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List of Reporting Marks - C

Note: Marks ending in U are for container owners; marks ending in X are not common carriers; marks ending in Z are for trailers without flanged wheels. All other marks are of common-carrier railroads.

CA - Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad
CABU - Bacardi and Company, Ltd.
CABX - Cabot Corporation
CACV - Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railway
CACZ - Comacasa Line
CAD - Cadiz Railroad
CADX - Cando Corporation
CADX - Cando Corporation
CAEG - Coffeen and Western Railroad (subsidiary of Ameren)
CAFU - Bay Cities Leasing Company
CAGX - MHC, Inc. (subsidiary of ConAgra)
CAGY - Columbus and Greenville Railway
CAGZ - Columbus and Greenville Railway
CALA - Carolina Southern Railroad
CALX - California Railcar Corporation
CAMX - Canamax Commodity Corporation
CANX - CANAC International, Inc.
CAOX - Westlake CA and O
CAPX - TransAlta Utilities Corporation
CARR - Carrollton Railroad
CARX - Carlon; Lamson and Sessions
CARZ - Anton Caraton and Son
CASO - Canada Southern Railway; New York Central Railroad; Penn Central; Canadian Pacific Railway
CATU - CATU Containers, SA
CAXU - Container Applications International, Inc.
CBC - Carbon County Railway; Chemin de fer Baie des Chaleurs
CBCX - Colonial Brick Company, Inc.
CBGR - Council Bluffs Railway; Great Western Railway of Iowa
CBHU - China Ocean Shipping Company
CBIU - Combi Line-Lash
CBIX - Central Bi-Products
CBL - Conemaugh and Black Lick Railroad
CBLU - Cooper Brothers Containers, Ltd.
CBNS - Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway
CBPU - CBSL Transportation Services, Ltd.
CBQ - Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad; Burlington Northern Railway; Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
CBQZ - Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad; Burlington Northern Railway; Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
CBRM - Chillicothe-Brunswick Rail Maintenance Authority
CBRW - Columbia Basin Railroad
CBRX - Charles Barthoid
CBRY - Copper Basin Railway
CBYN - Crosbyton Railway
CC - Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad
CCAX - FDJ Leasing
CCBX - Union Carbide Corporation
CCCL - Connecticut Central Railroad
CCCU - Compass Container Company, Inc.
CCCX - Carondelet Coke Corporation
CCCZ - Compass Container Company, Inc.
CCDX - Dayton Power and Light Company
CCET - Cincinnati East Terminal Railway
CCEZ - Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad
CCFG - Chemin de fer Gaspésie
CCFZ - Chi-Can Freight Forwarding
CCGX - Cando Contracting, Ltd.[1]
CCHX - Columbian Chemicals Canada, Ltd.
CCIM - Corpus Christi Terminal Railroad
CCIX - Stauffer Chemical Company (Consolidated Chemical Division)
CCIZ - Crete Intermodal
CCKX - California Contemporary, Inc.; CCKX, Inc.
CCKY - Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway
CCLU - Char Ching Shipping (USA), Ltd.
CCLX - Crystal Car Lines
CCMX - Calcium Carbonate Company
CCPR - Chelatchie Prairie Railroad
CCPX - Canadian Chemical Producers
CCQX - Construction Carrier, Inc.
CCR - Corinth and Counce Railroad; Kansas City Southern Railway
CCRA - Camp Chase Industrial Railroad
CCRR - Claremont Concord Railroad
CCRU - Compagnie Des Containers Reservoir
CCRX - Coastal Refining and Marketing, Inc.
CCRY - Charles City Railway
CCRZ - Kansas City Southern Railway
CCSU - Trans Ocean, Ltd.
CCT - Central California Traction Company
CCTU - Coordinated Caribbean Transport, Inc.
CCTX - Central Power and Light Company
CCTZ - Crowley Maritime Corporation
CCUO - Chicago-Chemung Railroad
CCWX - Coastal Chem, Inc.
CCX - Columbian Chemicals Company
CCXU - Char Ching Shipping (USA), Ltd.
CCXX - Costain Coal, Inc.
CDAC - Canadian American Railroad; Bangor and Aroostook Railroad; Montreal, Maine and Atlantic
CDAU - Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd.
CDAZ - Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd.
CDCX - Air Liquide America Corporation
CDGX - Carolinas Domestic Gas Company, Inc.; Chatham Oil Company
CDHX - Caledonian Rail Lines, LLC
CDLZ - Cardinal Freight Carriers
CDNU - Carotrans International
CDPX - Chevron USA, Inc.
