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Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad workcar 04255 at Colorado Railroad Museum.

By Jon's pics (Colorado Railroad Museum) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad workcar 04255 at Colorado Railroad Museum. - NFL Jerseys and Gear
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Enter the Classic Streamliners Bookstore. - NFL Jerseys and Gear

List of Reporting Marks - D

Note: Marks ending in U are for container owners; marks ending in X are not common carriers; marks ending in Z are for trailers without flanged wheels. All other marks are of common-carrier railroads.

DA - Dominion Atlantic Railway; Canadian Pacific Railway
DACX - Darling and Company; VIP Tank Services
DAFU - Dafra Lines, SA
DAFX - United States Department of Defense (Troop Support and Aviation Material Readiness)
DAFZ - Dafra Lines, SA
DAIR - D&I Railroad
DAKR - Dakota Rail
DAKS - Dakota Short Line
DAKX - DAK Americas, LLC
DALT - Dallas Terminal Railway
DALZ - D and A Leasing, Inc.
DAPX - Dairyland Power Cooperative
DARU - Dart Container Line, Inc.
DARZ - Dart Intermodal, Inc.
DATU - Dart Container Line, Inc.
DATX - DATX Associates
DAVX - W. R. Grace and Company (Conn. Davison Chemical Division)
DAWX - D.A. Walmsley and Company
DAX - Diamond Shamrock Chemicals Company; Occidental Chemical Corporation
DBCX - Badische Corporation; BASF Corporation
DBGX - Dowdle Butane Gas Company
DBSU - Donbar Steamship Company, Inc.
DBUX - CIT Equipment Finance Corporation
DBWX - DB Western, Inc.
DC - Delray Connecting Railroad
DCAX - Tarmac Florida, Inc.
DCBX - DeGussa Engineered Carbons, LLP
DCCU - Dow Corning Corporation
DCCX - McDonnell Douglas Corporation
DCFX - PLM International, Inc.
DCI - Des Moines and Central Iowa
DCIX - Danella Construction Corporation
DCLR - Delaware Coast Line Railroad
DCLU - Dutch Container Leasing, B.V.
DCLX - Procor Ltd.; Dow Chemical Canada, Inc.
DCMX - Davidson Construction Materials, Inc.
DCON - Detroit Connecting Railroad Company
DCOU - Dow Corning Corporation
DCPX - Dart Container Corporation of Pennsylvania
DCR - Delmarva Central Railroad
DCRR - Dubois County Railroad
DCSU - Delta Conteneur Service
DCTX - PLM International
DDDX - Frontier Cooperative Company
DDEX - Dupont Dow Elastomers, LLC
DDNX - Didion, Inc.
DEBX - Ceres AG Products
DEEX - Detroit Edison
DEGX - Mississippi Power Company
DEMX - Demeter, Inc.
DEPX - Dependable Properties, Inc.
DETX - Detroit Edison Company
DFTX - DTE Transportation Services, Ltd.
DGBY - Digby Truck Lines
DGCX - Dakota Gasification Company
DGHX - North American Chemical Company
DGIX - D and G Enterprises, LLC
DGNO - Dallas, Garland and Northeastern Railroad
DGVR - Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad
DH - Delaware and Hudson Railway
DHNY - Delaware and Hudson Railway
DHPX - Degussa Corporation
DHRU - Den Hartogh NV
DICX - Pure Carbonic Company
DIIU - Dart Intermodal, Inc.
DJBX - Gandy Dancer, Inc. (Donald J. Bertel)
DJJX - David J. Joseph Transportation, Inc.
DJLX - Joseph Leasing, Ltd.
DJMX - Daniel John Marnell
DJPX - David J. Joseph Transportation, Inc.
DJRX - David J. Joseph Transportation, Inc.
DJTX - David J. Joseph Transportation, Inc.
DKPX - Duke Power Company (scale test cars)
DKS - Doniphan, Kensett and Searcy Railway; Union Pacific Railroad
DKUX - Exxon Mobil Corporation
DL - Delaware Lackawanna
DLC - Drummond Lighterage
DLCR - Delaware Coast Line Railroad
DLCX - Waste Management, Inc.
DLFX - Diversified Lease Funding, Inc.
DLGX - Lewis Grain Company
DLKU - Deltank, Ltd.
DLMX - Daylight Locomotives and Machine Works, Inc.
DLNW - Denver, Laramie and North Western Railroad; Great Western Railway of Colorado
DLPX - DeGussa Canada, Ltd.
DLRX - GE Railcar Services Corporation
DLSX - Diesel Supply Company, Inc.
DLTX - Dale L. Thornborough
DLVX - Thiokol Corporation
