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List of Reporting Marks - B

Note: Marks ending in U are for container owners; marks ending in X are not common carriers; marks ending in Z are for trailers without flanged wheels. All other marks are of common-carrier railroads.

BA - Boston and Albany Railroad; New York Central Railroad; Penn Central; Conrail
BADX - Baden Investment Company
BAEX - Farmers Elevator Company of Bondurant, IA; The Andersons
BALX - Bayer Corporation
BANU - Bank Winter and Co Aktiengesellschaft
BAP - Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway
BAPX - Bay Area Piggyback, Inc.
BAR - Bangor and Aroostook Railroad; Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway
BARU - Barons Leasing Corporation
BARZ - Bangor and Aroostook Railroad; Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway
BASX - Bay State Milling Company
BAWX - Babcock & Wilcox Company
BAYL - Bay Line Railroad
BAYU - Mobay Chemical Corporation
BAYX - Union Tank Car Company; Bayer Corporation
BAZX - Bay Chemical Company, Inc.
BB - Buckingham Branch Railroad
BBCX - BBC Brown Boveri, Inc.; ABB Power Generation, Inc.
BBRX - Bombardier Inc. (Transportation Equipment Group)
BBSZ - Barbar Steamship Lines, Inc.
BBTU - Bress Bulk International Bulk Transport and Consulting
BCAX - Blue Circle, Inc.
BCCX - Border Chemical Company, Ltd.
BCDX - Borden Chemical, Inc. (a division of Borden, Inc.)
BCE - British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
BCFX - GE Railcar Services Corporation
BCGX - Bay Cities Gas Corporation
BCH - British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority; Southern Railway of British Columbia
BCIT - British Columbia Railway; Canadian National Railway
BCIU - Bay Cities Leasing Company
BCIX - Blue Circle, Inc.
BCJU - Bay Cities Leasing Company
BCK - Buffalo Creek Railroad; Conrail
BCER - British Columbia Electric Railway
BCLR - Bay Colony Railroad
BCLU - Bibby Bros. Company
BCMX - Bullet Concrete Materials Company
BCNE - Canadian National Railway
BCOL - British Columbia Railway; Canadian National Railway
BCPX - Brighton Corporation
BCRR - Boyne City Railroad
BCRX - GE Rail Services Corporation
BCRY - Barrie-Collingwood Railway
BCTX - Boise Cascade Corporation
BCTZ - Boise Cascade Corporation
BCVX - West Coast Express
BCWX - Union Tank Car Company
BCYU - Bay Cities Leasing Company; Union Pacific Railroad
BDCX - Anchor Glass Container
BDLX - BDL Company
BDMX - Blue Diamond Mining, Inc.
BDNX - Baroid Division, NL Industries, Inc.; Baroid Drilling Fluids, Inc.
BDRV - Belvidere and Delaware River Railway
BDTL - Ballard Terminal Railroad
BDW - Bighorn Divide and Wyoming Railroad
BE - Baltimore and Eastern Railroad; Conrail
BECX - FMC Corporation (Inorganic Chemicals Division)
BEEM - Beech Mountain Railroad
BEKR - Berks Rail Corporation
BELX - Bell Processing, Inc.
BENX - Bennett Lumber Products, Inc.; Investors Property Service
BEPX - Coastal States Energy Company
BFC - Bellefonte Central Railroad
BFCF - Bremerton Freight Car Ferry
BFCX - Berwick Freight Car Company
BFFX - Berwick Forge and Fabrication Division Whittaker Corporation
BFGX - B. F. Goodrich Company (Chemical Group); Oxy Vinyls, LP
BFHU - Bailee Freight Services, Ltd.
BFIX - Bethlehem Steel Corporation
BFJR - Brillion and Forest Junction Railroad
BFPX - Besse Forest Products
BFRX - Bakery Trading Company
BFSU - Bailee Freight Services, Ltd.
BFTX - Bill Frank Rail Service
BGCM - Bountiful Grain and Craig Mountain Railroad
BGEX - General American Marks Company
BGFX - Barnabas Group Foundation
BGKU - Schering AG
BGSX - Strata Corporation
BH - Bath and Hammondsport Railroad; B and H Rail Corporation
BHCR - Black Hills Central Railroad
BHCU - Bridgehead Container Service
BHP - BHP Nevada Railroad
BHTX - Bernhart Crane and Rigging Company
BHWY - Boot Hill and Western Railway
BIAX - Ocala Recycling
BICX - Beker Industries Corporation
BIDU - Universal Bulk-Handling, Ltd.
BIGX - Big Three Industries, Inc.; Air Liquide America Corporation
BIRR - Bellingham International Railroad
BISX - Brandenburg Industrial Service Company
BITY - Penn Eastern Rail Lines, Inc.
BJGX - BJ Gas Supply, Inc.
BJHX - B. J. Hughes, Inc.; BJ Titan Services Company
BJOX - Citicorp Railmark, Inc.
BJRY - Burlington Junction Railway
BKLU - Bank Line Limited
BKRR - Batten Kill Railroad
BKRU - Baker Tanks
BKTY - Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
BLA - Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad
BLCX - The Commonwealth Plan, Inc.
BLE - Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad
BLKM - Black Mesa and Lake Powell Railway
BLKU - Bulkhaul Company
BLKZ - Mid-American Intermodal Equipment Corporation
BLMR - Blue Mountain Railroad
BLOL - Bloomer Line
BLU - Blue Ridge Southern Railroad
BM - Boston and Maine Railroad; Pan Am Railways
BMAZ - Better Asset Management; Transamerica Leasing