CDTX - California Department of Transportation (Amtrak California)
CDVX - Caddo Valley Railcar Repair, Inc.
CEBX - Combustion Engineering, Inc.
CEDR - Cedar River Railroad
CEFX - CIT Equipment Finance Corporation
CEI - Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad; Missouri Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
CEIW - Central Indiana and Western Railroad
CELX - Celtran, Inc.
CEMR - Central Manitoba Railway
CEMX - Cementos Mexicanos, SA; Cemex Mexico, SA de CV
CENX - Western Aggregates, Inc.
CEPX - Cajun Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.; Trinity Industries Leasing
CERA - Central Railroad Company of Indianapolis
CERX - Carpenter Chemical Company; ER Carpenter, LLP
CETU - Custom Environmental Transport, Inc.
CEWX - Canadian Enterprise Gas Products
CF - Cape Fear Railway
CFC - Chemin de fer Charlevoix
CFKZ - XTRA Intermodal
CFL - Chemin de fer Lanaudière
CFLX - Crestbrook Forest Industries
CFM - Chemin de fer de Matapédia et du Golfe
CFMG - Chemin de Fer de Matapédia et Gaspésie
CFMX - Cargill, Inc.
CFNR - California Northern Railroad
CFO - Ottawa Central Railway
CFPX - GE Railcar Services Corporation
CFQC - Quebec Central Railway
CFRR - Chemin de fer Rivière Romaine
CFRU - Cardinal Freight Carriers
CFSX - C and T Refinery, Inc.
CFTX - Canadian Fertilizers, Ltd.
CFWR - Caney Fork and Western Railway
CG - Central of Georgia Railway; Norfolk Southern Railway
CGA - Central of Georgia Railway; Norfolk Southern Railway
CGAX - Cargill, Inc. (C.G.D. Division)
CGBX - Procor, Ltd.; Dow Chemical Canada, Inc.
CGCX - Continental Grain Company
CGDX - Country Gas Distributors, Inc.; Eastern Propane Gas
CGEX - Canadian General Electric Company, Ltd.; Cargill, Inc.
CGFX - Consolidated Gas Company of Florida
CGLX - Canadian General Transit; General American Train Company
CGMU - Compagnie Generale Maritime
CGMX - GATX Rail Canada Corporation
CGMZ - Compagnie Generale Maritime
CGNE - Champagne Railroad, Inc.
CGOX - Cargill, Inc.
CGR - CG Railway
CGRX - Consolidated Grain and Barge Company
CGRY - Carrizo Gorge Railway, Inc.
CGSX - Proflame Incorporated
CGT - Canada and Gulf Terminal Railway
CGTU - Compagnie Generale Maritime
CGTX - Canadian General Transit; General American Train Company
CGW - Chicago Great Western Railway; Chicago and North Western Railway; Union Pacific Railroad
CHAT - Chattahoochee and Gulf Railroad
CHAU - Combined Transport Group, Inc.
CHAX - Chartrand's Tank Car Service, Inc.
CHEX - Chemplex Company; Equistar Chemicals
CHFU - Challenge International
CHH - Cheswick and Harmar
CHIU - Chimco - Bulgaria
CHLX - Chemleco, Inc.
CHMX - C. H. Masland and Sons; First Union Rail
CHP - Ferrocarril de Chihuahua al Pacifico, SA de CV; Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
CHR - Chestnut Ridge Railway
CHRC - Chaparral Railroad
CHRR - Chesapeake Railroad
CHRX - Chesapeake Railway Association; previously the Chesapeake Division, Railroad Enthusiasts, Inc. until 1 Dec 1999.
CHS - Charlotte Southern Railroad
CHSX - Cenex Harvest States Cooperative
CHSZ - Intermodal Services, Inc.
CHTS - Penn Eastern Rail Lines, Inc.
CHTT - Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer Railroad; Missouri Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
CHV - Chattahoochee Valley Railway
CHVX - Chevron Chemical Company
CHW - Chesapeake Western Railway; Norfolk Southern
CI - Cambria and Indiana Railroad
CIC - Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway (Crandic)
CIIX - Contico International, Inc.
CIM - Chicago and Illinois Midland Railway
CIND - Central Railroad Company of Indiana
CIPX - Central Illinois Public Service Company; Ameren Energy Generating Company
CIR - City of Rochelle, Illinois
CIRR - Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad
CIRX - Consbec, Inc.
CIRY - Central Illinois Railroad
CISD - Colonel's Island Railroad
CITU - Citroën
CITX - PLM International
CIW - Illinois Central Gulf; Illinois Central Railroad; Canadian National Railway
CIXX - Calciner Industries, Inc.
