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Trains Magazine
Trains is a monthly US magazine about trains and railroads. The largest and oldest North American consumer magazine on rail transportation, it is one of two flagship publications of Kalmbach Media, based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It is aimed at railroad enthusiasts and railroad industry employees, the magazine primarily covers railroad happenings in the United States and Canada, but has some articles on subjects on railroading elsewhere.

Founded as Trains in 1940 by Al C. Kalmbach, the magazine was named Trains and Travel from October 1951 to March 1954.

Jim Wrinn, formerly of the Charlotte Observer, was named editor in 2004. Former editors are:

Years           Editor
1940-1948  Al C. Kalmbach
1948-1953  Willard V. Anderson
1953-1987  David P. Morgan
1987-1992  J. David Ingles
1992-2000  Kevin P. Keefe
2000-2004  Mark W. Hemphill

Trains Overview
Editor: Jim Wrinn
Categories: Rail transport
Frequency: Monthly
Total circulation: 93,235 (June 2014) 
Year founded: 1940
Company: Kalmbach Media
Country USA
Headquarters: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Language: English
ISSN: 0041-0934

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Trains Magazine
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