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Hudson Bay Railway boxcars at Thompson station.

By J Hazard (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Hudson Bay Railway boxcars at Thompson station.
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List of Reporting Marks - H

Note: Marks ending in U are for container owners; marks ending in X are not common carriers; marks ending in Z are for trailers without flanged wheels. All other marks are of common-carrier railroads.

HABX - Habco International, Inc.
HALX - Holland American Line - Westours, Inc.
HAMU - Costa Line
HANU - Hansa Line
HANX - L. Hansen's Forwarding
HAPX - Helm-Atlantic Leasing, LLP
HARX - GE Rail Services Corporation
HATU - H A T Enterprises, Inc.
HATX - Helm Financial Corporation
HATZ - H A T Enterprises, Inc.
HB - Hampton and Branchville Railroad
HBGX - Hillsboro Bottled Gas Company, HBG Enterprises of Tampa, Inc.
HBL - Harbor Belt Line
HBRY - Hudson Bay Railway (OmniTRAX)
HBT - Houston Belt and Terminal Railway
HBWX - Georgia Power Company
HCBX - Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
HCCX - Hercules Cement Company
HCDU - ER Nahrungsmittel GmBH and Company KG
HCGX - North American Salt Company
HCIU - Steam Packet Yard
HCLX - HIMONT Canada, Inc., Basell Canada, Inc.
HCMX - Harnischfeger Corporation
HCPX - Occidental Chemical Corporation (Hooker Industrial and Specialty Chemicals)
HCRC - Hillsdale County Railway
HCRR - Honey Creek Railroad
HCRY - Huron Central Railway
HCSX - Helm Chesapeake, LLP
HCTX - Hallett Construction Company, Martin Marietta Corporation
HCYR - Horry County Railway
HDM - Hudson and Manhattan
HDMU - Hyundai Merchant Marine (America), Inc.
HDMZ - Hyundai Merchant Marine (America), Inc.
HDSX - RailAmerica Equipment Corporation
HE - Hollis and Eastern Railroad
HECX - Hoosier Energy REC, Inc.
HELX - Helm Financial Corporation
HENU - Provincial Trailer Rentals
HENZ - Provincial Trailer Rentals
HEPX - Ontario Hydro, Hydro One
HEQX - Helm Financial Corporation
HERX - GE Rail Services Corporation
HESR - Huron and Eastern Railway
HESU - Heritage Environmental Services, Inc.
HESX - Heritage Environmental Services, Inc.
HESZ - Heritage Environmental Services, Inc.
HFPX - General American Transportation Corporation
HGCX - Hillsboro Glass Company
HGPX - Harrison Gypsum Company
HHCX - Huntsman LLC
HHEX - H and H Engineering Construction, Inc.
HHHX - Public Service Company of Colorado
HHLX - H and H Locomotive Leasing, Inc.
HI - Holton Interurban Railway
HIIX - Hamburg Industries, TTX Company (Hamburg Division)
HIMX - Heppner Iron and Metal Company
HINX - Heritage Inks International Corporation
HIPX - Reliant Energy HL and P
HJBX - H.J. Baker and Brothers, Inc.
HJCU - HANJIN Container Lines, Ltd.
HJCZ - HANJIN Container Lines, Ltd.
HJPX - Larsen Farms
HJVX - Helm Financial Corporation
HKGU - Hong Kong Islands Line
HKGX - Haines & Kibblehouse Inc., The H&K Group
HKIU - Hong Kong Islands Line
HKPU - Hong Kong Islands Line
HKTU - Hong Kong Islands Line
HKUU - Hong Kong Islands Line
HKZZ - Hong Kong Islands Line
HLBZ - Hill Brothers Transportation
HLCU - Hapag-Lloyd, AG
HLCX - Helm Leasing Company
HLEX - Huntsman Polymers Corporation
HLGX - Helm Financial Corporation
HLLX - Helm Financial Corporation
HLMX - Helm Financial Corporation
HLNE - Hillsboro and North Eastern Railway
HLPX - Houston Lighting and Power Company
HLSC - Hampton Railway
HLTX - Amoco Oil Company
HMAX - Huntsman Petrochemical
HMCR - Huntsville and Madison County Railroad
HMCX - HoltraChem Manufacturing Company, LLC
HMFX - Florida Rock Industries, Inc.
HMIX - Henkels and McCoy
HMJX - Helm Financial Corporation
HMR - Hoboken Manufacturers
HMWX - Heckett MultiServ
HN - Hutchinson and Northern Railway
HNPU - Navale Et Commerciale Havraise Penninsulaire
HOCU - Hoegh Container Lines
HOCX - Head-On Collision Line
HOEU - Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft
HOG - Heart of Georgia Railroad
HOGX - Union Pacific Railroad
HOKX - Hooker Chemical; Occidental Chemical Corporation (Hooker Industrial and Specialty Chemicals)
HOMX - Home Oil Company, Ltd., PLM International, Inc.
HONX - Honeymead Products Company (Division of Harvest States Cooperatives)
HOS - Hoosier Southern Railroad
HOSC - Indiana and Eastern Railroad (The Hoosier Connection); Pennsylvania Railroad; Penn Central; Conrail; Norfolk Southern (after Conrail breakup)
HOTX - Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company
HOWZ - Flex-Van Leasing
HOYU - Hoyer GMBH Internationale
HPAX - Hammermill Paper Company, International Paper
HPCX - Hercules, Inc.
HPIX - HIMONT USA, Inc., Besell USA, Inc.
HPJX - Helm-Pacific Leasing
HPLX - Exxon Company, Exxon-Mobil Corporation
HPPX - Huntsman Polypropylene Corporation
HPTD - High Point, Thomasville and Denton Railroad
HPTU - Highway Pipeline
HRCX - Heritage Railcar
HRDL - Hudson River Day Line
HRDX - Silver Star Enterprises, Inc.
HREX - Heavy Railroad Excavations, Inc.
HRLU - Hudson Railway Equipment Company (Division of Hudson Leasing Company)
HRLZ - Hudson Railway Equipment Company
HROX - Lehigh Hanson, Inc. (construction aggregate producer)
HRRC - Housatonic Railroad
HRRX - Conrail, On-Track Railcar Services, Inc.
HRS - Hollidaysburg and Roaring Spring Railroad
HRSX - Harbor Rail Services of California, Inc.
HRT - Hartwell Railroad
HS - Housatonic Southern, Hartford and Slocomb Railroad, H and S Railroad
HSCX - Steel Wheels, Ltd.
HSFZ - Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
HSIX - Housing Starts, Inc.
HSLU - Haulage Services, Ltd.
HSRR - Hardin Southern Railroad
HSRZ - H and S Railroad
HSW - Helena Southwestern Railroad
HTCX - Transportation Corporation of America, GE Rail Services Corporation
HTMU - Hansen and Tidemann, Inc.
HTSU - High Tech Transport, Ltd.
HTSX - Herzog Transit Services, Inc.
HTTX - Trailer Train Company, TTX Corporation
HTW - Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington
HUBA - Hudson Bay, Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
HUDX - Hudson Technologies, Inc.
HUKU - Huktra (UK), Ltd.
HUNX - Huntting Elevator Company
HUTX - Hutchinson Transportation Company
HWCX - Halliburton Company
HWPX - Hiram Walker and Sons, Inc.
HYDX - Union Carbide Corporation, Praxair, Inc.
HYWX - Georgia Power Company
HZGX - Herzog Contracting Corporation