CJPX - General Electric Rail Services Corporation
CKIN - Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad
CKIX - C.K. Industries
CKP - Colorado Kansas and Pacific Railway
CKRY - Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad
CKSI - Carthage Knightstown and Shirley Railroad
CLC - Columbia and Cowlitz Railway
CLCO - Claremont and Concord Railway
CLCX - Union Oil Company of California; Chatahoochee Locomotive Company
CLCZ - Complete Logistics Company
CLDZ - Celadon Trucking Services, Inc.
CLEX - Chemical Enterprises, Inc.; Cieco Corporation
CLGR - Central Louisiana and Gulf Railroad
CLGU - Costa Line Cargo Services
CLIF - Cliffside Railroad
CLIX - Calumet Lubricants
CLK - Cadillac and Lake City Railway
CLMX - Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines Limited
CLNA - Carolina Coastal Railway
CLOU - CLOU Container Leasing, GmbH
CLOX - Clark Refining and Marketing, Inc.
CLP - Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad
CLPX - Boulder Scientific Company
CLPZ - Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad
CLRX - Clayton Rail
CLSL - Columbia and Silver Creek Railroad
CLSX - Cargill (Salt Division)
CLTU - Chemical Leaman Tank Lines, Inc.
CLTX - Cloro de Tehuantepec, SA de CV
CM - Central Montana Rail
CMC - CMC Railroad, Inc.
CMCU - Crowley Maritime Corporation
CMCX - Sweetman Construction Company
CMCZ - Crowley Maritime Corporation
CMDX - Cargill, Inc.
CMER - Curtis, Milburn and Eastern Railroad
CMG - Chicago, Milwaukee and Gary Railway
CMGN - Central Michigan Railway
CMHX - CarMath, Inc.
CMIX - Consolidated Minerals, Inc.
CMLU - Containers Marine Lines (Division of American Export Lines)
CMLX - Craggy Mountain Line, Inc.
CMLZ - Containers Marine Lines Isbrandtsen
CMMU - Medcontainers
CMO - Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway; Chicago and North Western Railway; Union Pacific Railroad
CMPA - Madison Railroad Division of City of Madison Port Authority
CMPU - Complete Logistics Company
CMQ - Central Maine and Quebec Railway
CMR - Central Midland Railway Company
CMSN - Crowley Marine Services
CMU - Columbus Charter Service
CMUU - Canada Maritime Agencies Limited
CN - Canadian National Railway
CNA - Canadian National Railway
CNAZ - Grand Trunk Western Railroad; Canadian National Railway
CNCX - Columbia Nitrogen Corporation
CNDX - Connecticut Department of Transportation
CNE - Central New England Railway; New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
CNEU - Canadian National Railway
CNEZ - Canadian National Railway
CNGU - Sicng (Ind. Chim. Du Nord de la Grece SA)
CNGX - CONAG Finance, Inc.
CNHX - Ontario Hydro; Ontario Power Generation
CNIS - Canadian National Railway
CNJ - Central Railroad of New Jersey; Norfolk Southern
CNL - Columbia, Newberry and Laurens Railroad; Atlantic Coast Line Railroad; CSX Transportation
CNLX - CANAC International
CNMZ - Norfolk Southern
CNNU - Compania Nacional de Nabegacao
CNOR - Cincinnati Northern
CNOW - Columbia and Northern Railway
CNOX - Shell Canada, Ltd.
CNPU - Canadian National Railway
CNPZ - Canadian National Railway
CNQ - Canadian National Railway End Of Train Devices
CNRR - California Northern Railroad
CNRU - Canadian National Railway
CNRX - Canadian National Railway
CNRZ - Canadian National Railway
CNSX - Consolidated Oil and Transportation Company, Inc.
CNTP - Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway
CNTX - Continental Tank Car Corporation
CNUR - C&NC Railroad
CNVX - Convoyeur National, Inc.
CNW - Chicago and North Western Railway; Union Pacific Railroad
CNWS - Chicago and North Western Railway
CNWX - Canadian Wheat Board
CNWZ - Chicago and North Western Railway; Union Pacific Railroad
CNYK - Central New York Railroad
CNYX - Central New York Locomotive Company
CNZR - Central New England Railroad
CO - Chesapeake and Ohio Railway; Chessie System; CSX Transportation
COAX - Trinity Rail Management, Inc.
COBX - Cobre Mining Company, Ltd.
