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List of Reporting Marks - G

Note: Marks ending in U are for container owners; marks ending in X are not common carriers; marks ending in Z are for trailers without flanged wheels. All other marks are of common-carrier railroads.

GA - Georgia Railroad, Seaboard System Railroad, CSX Transportation
GAAB - South Carolina Central Railroad (Georgia and Alabama Division)
GABX - General American Marks Company
GACX - General American Marks Company, GATX Corporation
GAEX - General American Marks Company
GAFX - Fuller Company
GALX - Georgia Power Company
GAMX - General American de Mexico, Arrendadora Nacional De Carros De Ferrocaril
GANO - Georgia Northern Railway
GAOX - General American Transportation Corporation
GAPX - Georgia-Pacific Corporation (Plaquemine Division), Georgia Gulf Corporation
GARX - General American Transportation Corporation, GATX de Mexico, SA de CV
GASC - Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester & Camilla Railroad
GASX - General American Marks Company
GATU - Gateway Container Leasing
GATX - General American Marks Company, GATX Corporation
GAUX - General American Transportation Corporation
GAYX - General American Transportation Corporation
GBRX - Greenbrier Leasing Corporation
GBRY - Gettysburg Railway
GBRZ - Greenbrier Leasing Corporation
GBW - Green Bay and Western Railroad; Fox Valley and Western Railroad; Wisconsin Central Railway; Canadian National Railway
GBWX - Gerber Products Company; Sandoz; Novartis
GC - Georgia Central Railway
GCAU - G.C.A. Transport, Ltd.
GCCX - General American Marks Company
GCDU - Overseas Container, Ltd.
GCEU - Genstar Container Corporation
GCEZ - Genstar Container Corporation
GCFX - Alstom Canada Transport
GCGX - Gulf Coast Grain, Inc.
GCIX - Gabriel Chemicals, Inc.
GCLX - Gold Coast, Ltd.
GCLZ - Global Chassis Leasing
GCMX - National Railway Historical Society (Gold Coast Chapter)
GCOX - Gold Coast Railroad Museum
GCPU - Genstar (Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway)
GCPX - Georgia Gulf Corporation (PVC Division)
GCRX - Grand Canyon Railway
GCSF - Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway
GCSR - Gulf, Colorado and San Saba Railway
GCSU - G.C.S. Containers Service, SA
GCTU - Gulf Container Lines
GCTX - General Chemical Corporation
GCW - Garden City Western Railway
GCX - Alltank Equipment Corporation, Honeywell
GDCX - General American Marks Company
GDJX - Grimmel Industries
GEAX - Trinity Rail Management, Inc.
GECX - GE Transportation Systems
GECZ - GE Capital Container Finance Corporation
GEGX - GE Gas Turbine
GELX - Garvey Elevators, Inc., Grain Marketing, LC
GEMX - GE Rail Services
GENX - GE Rail Services
GEOX - GEO Specialty Chemicals
GEPX - Trinity Rail Management, Inc.
GETX - Getty Refining and Marketing Company, General American Marks Company
GETY - Gettysburg Railroad (1976-1996)
GETZ - Transport International Pool, Inc.
GEX - General Electric Company
GEXR - Goderich-Exeter Railway (RailAmerica)
GF - Central of Georgia Railroad, Norfolk Southern
GFAX - Gordon Fay Associates, Inc.
GFC - Grand Falls Central Railway
GFCX - Glens Falls Lehigh Cement Company
GFCZ - General Foods Corporation
GFHX - Commercial Credit Capital Corporation
GFJX - Garret Railroad Car and Equipment, Inc.
GFLX - Greenfield Logistics, LLC
GFR - Grand Forks Railway
GFRR - Georgia and Florida Railroad
GFSX - General American Marks Company
GGCX - Georgia Gulf Corporation (Plaquemine Division)
GGIX - Garvey International (Garvey Grain Division)
GGMX - Golden Gate Railroad Museum
GGPX - General American Marks Company
GGS - South Carolina Central Railroad (Georgia Great Southern Division)
GHBX - G. Heileman Brewing Company
GHH - Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad
GHRD - Green Hills Rural Development (Chillicothe-Brunswick Rail Maintenance Authority)
GHRX - GHR Energy Corporation
GIEX - General American Marks Company
GIHX - Gifford-Hill and Company (Cornerstone C and M Incorporated); Hanson
GILX - Gilman Paper Company
GIMX - General American Marks Company
GITM - Golden Isles Terminal Railroad
GJ - Greenwich and Johnsonville Railway
GJR - Guelph Junction Railway
GKLX - Gold Kist, Inc.
GLBZ - Trac Lease, Inc.
GLC - Great Lakes Central Railroad
GLCU - Flex-Van Leasing
GLCX - Great Lakes Carbon
GLKU - Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
GLKX - Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
GLNX - GLNX Corporation
GLRX - Georgetown Loop Railroad
GLSR - Gloster Southern Railroad
GLSX - Glacier State Distribution Services
GMCX - General Motors Corporation
GMDX - General Motors Diesel Canada
GMGX - M and G Polymers USA, LLC
GMHX - General American Marks Company
GMTX - General American Marks Company
GMIX - Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company
GMO - Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad, Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, Illinois Central, Canadian National Railway