BMCX - Bluewater Michigan Chapter, Inc.
BMDX - GE Railcar Services Corporation
BMDZ - Minnesota, Dakota and Western Railway
BMEX - Brookville Equipment Corporation
BMH - Beaufort and Morehead Railroad
BMIZ - Burlington Motor Carriers
BML - Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad
BMRG - Blue Mountain and Reading Railroad
BMS - Berlin Mills Railway; St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad
BMSX - Bemis Company, Inc.
BMT - Brooklyn–Manhattan Transit
BMZ - Boston and Maine Railroad; Pan Am Railways
BN - Burlington Northern Railroad; Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
BNAU - Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
BNAZ - Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
BNFE - Burlington Northern Railroad; Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
BNFT - Burlington Northern Railroad; Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
BNGR - Blackwell Northern Gateway Railroad
BNIU - British and Irish Steam Packet Company
BNML - Burlington Northern (Manitoba), Ltd.
BNO - Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
BNOW - Burlington Northern (Oregon-Washington), Inc.
BNPZ - Pacific Rail Services
BNQ - Burlington Northern Railroad; Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway End Of Train Devices
BNRQ - Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
BNRZ - Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
BNSF - Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
BNXU - Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
BNZ - Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
BO - Baltimore and Ohio Railroad; Chessie System; CSX Transportation
BOBX - Freeman Gas of N.C., Inc.
BOCT - Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad; CSX Transportation
BOCX - BOC Gases
BOCY - Boat Company
BOGU - BSL Transport
BOMX - Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum
BONU - Bond International, Ltd.
BOP - Border Pacific Railroad
BORX - US Borax, Inc.
BORZ - Ecorail, Inc.
BOSU - W. BOS Vloeistof Transport, B.V.
BOZ - CSX Transportation
BPAX - United States Department of Energy (Bonneville Power Administration)
BPAZ - Acme Markets, Inc.
BPCU - BP Chemicals Belgium
BPCX - Basin Electric Power Cooperative
BPIX - Nova Chemicals, Inc.
BPLU - M1 Engineering, Ltd.
BPLX - Nova Chemicals, Inc.
BPOX - BP Amoco Chemical Company (BP Oil Division)
BPPX - Brewster Phosphates of Bradley, Florida; General American Marks Company
BPRC - Bergen Passaic Railway Corporation
BPRR - Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad
BPRX - Bergen Passaic Railway Corporation
BPTR - Bergen Passaic Terminal Railroad
BR - Bradford Industrial Rail, Inc.
BRAN - Brandon Corporation
BRAX - Brae Corporation; CIT Equipment Finance Corporation
BRBX - Bombardier Transportation
BRC - Belt Railway of Chicago
BRCX - Bunge North America, Inc.
BRCY - Cando Contracting, Ltd.[1]
BRE - Burlington Northern Railroad
BREX - Big Rivers Electric Corporation
BRFD - Branford Steam Railroad
BRG - Brownsville and Rio Grande International Railroad
BRIX - Incobrasa Industries; Union Tank Car Company
BRKX - Burke Energy Corporation
BRLX - BRS Leasing Company, Inc.
BRNU - Brun, SA
BRNZ - Comtrak, Inc.
BROU - Swedish Transocean Lines
BRR - Battle River Railroad (formerly used by Belton Railroad)
BRRC - Borinstein Railroad
BRRX - Brooklyn Resource Recovery, Inc.
BRSR - Blue Ridge Scenic Railway
BRW - Black River and Western
BS - Birmingham Southern Railroad
BSCX - Bethlehem Steel Corporation
BSDA - BSDA Railroad
BSIX - Bethlehem Steel Corporation
BSLU - Blue Star Line, Ltd.
BSMX - Bay State Milling Company
BSOR - Buffalo Southern Railroad
BSPX - Otter Tail Power Company
BSRX - Branson Scenic Railway
BST - Bi-State Transit; MetroLink
BSTX - Trinitas Corporation
BSVY - Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad
BTAX - Big Three Lincoln-Alaska, Inc.; Air Liquide America Corporation
BTC - Birmingham Terminal
BTCO - Boston Terminal Company
BTCU - Bulkmatic Transport Company
BTCZ - Bulkmatic Transport Company
BTEX - BTE Equipment
BTLZ - Intermodal Services, Inc.
BTRX - Rocky Mountain Transportation Services
BTTX - Trailer Train Company; TTX Corporation
BUDX - Budd Company
BUDZ - Bud Antle, Inc.
BUGX - Bruggere and Monson
BUKX - Louisville Gas and Electric Company
BUNX - The Buncher Company
BUNZ - Burnside International Trucks, Ltd.
BVCX - West Coast Express
BVHX - BV Heddrick Gravel and Sand Company
BVRY - Brandywine Valley Railroad
BVS - Bevier and Southern Railroad
BWC - Berwind Corporation; Pennsylvania Railroad; Penn Central; Conrail
BWCX - Borg-Warner Chemicals; GE Plastics
BXBX - BXB Corporation
BXN - Bauxite and Northern Railway
BYCX - Battle Ground Yacolt and Chelatchie Prairie Railroad

BNSF Railway tank car 880362 in a train passing Glen Haven, Wisconsin.  Sean Lamb photo.

By Photo by Sean Lamb (User:Slambo) - Own work, CC BY 2.5,