COCX - Chevron Oronite Company LLC
COE - Colorado and Eastern Railroad
COEH - Conecuh Valley Railroad
COER - Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
COEZ - Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
COLX - Alliant Energy
COMX - Commonwealth Edison Company
CONU - Contrans
CONX - Conoco Inc.
COOK - Cook Transit
COOX - Cooperative Producers, Inc.; First Union Rail
COP - City of Prineville Railway
COPX - CanadianOxy Industrial Chemicals, LP
CORP - Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad
CORU - CATU Containers, SA
CORX - Coors Brewing Company
COSU - China Ocean Steamship, Ltd.
COSX - Cabot Corporation (CAB-O-SIL Division)
COTX - Consolidated Transportation Corporation; GLNX Corporation
COZ - CSX Transportation
CP - Canadian Pacific Railway
CPAA - Canadian Pacific Railway
CPAX - CITGO Petroleum Corporation
CPBU - Soo Line; Canadian Pacific Railway
CPBZ - Soo Line; Canadian Pacific Railway
CPCX - Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
CPDR - South Carolina Central Railroad (Carolina Piedmont Division); Carolina Piedmont Railway
CPDU - Delaware and Hudson Railway
CPDX - Chevron USA, Inc.
CPDZ - Delaware and Hudson Railway
CPGZ - ContainerPort Group, Inc.
CPHX - Ontario Hydro; Ontario Power Generation
CPI - Canadian Pacific Railway
CPIX - Continental Polymers, Inc.; ICI Acrylics, Inc.
CPLJ - Camp Lejeune Railroad
CPLT - Camino, Placerville and Lake Tahoe Railroad
CPLX - CPLX Leasing
CPMY - Coopersville and Marne Railway
CPOX - Consumers Power Company
CPPU - Canadian Pacific Railway
CPPX - Consolidated Papers, Inc.
CPPZ - Canadian Pacific Railway
CPRS - Canadian Pacific Railway
CPRX - Carolina Power and Light Company
CPRZ - Canadian Pacific Railway
CPSX - Commercial Plastics Systems, Inc.
CPSU - CP Ships
CPT - Canadian Pacific Railway End Of Train Devices
CPVU - Containers and Pressure Vessels, Ltd.
CPWX - Canadian Wheat Board
CQPA - Central Columbiana and Pennsylvania Railway
CR - Norfolk Southern
CRAX - Crystal Hopper Associates
CRAZ - Cornucopia Transportation, Inc.
CRCR - Crete Carrier Corporation
CRCX - Conrail Shared Assets Operations - Legal Name: Conrail
CRCZ - Norfolk Southern
CRDX - Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company
CREU - Canadian Retail Shippers Association
CREX - Merchants Investment Company; Citicorp Railmark, Inc.
CREZ - Canadian Retail Shippers Association
CRGX - Cargill, Inc.
CRIJ - Carolina Rail Services, Inc.
CRIX - GE Railcar Services Corporation; Citicorp Railmark, Inc.
CRL - Chicago Rail Link
CRLE - Coe Rail, Inc.
CRLU - Carlisle Leasing International
CRLX - Canadian Railserve, Ltd.
CRMU - Norfolk Southern
CRMX - The Cropmate Company
CRMZ - Norfolk Southern
CRN - Carolina and Northwestern Railway; Norfolk Southern
CROX - Sylvachem Corporation
CRP - Central Railroad of Pennsylvania; Norfolk Southern
CRPU - Norfolk Southern
CRPX - Centennial Gas Liquids
CRQU - Norfolk Southern
CRR - Clinchfield Railroad; Seaboard System Railroad; CSX Transportation
CRRR - Copper Range Refrigerator
CRRX - Cañon City and Royal Gorge Railroad, LLC
CRSX - Cost Rail Service
CRTZ - Norfolk Southern
CRXU - Cronos Containers (UK)
CRYX - Cryo-Trans, Inc.
CRZ - Norfolk Southern
CS - Colorado and Southern Railway; Burlington Northern Railway; Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
CSAU - Costa Line
CSBX - Cargill (Salt Division)
CSCD - Cascade and Columbia River Railroad
CSCX - Oglebay Norton; Coal Supply Corporation
CSDX - Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
CSGX - Central Sand and Gravel Company
CSKR - C and S Railroad
CSKU - Consolidated Services, Inc.
CSL - Chicago Short Line Railway
CSMX - Carol and Andy Muller
CSNX - Cities Service Oil and Gas Corporation; Trident NGL, Inc.
