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The Tarantula of the Fort Worth and Western Railroad.

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Fort Worth and Western Railroad
The Fort Worth and Western Railroad (reporting mark FWWR) is a Class III short-line railroad headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Operating only within the state of Texas, its main freight service route is between Carrollton, Fort Worth and  Brownwood.

Much of the company's route originally belonged to the Fort Worth and Rio Grande Railway, which began construction from Fort Worth in 1886 and reached Brownwood in 1891. In 1901, the FW&RG was bought by the Frisco Railway, which sold it to the Santa Fe Railroad in 1937. The Santa Fe sold the line to an affiliate of the South Orient Railroad in 1994.

The FWWR began operations in 1988, with 6.25 miles (10.06 km) of track that it had bought from the Burlington Northern. By the mid-1990s, the railroad operated 10.75 miles (17.30 km) of track, the result of numerous minor acquisitions. In 1996, the FWWR more than doubled its total trackage with the lease of a 28.5 miles (45.9 km) route from Dallas Area Rapid Transit, and in 1998 purchased 134 miles (216 km) of track from South Orient Railroad, now Texas Pacifico Transportation. The FWWR leased two Union Pacific Railroad properties, a yard and branch line, in 2002 and 2003 respectively.

The FWWR operates a total of 276 miles (444 km) of track between Carro and Ricker, Texas, with branch lines from Dublin to Gorman and from Cresson to Cleburne, as well as trackage rights in the Fort Worth area and between Ricker and San Angelo Junction, Texas. Since 2007, the railroad has been in the process of resurfacing its trackage, as well as installing new sidings and upgrading the route, eventually to allow 40 mph (64 km/h) speeds over the entire line.

On 27 December 2010, Fort Worth and Western named Thomas Schlosser as president and CEO, who took over from Steven George, who had held the position since 2000; the company's vice president and COO is Richard Green. The company employs around 85 people.

As of December 2009, the Fort Worth and Western's locomotive fleet consists of the following:

Road Numbers: 2473, 2569
Model: EMD CF7
Manufacturer: EMD

Road Number: 104
Model: EMD F7
Manufacturer: EMD

Road Numbers: 103, 2198, 2785
Model: EMD GP7
Manufacturer: EMD

Road Number: 4299
Model: EMD GP9
Manufacturer: EMD

Road Numbers: 5004, 5007
Model: EMD GP35
Manufacturer: EMD

Road Numbers: 2000-2007, 2019
Model: EMD GP38
Manufacturer: EMD

Road Numbers: 2008-2012
Model: EMD GP50
Manufacturer: EMD

Road Numbers: 2015-2017
Model: EMD SD40-2
Manufacturer: EMD

Road Number: 3252
Model: EMD SD40T-2
Manufacturer: EMD

Road Numbers: 1400, 2013-2014
Model: NRE 2GS14B
Manufacturer: NRE

Fort Worth and Western Railroad Overview
Reporting mark: FWWR
Locale: West Central Texas
Dates of operation: 1988 – Present
Track gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas

Official Website: http://www.fwwr.net/

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