting mark AA) is a Class III Railroad that operates fifty miles of track from Toledo, Ohio to Osmer, Michigan. The railroad is operated by Watco Companies and is based out of Toledo, Ohio. Prior to Watco Companies, the railroad was operated by the Ann Arbor Acquisition Corporation from 1988 to 2013, by the Michigan Interstate Railway Company from 1977 to 1988, and as a privately owned enterprise prior to 1977.

Current Operations
The Ann Arbor Railroad operates 83 miles of track between its main terminal, Ottawa Yard, in Toledo, Ohio and Ann Arbor, Michigan, the interchange point with the Great Lakes Central Railroad and Norfolk Southern Railway. A branch line known as the Saline Branch stretches four miles from Pittsfield, Michigan to Saline, Michigan. The Saline Branch has been used in the past to serve the Faurecia Automotive Components Plant located in Saline, Michigan but is not currently being used in revenue service. The Ann Arbor Railroad also leases and operates an industrial lead in Toledo, Ohio owned by the Norfolk Southern Railway. Much of what the railroad transports is "bridge traffic" and is received at either end of the railroad and transported for interchange with another railroad at the opposite terminal. A variety of different cargoes are transported ranging from grain to liquefied petroleum gas to wooden poles. In Toledo, Ohio, the railroad serves Chrysler transporting finished vehicles from the Toledo Complex.

Historical Operations
For 1977 to 1988, see:
Michigan Interstate Railway Company.
For 1895 to 1977, see:
Ann Arbor Railroad.

Current Locomotive Roster
Road Number: AA 1337
Model: GP40-3
Build Date: 08/1968
Built As: PC 3111
Serial Number: 34288

Road Number: AA 2368
Model: GP39-2
Build Date: 04/1984
Built As: MKT 369
Serial Number: 837058-10

Road Number: WAMX 3927
Model: GP39-2
Build Date: 04/1984
Built As: MKT 371
Serial Number: 837058-6

Road Number: AA 2373
Model: GP39-2
Build Date: 04/1984
Built As: MKT 374
Serial Number: 837058-15

Road Number: WAMX 3879
Model: GP38
Build Date: 10/1969
Built As: PC 7802
Serial Number: 35431

Road Number: GMTX 2230
Model: GP38-2
Build Date: 07/1972
Built As: PC 7999
Serial Number: 7354-60

Road Number: WAMX 3904
Model: GP39V
Build Date: 01/1965
Built As: GMO 629
Serial Number: 29750

Toledo, Ohio:
Norfolk Southern Railway
CSX Transportation
Canadian National Railway
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway

Ann Arbor, Michigan:
Great Lakes Central Railroad
Norfolk Southern Railway

Milan, Michigan:
Norfolk Southern Railway

Diann, Michigan:
Canadian National Railway
Indiana and Ohio Railway

Ann Arbor Railroad Overview
Reporting mark: AA
Locale: Michigan and Ohio
Dates of operation: 1988–Present
Predecessor: Michigan Interstate Railway
Length: 50 miles (80 km)
Headquarters: Toledo, Ohio

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