GMRC - Green Mountain Railroad
GMRY - Great Miami and Scioto Railway
GMSR - Kansas City Southern Railway
GN - Great Northern Railway, Burlington Northern Railroad, Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
GNA - Graysonia, Nashville and Ashdown Railroad, Kansas City Southern Railway
GNAX - Holnam, Inc.
GNBC - Grainbelt Corporation, Farmrail
GNCU - Gallatin National Company
GNFX - Gainesville, Florida (City of)
GNLX - Georgia Industrial Leasing Company
GNRR - Georgia Northeastern Railroad
GNWR - Genesee and Wyoming Railroad
GOCU - Greenfield Overseas Container, Inc.
GOCX - Gulf Oil Products Company, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
GOHX - General American Marks Company
GONX - Railgon Company, TTX Corporation
GOT - Greater Toronto Transit Authority
GOTU - Gulf Overseas Towing
GPBX - Georgia-Pacific Corporation
GPCX - General Electric Company (General Purpose Control Department), Georgia-Pacific Corporation
GPDX - General American Marks Company
GPEX - General American Transportation Corporation
GPFX - General American Marks Company, GATX Corporation
GPIX - General Portland, Inc., Sunbelt Cement
GPLU - Management Control and Maintenance, SA
GPLX - General American Marks Company
GPMX - Georgia-Pacific Corporation (Mid Continent Wood Products Manufacturing Division)
GPPX - Georgia-Pacific Corporation (Portland Division)
GPSX - Georgia-Pacific Corporation (Eastern Wood Products Manufacturing Division)
GPUX - GPU Service Corporation
GR - Grand Rapids Eastern Railroad
GRCX - Granite Rock Company (Graniterock)
GRDX - Grand River Dam Authority
GREX - Georgetown Rail Equipment Company
GRFF - Georgia and Florida Railroad
GRIV - Gauley River Railroad
GRLW - Greenville & Western Railway Company, LLC (Western Carolina Railway Service Corporation)
GRMX - Gopher State Railway Museum
GRN - Greenville and Northern Railway (retired mark, line now abandoned)
GRNR - Grand River Railway
GRNW - Great Northwest Railroad
GROI - Genesee Rail-One, Inc.
GROX - Growth Nonstop Cooperative, Inc., First Union Rail
GRPX - General Chemical, CIT Financial
GRR - Georgetown Railroad
GRRX - Wampum Hardware
GRSX - Gunderson Rail Services
GRTX - Savage-Tolk Energy Services
GRWR - Great Walton Railroad
GRYR - Grenada Railway
GRYX - John H. Grace Company, Transmatrix, Inc.
GSAX - Granite State Concrete Company
GSCU - Eurotainer US, Inc.
GSCX - Greenville Leasing Company, General American Marks Company
GSF - Georgia Southern and Florida Railway
GSI - Gulf and Ship Island Railroad
GSIX - Gas Supply, Inc., Williams Energy Ventures, Inc.
GSLX - George R Silcott Railway Equipment
GSM - Great Smoky Mountains Railroad
GSNX - Gulf States Utilities Company, Helm Financial Corporation
GSOR - Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation
GSPX - Great Southern Plywood Company
GSRX - Golden Spike Railroad Services
GSSX - Gopher State Scrap and Metal
GSTU - Genstar Container Corporation
GSW - Great Southwest Railroad
GSWR - South Carolina Central Railroad (Georgia Southwestern Division)
GSWX - G and S Company, Inc.
GT - Grand Trunk Railway
GTA - Grand Trunk Western, Canadian National Railway
GTAX - Harvest States Cooperative
GTC - Gulf Transport
GTEU - General Transport Equipment Company, Inc.
GTER - Grafton Terminal Railroad
GTIS - Guilford Transportation Industries
GTIZ - G. T. Intermodal USA
GTLZ - G. T. Leasing
GTP - Grand Trunk Pacific Railway (expired)
GTPR - Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
GTPZ - TIT Services
GTR - Great River Railroad (Rosedale-Bolivar County Port Commission)
GTRA - Golden Triangle Railroad
GTTX - Trailer Train Company, TTX Company
GTW - Grand Trunk Western, Canadian National Railway
GTWQ - Grand Trunk Western, Canadian National Railway
GTZZ - GT Trucking, Inc.
GU - Grafton and Upton Railroad
GUAX - Georgia Power Company
GUEX - General American Marks Company
GURZ - Grafton and Upton Railroad
GVCX - Glen-Valley Corporation
GVDX - Oxy Vinyls
GVSR - Galveston Railroad
GWAX - Railroad Salvage and Restoration, Inc.
GWCX - Greenway Centre, LLC
GWER - Gateway Eastern Railway; Kansas City Southern Railway
GWF - Galveston Wharves
GWHX - Stevens Energy, Ltd.
GWIX - GWI Leasing Corporation
GWR - Great Western Railway of Colorado
GWRC - Georgia Woodlands Railroad
GWRS - Great Western Railway (Saskatchewan)
GWSR - Great Western Railway (Saskatchewan)
GWSW - GWI Switching Services, LP
GWWD - Greater Winnipeg Water District
GWWE - Gateway Eastern Railway
GWWR - Gateway Western Railway
GYLX - Gaylord Container Corporation

A short train of all Georgia Central Railway equipment comprised of U23B GC 3933, bulkhead flatcar GC 6020, and caboose GC 100 in downtown Vidalia, GA.

By Civilengtiger (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A short train of all Georgia Central Railway equipment comprised of U23B GC 3933, bulkhead flatcar GC 6020, and caboose GC 100 in downtown Vidalia, GA.
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