CSO - Connecticut Southern Railroad
CSOR - Connecticut Southern Railroad
CSOX - CITGO Petroleum Corporation
CSP - Camas Prairie RailNet
CSPX - Chesapeake Speciality Products; Cities Service Company
CSRX - Conway Scenic Railroad
CSRZ - CSX Transportation
CSS - Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad
CSTX - Canadian Starch Company (Casco)
CSUX - City of Colorado Springs Department of Electric Generation
CSVU - Compania Sud Americana de Vapores, GmbH
CSWX - Central and South West Services, Inc.
CSX - Central Transportation Company, Inc.
CSXE - CSX Transportation End Of Train Devices
CSXT - CSX Transportation
CSXU - CSX Transportation
CSXZ - CSX Transportation
CSYX - Central Soya
CT - Columbia Terminal
CTCU - Container Trading Company
CTCX - GE Railcar Services Corporation; Endasa, SA de CV
CTE - Cen-Tex Rail Link
CTEU - Spanish Lines
CTEX - Canterra Energy, Ltd.; PLM International, Inc.
CTGZ - Combined Transport Group, Inc.
CTIE - Kansas City Southern Railway
CTIU - CTI-Container Transport International, Inc.
CTIX - Southeastern Industrial Enterprises, Inc.
CTIZ - CTI-Container Transport International, Inc.
CTKU - Container Tank Services, Ltd.
CTLX - Endasa, SA de CV
CTML - Cairo Terminal Railroad
CTN - Canton Railroad
CTNX - Continental Carbon
CTOU - Chem-Rail Logistics, LLC
CTPX - Certain Teed Corporation; Courtesy Corporation
CTR - Clinton Terminal Railroad; Carlton Trail Railway
CTRN - Central of Tennessee Railway
CTRR - Cloquet Terminal Railroad
CTRU - Container Trading Company
CTRW - Carlton Trail Railway
CTRX - C and T Refinery, Inc.
CTSU - Bibby Bros Company
CTSX - CTS Cement Manufacturing, Inc. (Chem Comp Systems)
CTSZ - Carotrans International
CTTX - Trailer Train Company; TTX Company
CTUU - Container Trading Company
CTVX - Cleveland Terminal and Valley Railway
CTWU - Container Trading Company
CTZZ - Continental Transportation Company
CUEX - Colorado-Utility Electric Association
CUOH - Columbus and Ohio River Rail Road
CURB - Curtis Bay Railroad
CUST - Chicago Union Station Company
CUT - Cincinnati Union Terminal
CUVA - Cuyahoga Valley Railway; ISG Cleveland Works Railway
CV - Central Vermont Railway; Grand Trunk Western; Canadian National Railway
CVC - Central Vermont Railway; Canadian National Railway
CVQ - Grand Trunk Western Railroad; Canadian National Railway
CVR - Cimarron Valley Railroad
CVRX - Locomotive and Tower Preservation Fund, Ltd.
CVRY - Caddo Valley Railroad
CVRZ - Grand Trunk Western Railroad; Canadian National Railway
CVSR - Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
CVYR - Caddo Valley Railroad
CW - Colorado and Wyoming Railroad
CWBX - C. W. Brooks, Inc.
CWCX - Canandaigua Wine Company, Inc.
CWCY - Caldwell County Railroad
CWEX - Commonwealth Edison Company; Midwest Generation, LLC
CWI - Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad
CWIU - Con-Way Intermodal
CWIZ - Con-Way Intermodal
CWMX - Chemical Waste Management, Inc.
CWP - Chicago, West Pullman and Southern Railroad; Chicago Rail Link
CWR - California Western Railroad; CWR, Inc.
CWRC - Central Wisconsin Railroad
CWRL - Central Western Railway
CWRO - Cleveland Works Railway
CWRY - Commonwealth Railway
CWRZ - Providence and Worcester Railroad
CWSX - USS Fabrication Division (United States Steel Corporation)
CWTX - ChemWest Industries, Inc.
CWTZ - Con-Way Truckload Services
CXIX - Chemical Exchange Industries, Inc.
CXPZ - CSX Transportation
CXRZ - CSX Transportation
CXVZ - CSX Intermodal, Inc.
CYCY - Crystal City Railroad
CYDX - Conrad Yelvington Distributors, Inc.
CYTX - Construcciones Y Trituaraciones, SA de CV
CYX - American Cyanamid Company
CZ - Coahuila and Zacatecas Railway
CZCX - Crown Zellerbach Corporation
CZRY - Carrizo Gorge Railway

A CB&Q boxcar at the Illinois Railway Museum.

By Phil Jern from Indianapolis, IN, USA (A clean boxcar) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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A CB&Q boxcar at the Illinois Railway Museum. - NFL Jerseys and Gear
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