DLW - Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad; Erie Lackawanna Railway; Norfolk Southern
DLWR - Depew, Lancaster and Western Railroad
DLWX - D.L. and W., Inc.
DM - Lake State Railway
DME - Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad
DMHX - Davenport Mammoet, LLC
DMIR - Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway
DMIX - ADM Transportation
DMLX - GE Railcar Services Corporation
DMLZ - DML Containers
DMM - Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad
DMU - Des Moines Union Railway
DMVW - Dakota, Missouri Valley and Western Railroad
DNAX - Dana Railcare
DNE - Duluth and Northeastern Railroad
DOCX - Du Pont Canada, Inc.
DODU - United States Department of Defense
DODX - United States Department of Defense (Military Traffic Management Command)
DODZ - United States Department of Defense
DOEX - Doe Run Resources Corporation
DOLX - Dolese Brothers Company
DONX - Donnelly Commodities Company
DOTX - United States Department of Transportation; Federal Railroad Administration
DOWU - Dow Chemical Company
DOWX - Dow Chemical Company
DPCX - Blue Circle, Inc.
DPDZ - Delaware and Hudson Railway
DPGX - Tractech Systems
DPIX - Dufour Petroleum, Inc.
DPLX - Davenport Cement Company
DQE - De Queen and Eastern Railroad
DR - Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad
DRAX - DRAYCUTT Corporation
DRCX - Martin Marietta Corporation
DRDX - The Duredo Company
DREX - ProTrade Steel Company
DRG - Denver and Rio Grande Railroad
DRGW - Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad; Southern Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
DRGX - Denver and Royal Gorge Railway
DRHY - Durham Transport
DRI - Davenport, Rock Island and North Western Railway
DRIR - Denver Rock Island Railroad
DRMX - Danbury Railway Museum
DRR - Disneyland Railroad
DRSX - D.O.T. Rail Services, Inc.
DRTU - Dart Intermodal, Inc.
DRTZ - Dart Intermodal, Inc.
DSBU - Ameribrom, Inc.
DSDX - Pullman Leasing Company
DSEX - East Carbon Development Company
DSIX - Dowell Schlumberger, Inc.
DSLX - DeGussa Corporation
DSLZ - Intermodal Services, Inc.
DSRC - Dakota Southern Railway
DSRR - Delta Southern Railroad
DSRX - Downeast Scenic Railroad (and its parent organization, Downeast Rail Heritage Preservation Trust, Inc.)
DSSA - Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway
DSSX - Detroit Salt Company, LLC
DT - Decatur Junction Railway
DTCX - DTE Transportation Services, Inc.
DTEX - Dresser Transportation Equipment (Division of Dresser Industries)
DTI - Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad; Grand Trunk Western Railroad; Canadian National Railway
DTIZ - Grand Trunk Western Railroad; Canadian National Railway
DTLX - Delta Tank Line Company
DTRR - Danbury Terminal Railroad; Housatonic Railroad
DTS - Detroit and Toledo Shore Line Railroad; Grand Trunk Western Railroad; Canadian National Railway
DTTX - Trailer Train Corporation; TTX Corporation
DTZZ - Direct Transit, Inc.
DUCX - Du Pont Canada, Inc.
DUFX - Duffy and Sons, Inc.
DUKX - Dupps Company
DUPX - DuPont
DUT - Denver Union Terminal Railway
DUTC - Dallas Union Terminal
DV - Delaware Valley Railway
DVLX - Duval Corporation; Freeport-McRo-Ran Sulphur Company
DVR - Devco Railway; Cape Breton Development Corporation (Coal Division); Sydney Coal Railway (its successor)
DVRU - Dover, Ltd.
DVS - Delta Valley and Southern Railway
DVSZ - Delta Valley and Southern Railway
DW - Detroit and Western
DWAU - Degussa Antwerpen, NV
DWC - Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific Railway; Canadian National Railway
DWCX - David Witherspoon, Inc.
DWML - Due West Motor Line
DWP - Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific Railway; Canadian National Railway
DYLX - Ronald L. Boothman Remainder Trust; Transportation Equipment
DYNX - Dyno Nobel, Inc.
DYRX - Dynamic Rail Preservation Inc.

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