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At the end of 1960, the OCAA reported 20 million net ton-miles of revenue freight and no passengers on its 104 miles of road. In 1964 the OCAA was sold to the Missouri Pacific Railroad's Texas and Pacific Railway, which briefly operated the property before selling it to the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway with which it merged on December 1, 1967.

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Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway herald.
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Locomotive No. 110 operated by the Muskogee Lines.

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Locomotive No. 110 operated by the Muskogee Lines.

Oklahoma City – Ada – Atoka Railway
The Oklahoma City – Ada – Atoka Railway (OCAA) was a Class I railroad that operated in the state of Oklahoma from 1923 until 1964. It was formed from trackage from Oklahoma City to Atoka via Shawnee and Ada, Oklahoma, that was not included in the 1923 reorganization of the Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad. The company was headquartered in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

The OCAA was originally owned by interests associated with the Oklahoma Railway, but was sold to the Muskogee Company (which also controlled the Midland Valley Railroad and the Kansas, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway) in 1929. Motive power was used interchangeably between the three railroads, and later diesel power was pooled with the Texas Pacific and the Missouri Pacific for through freight service. By 1950, the line operated 132 miles of road and reported a total operating revenue of $974,080.